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Team building events are the perfect activity for businesses and organisations to improve collaboration among their team and foster a positive and supportive work culture. Indoor team building events and activities provide an effective option regardless of the weather, ideal for winter months or year-round if you’d rather not worry about bad weather spoiling your event. We provide a wide range of indoor team building games for employees such as competitive, problem-solving, creative, escape rooms, treasure hunts and charity events. Browse through our portfolio of fun and engaging indoor team building days and ideas for your employees.

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Top 10 Indoor Events

1. Under Pressure

Under Pressure is one of the most popular indoor events hosted by GOTO Events. Do you have the nerves and determination to take on a series of head-to-head challenges? Not only will this test your nerve, Under Pressure will test your team work and communication skills.

What is included in the Under Pressure indoor team building event package?

  • Full-size inflatable arena
  • Game show lighting and music
  • All materials and resources for the tasks
  • Medals and bubbly for the winning team
  • Experienced event management team that will travel to your chosen venue
  • Free venue finding service if you didn’t yet pick a venue
Under Pressure indoor team building activity inside red cube

2. Master of the Tasks

Inspired by the popular TV show, Master of the Tasks indoor team building event consists of hilarious team games that will have you and your team in stitches. Tasks will either challenge teams to think on their feet there and then, or strategise for 10 minutes before going head-to-head in the real task.

What do I get with the Master of the Tasks team building event?

  • Professional game show host
  • Event management team that will plan and execute the event from start to finish
  • Visuals, music and themed game materials and props
  • Medals and bubbly for the winning team
master of the tasks team building tower of biscuits challenge

3. Teamopoly

Teamopoly allows you to lose yourself within a giant installation of the popular game board. Hosted by Mr. Monopoly, this super-sized team building board game is designed to engage everyone, with a variety of challenges. Can you and your team come out victorious in Teamopoly, or will your pockets be empty at the end of the game?

What does this team building event include?

  • Giant board game installation and props
  • Costumes for all participants
  • Professional event host and additional actors such as the boss, the police and the banker
  • On-site event management team
  • Award ceremony at the end of the event
Teamopoly indoor team building activity giant monopoly on grass

4. Crime Scene Experience

Become a forensic investigator for the day and solve the latest murder case. Kitted out with crime scene investigations such as fingerprint and blood splatter analysis, will you be able to find the right culprit amongst the line up in Crime Scene Experience team building?

What is provided with the Crime Scene Experience indoor team building event?

  • Realistic props and materials
  • Real-life forensic techniques
  • 5 different forensic zones
  • Full event execution from set-up to wrap-up
yellow police tape for crime scene experience indoor team building

5. Let's Get Ready To Jungle

With the popularity of the jungle, we’ve created our very own full of gruesome eating challenges, fun and fear! Have you got what it takes to show the celebrities how it’s done? Let’s Get Ready To Jungle is an indoor team building event that will push your teams out of their comfort zones with a selection of physical and mental challenges.

What features are included in the Let’s Get Ready to Jungle indoor team building event?

  • Eating trial
  • Reptile and creepy crawlies challenges
  • Professional event host and jungle assistants
  • Award ceremony
let's get ready to jungle team building snake challenge

6. Escape Rooms

In teams, your group will enter a series of fully mobile escape rooms including: The Science Lab, Bunker, Prison Break and The Island. Working together, can you hunt the room for clues and information and unravel the series of challenges ahead of you in Escape Rooms?

What does Escape Rooms indoor team building event include?

  • Four fully-themed immersive escape rooms
  • Customisation depending on group size and available space
  • Complete event execution from set-up to hosting and closing
  • Medal ceremony at the end
escape room experience team building event

7. Cocktail Making

The entire indoor event is delivered by our professional mixologists who can bring their ingredients and equipment to any venue. This Cocktail Making is an amazing backdrop for a fun activity that makes people feel fully immersed in an upbeat lively team experience.

What is included in the Cocktails Making indoor team building?

  • Professional mixologist
  • Bar and drinks station with all required alcohol, drinks, glassware and equipment
  • Expert demonstrations as well as team cocktail making challenges
  • Dedicated event manager
Virtual cocktail making class team building

8. Challenge 100

Challenge 100 is an indoor team building event that consists of more than 100 fun and interactive games that will test your team’s creativity, mental and physical skills. Game zones include: Sports, Creative, Sensory, Childs Play and Brain Busters. Teams need to complete as many of the challenges in Challenge 100 to earn as many points possible.

