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Our Top 10 Outdoor Team Building Activities

The Nations Best Selling Outdoor Team Experiences

Motivate teams with our 5 star rated range of outdoor team building events.  Here’s our top 10

(1) The Crystal Challenge

Probably the worlds best team building event. Inspired by the famous TV show visit 4 themed zones earning points and crystals. Crystals convert to time in our incredible crystal dome finale.

(2) It's a Knockout

Get ready for some serious inflatable fun as teams take on our mega selection of challenges and games including inflatable bungee run, gladiator joust, wet wall, and our amazing giant washing machines.

(3) Totally Wipedout

You've seen it on the TV now it's your turn. This event is on a mega scale! Go head to head against your peers on our incredible course of inflatable games including the famous big red balls!

(4) Soap Box Derby

A seriously wacky race seeing teams build design and race their very own custom pedal powered karts around our creative courses. There's all kinds of points up for grabs including pole position and the best dressed!

(5) Teamopoly 

Our giant version of the amazing board game. With giant boards, playing pieces, houses, hotels and even a jail, teams complete tasks to earn money to play the board and build their empire.

(6) Go Mad in the Country

Combining a murder mystery with an interactive treasure hunt, this two in one event provides a real outdoor adventure of intrigue. Teams hunt for clues & evidence to try and solve the mysterious crime they all witnessed.

(7) iPad Treasure Hunt Adventures

Explore the location of your choice with our interactive iPad treasure hunts. Using the latest GPS technology teams hunt for hidden locations to reveal mystery challenges. Find as many as you can before the final destination or time runs out.

(8) Survival Island

Learn amazing new skills as you take on the challenge of surviving the island. Can you team light fire for protection, build shelter, purify water and find food to be crowned the ultimate survivalists?

(9) Kidnap Your MD

With a sudden entrance your MD (or top secret information) are taken hostage. The kidnappers have simply left a briefcase with their demands. Can you complete the challenges to reveal the hideout, make the ransom and release the boss?

(10) School Sports Day

Taking you back in time to those good old school days with a fun, competitive & nostalgic experience. Take on everything from the egg and spoon race, 3 legged race, shotput, foam javelin and the amazing tug of war finale.

Bear Grylls Virtual Survival
Virtual Team Building Festival People

Get Outside and Play

Outdoor teambuilding events are the ideal way to get your people outside in the fresh air.  They can let their hair down, relax and have some serious fun.

Getting out of the office can make a huge difference to team motivation and morale.  Outdoor teambuilding events bring out great level of energy and enthusiasm, which is always migrated back to the workplace.  No matter what the weather, there isn’t much that beats team spirit than getting out in the fresh air and enjoying yourselves with colleagues, especially when the suns out!

This Summers Big Hitters

Outdoor teambuilding events are ideal for all levels of team development.  Whether it’s just a chance to get out side in the sun, away from the workplace to relax and connect with your colleagues, or an event to encourage networking and interaction.

Most outdoor team building events foster the main dynamics of team performance such as communication, sharing ideas, leadership, trust and unity.  The dynamics can be subtlety integrated or used as a specific platform to draw out real talents to create high performing team.

The most important element, which is always the backbone of any teambuilding event is fun!  It’s the core ingredient to any successful experience especially with modern day teams of mixed age and ability.

Build Teams- Have Fun!

Each summer we entertain in excess of 10,000 people with a huge range of outdoor teambuilding events and experiences.  Almost every company in the UK will do some kind of summer event for their staff.  Gone are the days of just a Christmas party!

Outdoor teambuilding events can range from summer BBQ’s on a roof top terrace in the city, to some of our most popular experiences such as It’s a Knockout, Totally Wipedout, The Crystal Maze and the amazing Bear Grylls Survival Academy challenge.


OUR PROMISE...FUN!  Lot's of it, in the safe open fresh air!

Outdoor Team Building Frequently Asked Questions

What are Outdoor Team Building Activities?

Outdoor team building experiences are groups of games and activities that take place outside, such as Crystal Challenge, Soap Box Derby, Teamopoly and It’s A Knockout. These activities give employees the opportunity to enjoy fresh air whilst building bonds with colleagues.

What happens if it wet on the day?

We’re in the UK, so as you know the weather can be unpredictable!

Rain does not stop play! We advise you and your team to dress for the weather and bring clothing for the chance of unfortunate weather – a raincoat, extra jumper and appropriate footwear.

Unfortunately we can not control the weather, but all of of our events are fun-filled, so the rain will soon become a second thought. Why not speak to your dedicated Project Manager for the addition of ponchos to your package.

What should I wear for an outdoor team building event?

Footwear: Please wear closed toe shoes when taking part in our outdoor events – trainers are recommended. Please note that if you are taking part in an inflatable event then you will need to remove shoes before access to the inflatables.

Clothing: Loose fitting comfortable clothes allowing ease of movement are the most suitable. Please bring a jacket that is either windproof or waterproof is the weather forecast is due to be poor.  We recommend wearing layers of clothing that can be easily removed in warmer weather yet still at hand when the sun goes down or during the cooler months.

Hat, Sunscreen and Water: Often overlooked, but if you’re taking part in an outdoor event and you happen to get lucky with the weather then we recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen and water to stay hydrated.

How much time do you need to set-up the events?

We will need around 2-3 hours to set up a majority of our outdoor events, especially any inflatables. This will give us time to run our safety checks before your team arrives.

Top 4 Tips for Planning your Outdoor Team Building Activity

Whether this is your first or tenth time organising a team building event for your group, it can seem like there’s never enough time to plan everything out the way you want. Below is our quick tips to planning your next outdoor event.

1. Select the best day and time

Whilst outdoor team building can be run all day every day, there are a few factors to consider. Inflatable events such as It’s A Knockout and Crystal Challenge are of course best displayed in the daytime, after all you’d want to see where you’re going! There are some events that are more suited towards the latter end of the day, such as the Survival Island where you will be able to fire light.

Having completed thousands of team building events over the years, we’ve hosted at all times of the day. We always find that after a long day of presentations that teams can often be tired and ready to go home, so incorporating a day on its own for the event, or an afternoon session is often preferred.

2. Choose an event that everyone will enjoy

There is often the assumption that outdoor team building events are just physical, but that is a misconception. Whilst we do love our physical inflatables such as It’s A Knockout and Totally Wipedout, if you’re looking for something a little more chilled where teams can dip in and out of then Quintessentially English is the one for you.

Our all time classic and most popular has to be Crystal Challenge and the feedback says so too. If you’re looking for something out of the box, then why not take part in our wacky Soap Box Derby. Build, design and race against one another to become the next Lewis Hamilton.

Our expert & experienced team will happily advise which events will work best for your group to ensure you get maximum participation and involvement out of them.

3. Create intrigue

Help to hype up your outdoor event in advance.  This can be done by not telling everyone what the actual activity is, or inviting them for a day long meeting. You could also use teasers for the events theme and maybe even a prize.  The element of intrigue can create a great talking point with people communicating to try & fathom our what will happen on the day.

4. Don’t plan teams in advance

This is one of the biggest questions we get asked for outdoor team building.  Is it better for people to be in teams with people they know and are comfortable with, or randomise them?  ALL of our events will instantly engage people with the theme and experience whether they know each other or not.  It’s the one of the exact purposes of team building, to get people to know each other.