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Corporate team building activities and events improve collaboration among teams and foster a positive and supportive work culture in your business or organisation. Corporate outdoor events and away days are perfect for the warmer months to get out of the office and participate in a unique experience with your colleagues. We provide a wide range of outdoor team building games for employees such as competitive, inflatable fun, sports day, problem-solving, creative, treasure hunts and charity events. Browse through our portfolio of fun and engaging outdoor team building days and ideas for your employees.

1. Soap Box Derby – Plan, build and design your race carts before competing in a hilarious soap box derby
2. Olympic Sports Day – Go for gold or at least have fun trying in a series of Olympic-themed activities
3. The Crystal Team Challenge – Test your physical and puzzle-solving skills in this action-packed event
4. It’s A Knockout – Have the best time with your team while taking on the ultimate inflatable course
5. Company Fun Day – Create the perfect activity package with a selection of team building activities
6. GPS Treasure Hunt – Immerse yourself in the game while completing fun treasure hunt challenges

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Our Top 10 Outdoor Team Building Activities

1. Soap Box Derby

Soap Box Derby is a hilarious outdoor activity for team building that combines creativity, engineering and friendly competition. In teams, guests will collaborate to design, build and decorate their own outrageous race cars. After the safety inspection, teams will showcase their creations and then go in the head-to-head laps around the crazy course.

What is included Soap Box Derby outdoor team building event package?

  • A selection of 4 – 8 games suitable for your team
  • Charismatic host
  • All materials and resources for the activity
  • Medals and bubbly for the winning team
  • Experienced event management team that will travel to your chosen venue
  • Free venue finding service if you didn’t yet pick a venue
Employees competing in Soap Box Derby race in corporate summer event

2. Olympic Sports Day

Olympic Sports Day is an energising outdoor team building event that promotes movement, laughter and team bonding through a variety of fun, Olympic-inspired sport games. We’ve taken inspiration from classic Olympic sports and transformed them into engaging team challenges. These activities are designed to be inclusive and accessible for all fitness levels.

What do I get with the Olympic Sports Day team building event?

  • A set of sport activities such as inflatable Sumo wrestling and giant human foosball matches
  • All kit and equipment
  • Fully trained first aider
  • Event management team that will plan and execute the event from start to finish
  • Visuals, music and themed game materials and props
  • Medals and bubbly for the winning team
people playing football in Olympic sports day human table football

3. The Crystal Team Challenge

The Crystal Team Challenge is a dynamic outdoor team building experience that combines mental and physical challenges. Divided into four zones – Medieval, Aztec, Industrial, and Futuristic – teams will work together to conquer a series of puzzles and challenges and earn valuable crystals.

What does this team building event include?

  • A series of engaging games and puzzles
  • Inflatable finale Dome
  • Medal ceremony
  • On-site event management team
  • Award ceremony at the end of the event
People trying to catch tickets in cash grabber challenge in outdoor summer company event

4. It’s A Knockout

It’s a Knockout is an adventure team building day featuring giant inflatables, thrilling slides and a sea of foam. (Yes, you might even get a little wet). The competition is friendly yet fierce as teams navigate various activity zones. Each zone presents a unique challenge, with teams competing head-to-head for bragging rights. Get ready for laughter, camaraderie and a healthy dose of friendly competition!

What is provided with It's A Knockout outdoor team building event?

  • A selection of 4 - 8 games
  • Huge inflatables and other game materials
  • Charismatic host
  • Full event execution from set-up to wrap-up
Man jumping on colourful inflatable assault course in outdoor summer team building event

5. Company Fun Day

Create a truly customised outdoor team building company fun day by selecting your favorite activities from our extensive portfolio. We offer a variety of exciting options that will keep your team engaged and entertained. Popular selections include Bungee Races, challenging Assault Courses, hilarious Wet Wall contests, energetic Gladiator Jousts, and strategic Sweeper challenges. The choice is yours!

What features are included in the Company Fun Day outdoor team building event?

  • Customised event packages
  • Inflatable activities
  • Professional event host and event crew
  • Award ceremony
People laughing in inflatable team building event held outdoors in the summer

6. GPS Treasure Hunt

Embark on an unforgettable team building adventure with our Interactive GPS Treasure Hunt! Teams will collaborate using iPads equipped with a special map of the local area. This map unlocks a series of exciting challenges, ranging from mind-bending trivia to hilarious photo and video tasks.

What does GPS Treasure Hunt outdoor team building event include?

  • iPads
  • Customisation depending on location
  • Complete event execution from set-up to hosting and closing
  • Medal ceremony at the end
Red pin on smartphone interactive map for GPS treasure hunt team building activity

7. Charity Bike Build

The Charity Bike Build offers a rewarding and engaging experience for your team. Through a series of interactive challenges, teams will work together to earn bike parts. These parts will then be used to assemble brand new bicycles from scratch. The finished bikes will be donated to a worthy charity, making a positive impact on the community.

