Teambuilding with a breath of fresh air


Sunshine, fresh air and a serious amount of fun!

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Get Outside and Play

Outdoor teambuilding events are the ideal way to get your people outside in the fresh air.  They can let their hair down, relax and have some serious fun.

Getting out of the office can make a huge difference to team motivation and morale.  Outdoor teambuilding events bring out great level of energy and enthusiasm, which is always migrated back to the workplace.  No matter what the weather, there isn’t much that beats team spirit than getting out in the fresh air and enjoying yourselves with colleagues, especially when the suns out!

This Summers Big Hitters

Outdoor teambuilding events are ideal for all levels of team development.  Whether it’s just a chance to get out side in the sun, away from the workplace to relax and connect with your colleagues, or an event to encourage networking and interaction.

Most outdoor team building events foster the main dynamics of team performance such as communication, sharing ideas, leadership, trust and unity.  The dynamics can be subtlety integrated or used as a specific platform to draw out real talents to create high performing team.

The most important element, which is always the backbone of any teambuilding event is fun!  It’s the core ingredient to any successful experience especially with modern day teams of mixed age and ability.

Build Teams- Have Fun!

Each summer we entertain in excess of 10,000 people with a huge range of outdoor teambuilding events and experiences.  Almost every company in the UK will do some kind of summer event for their staff.  Gone are the days of just a Christmas party!

Outdoor teambuilding events can range from summer BBQ’s on a roof top terrace in the city, to some of our most popular experiences such as It’s a Knockout, Totally Wipedout, The Crystal Maze and the amazing Bear Grylls Survival Academy challenge.


OUR PROMISE...FUN!  Lot's of it, in the warm, in the dry!