What does the Challenge 100 team building event include?

  • Over 100 interactive and diverse games from active to creative and brain busters
  • All equipment and materials for the games
  • Judging marshals
  • Fun and professional event management team
Team building challenge game boy

9. Go Mad In The Country

Go Mad In The Country is an interactive indoor murder mystery event that is non-stop from the word go. Teams will also take part in themed team building challenges that will win and lose your essential evidence, including DNA results and fingerprints as well as searching for evidence.

What is included in this murder mystery event?

  • Themed challenges that fit the size of your group
  • All props and equipment including camera for the photographic mission
  • Professional host and supporting actors
  • Medal ceremony
Team building activity people playing detective game

10. Masterpiece

Our Masterpiece challenge is an exciting indoor team building event that encourages teams to get their creative juices flowing and create a giant masterpiece. Featuring a range of logical quizzes, puzzles, mental and creative challenges, teams will need to earn as many points as possible to spend in the supplies shop to create the Masterpiece.

What does Masterpiece indoor team building event include?

  • All tools and equipment provided
  • Event execution from start to finish by our professional team
  • Customisation based on group size
  • The Masterpiece painting is yours to keep
masterpiece painting art team building event

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Top Tips for Choosing The Best Indoor Team Building Activities

At GOTO Events, we have an extensive range of fun and exciting indoor team building activities and events that are suitable for indoors, will meet your objectives and are enjoyable for everyone involved.

For creative teams

We have a range of indoor creative team building events and activities. Here are some suggestions:

For fast-paced teams

We have a range of nail-baiting and challenging team building activities such as:

For skill-focused teams

If you're looking to learn a skill whilst taking part in an indoor team event, these activities are perfect for you:

For quiz enthusiasts

We have a range of fun quizzes for the perfect indoor team building event, including

For entrepreneurial teams

For business-based team building activities, we've got you covered:

  • Dragons Lair team building transforms your employees into entrepreneurs looking to sell their million-dollar ideas
  • Wall Street Winners is an action-packed team building game of buying and selling stock
  • The Apprentices is a virtual team building event that will bring your team together in a number of fun business challenge

Indoor Team Building FAQs

What is indoor team building?

Indoor team building refers to a group activity designed to enhance communication and teamwork among team members in an indoor setting. Indoor team building activities include games, workshops, problem-solving exercises or simulations.

What to expect from a team building event?

As a business, you can expect that team building will help your team collaborate better, create a positive and enjoyable work atmosphere and develop transferable skills among your employees. As an employee, you can expect lots of fun, getting to know your colleagues better and learning new things or becoming better at something.

Why organise an indoor team building event?

Indoor team building events are the perfect option if you don’t want to rely on the weather. Weather is a big uncertainty when planning an outdoor event, so choosing an indoor venue will give you more control over your event and will help you avoid last-minute cancellations due to bad weather. Generally, indoor team building activities can be customised to different rooms and group sizes. The GOTO Events team is here to help you professionally organise an unforgettable experience for your employees and we travel to your chosen indoor venue with all the necessary equipment. If you don’t have a venue yet, don’t worry, we can help you find and book the ideal location, free of charge.

Can you do team building online?

Yes, we have several creative and interactive virtual team building activities which have been designed for online participation. Online team building is a perfect way to bring remote teams together and our virtual events are guaranteed to get everyone involved and hands-on!

What are examples of indoor team building events?

Here at GOTO Events, we offer a variety of indoor team building events from escape rooms and murder mystery to creative and culinary workshops. For example, Under Pressure, one of our most popular indoor team building events, features a full-sized inflatable arena as the game zone and is complete with cinematic lights and music and action-packed challenges that bring teams together in a head-to-head competition that’s all about fun and interaction.

What are the main types of indoor team building activities?

There are many types of indoor team building events. Depending your team’s personality and dynamics as well as the group size, you might choose a problem-solving activity such as a murder mystery or escape room, a quiz-based event, a creative challenge using art or music or a more active approach such as an indoor sports day or a dance challenge.

What is a good team building activity for small groups?

For smaller groups, we recommend Crime Scene Experience and Under Pressure as these indoor team building events are tailored to foster close collaboration and effective communication.

What is a good team building activity for large groups?

For large groups, some great indoor team building activities would be the Ultimate Quiz, Wall Street Winners and Challenge 100. These events can be tailored to large teams up to 1000 people.