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Fun and engaging indoor team building days and ideas for your employees!

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Top 10 Indoor Events

1. Qubed

Qubed is one of the most popular indoor events hosted by GOTO Events. Do you have the nerves and determination to take on a series of head-to-head challenges? Not only will this test your nerve, Qubed will test your team work and communication skills.

2. Master of the Tasks

Inspired by the popular TV show Taskmaster, this indoor team building event consists of hilarious team games that will have you and your team in stitches. Tasks will either be live where teams will have to think on their feet there and then, or practice, so they get 10 minutes to strategise.

3. Teamopoly

Teamopoly allows you to lose yourself within the giant monopoly game board. Hosted by Mr. Monopoly, this super-sized team building board game is designed to engage everyone, with a variety of challenges. Can you and your team come out victorious, or will you pockets be empty at the end of the game?

4. CSI Experience

Become a forensic investigator for the day, and solve the latest murder case. Kitted out with crime scene investigations such as fingerprint and blood splatter analysis, will you be able to find the right culprit amongst the line up?

5. Let’s Get Ready To Jungle

With the popularity of the jungle, we’ve created our very own full of gruesome eating challenges, fun and fear! Have you got what it takes to show the celebrities how it’s done? This is an indoor team building event that will push your teams out of their comfort zones with a selection of physical and mental challenges.

6. Escape Rooms 

In teams, your group will enter a series of fully mobile escape rooms including; The Science Lab, Great Escape, Prison Break The Island. Working together, can you hunt the room for clues and information and and unravel the series of challenges ahead of you?

7. Cocktail Making

The entire indoor event is delivered by our professional mixologists who can bring their ingredients and equipment to any venue. This an amazing backdrop for a fun experience that makes people feel fully immersed in an upbeat lively team experience.

8. Starburst

Starburst is an indoor team building event that consists of more than 100 fun and interactive games that will test your teams creativity, mental and physical skills. Game zones include: Sports, Creative, Sensory, Childs Play and Brain Busters. Teams need to complete as many of the challenges to earn as many points possible.

9. Go Mad In The Country

Go Mad In The Country is an interactive indoor murder mystery event that is non-stop from the word go. Teams will also take part in themed team building challenges that will win and lose you essential evidence, including DNA results and fingerprints as well as searching for evidence.

10. Masterpiece

Our Masterpiece challenge is an exciting indoor team building event that encourages teams to get their creative juices flowing and create a giant masterpiece. Featuring a range of logical quizzes, puzzles, mental and creative challenges, teams will need to earn as many points as possible to spend in the supplies shop.

Stay Warm - Keep Dry

Indoor team building events are ideal for the winter months where weather is a big consideration.  They can also work well as part of a meeting or conference where a quick experience is required with minimal set up and disruption.

We provide a wide range of indoor team building games for employees including our popular Starburst and The Qube activities which are very versatile. Small spaces are no problem as our team can set up quickly in most room sizes all the way up to large conference rooms.

Indoor team building events can run before or after a conference or business meeting, as we can turn rooms around very quickly during lunch breaks. In fact, this is often a great option, as it will take your employees and attendees by surprise upon their return.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Not all indoor team building activities have to strictly be held within the confines of a room.  There are plenty of very cool spaces we use on a regular basis that are under cover but still offer an impressive environment.

Our indoor team building event ideas can also be run with elements of outdoor activity to get the best of both worlds.  Events such as Escape Rooms are obviously indoor activities, but challenge such as our Incognito Spy Mission, take teams out into the fresh air, but with indoor locations should the weather be poor.

Corporate days and exercises like this becoming more popular. Many companies are now moving away from the stereotypical quad biking and clay pigeon shooting, realising that any event needs to cater for a variety of ages and preferences.  This is where indoor events such as The Crystal Maze and our new Crime Scene Experience really come into their own.

We come to you

All of our team building games for indoor spaces are full mobile. Our expert teams will work with you to ensure we have adequate space and set up time.

We are team building event professionals in making the space work, whether you organise the venue yourself or use one of our many preferred locations.

The additional advantage with indoor events, is the fact that people don’t have to change clothes or worry in advance about what to wear if they have to go outside.

Top Tips for Choosing The Best Indoor Team Building Activities

At GOTO Events, we have an extensive range of fun and exciting indoor team building activities and events that are suitable for indoors, will meet your objectives and are enjoyable for everyone involved.