What is included in the Charity Bike Build team building?

  • Bike building stands, parts and tools
  • Bike accessories and decorations
  • Bike delivery to charity
  • Dedicated event manager
Assembled bike with personalized message after charity bike build team building

8. Country Sports

Country Sports outdoor team building offers a variety of traditional activities, all with a modern twist. Designed to accommodate mixed teams of all ages and abilities, our country sports cater to a wide range of interests. Whether you prefer friendly competition or a more relaxed social atmosphere, there’s something for everyone.

What does Country Sports team building event include?

  • A selection of classic sport activities
  • All equipment and materials
  • Music and theming throughout the event
  • Fun and professional event management team
Person aiming at target in archery team building activity

9. Survival Island

Push boundaries and build valuable skills in this exhilarating Survival Island team building adventure! This immersive programme takes your team out of their comfort zone. Working together, they will need to rely on resourcefulness, communication and problem-solving skills to overcome challenges and “survive” the island.

What is included in Survival Island outdoor team building event?

  • Themed challenges that fit the size of your group
  • All props and equipment
  • Fully trained first aider
  • Medal ceremony
Women being carried by team in survivor island team building event for summer

10. Putt For a Purpose

In Putt For a Purpose charity outdoor team building, teams work together using donated food bank items like cans and cereal boxes to design and construct a one-of-a-kind mini golf hole. Communication and collaboration are key as teams bring their unique vision to life. Once the mini golf course is complete, all teams will have the opportunity to play through the course. But the impact doesn’t end there! After the event, we’ll carefully dismantle the course and deliver the items to charity.

What does Putt For a Purpose outdoor team building activity include?

  • Food bank items which will be donated to charity after the event
  • Music playing throughout your event to create the right atmosphere  
  • Event execution from start to finish by our professional team
  • Customisation based on group size
people building mini gold hole with cereal boxes in charity team building event

We are here to help you plan your next team building event

Top Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Team Building Activity

Whether this is your first or tenth time organising a team building event for your group, it can seem like there’s never enough time to plan everything the way you want. Here are our tips to planning your next outdoor team building event:

Select the best day and time

Whilst outdoor team building can be run at any time in the day, there are a few factors to consider. Inflatable events such as It’s A Knockout and Crystal Challenge are best displayed in the daytime when there’s plenty of light to see where you’re going. There are some events that are more suited towards the latter end of the day, such as Survival Island which includes a fire lighting challenge.

Having completed thousands of team building events over the years, we always find that after a long day of presentations, teams are tired and ready to go home, so incorporating a day on its own for the team building activity is preferred.

Choose an event that everyone will enjoy

There is often the misconception that outdoor team building events are always physical activities. Whilst our physical activities such as It’s A Knockout and Totally Wipedout are extremely popular, we also offer more chilled events where teams can dip in and out of activities such as Quintessentially English.

Other, less physically demanding outdoor team building events are Crystal Challenge where teams compete in both mental and physical challenges to win crystals, or, if you’re looking for something out of the box, why not take part in our wacky Soap Box Derby where teams build, design and race against one another to become the next Lewis Hamilton.

Our expert and experienced team will happily advise which events will work best for your group to ensure you get maximum participation and involvement.

Create intrigue

Generate excitement for the upcoming outdoor team building event by teasing it to your employees beforehand. Keep the details of the actual activity secret, adding an air of mystery. Consider dropping enticing hints or even offering a prize to pique their curiosity. Using intrigue not only builds anticipation but also sparks engaging conversations among your team members.

Don’t plan teams in advance

Avoid forming teams simply from people who already know each other well or regularly work together. Opt instead for teams that blend individuals who typically don’t interact. That’s the main purpose of team building after all. All our activities are designed to create stronger bonds between people, whether they know each other or not.

Outdoor Team Building FAQs

What are outdoor team building activities?

Outdoor team building experiences are groups of games and activities that take place outside, such as Crystal Challenge, Soap Box Derby, Teamopoly and It’s A Knockout. These activities give employees the opportunity to enjoy fresh air whilst building bonds with colleagues.

What to expect from a team building event?

As a business, you can expect that team building will help your team collaborate better, create a positive and enjoyable work atmosphere and develop transferable skills among your employees. As an employee, you can expect lots of fun, getting to know your colleagues better and learning new things or becoming better at something.

Why organise an outdoor team building event?

Outdoor team building events are the perfect option if you want to get out of the office with your team and have fun in fresh air, sunshine and a change of scenery. Outdoor activities often involve collaboration and problem-solving tasks that help teams communicate better. These challenges can also build valuable skills like critical thinking and planning that benefit your workplace. The GOTO Events team is here to help you professionally organise an unforgettable experience for your employees and we travel to your chosen outdoor venue with all the necessary equipment. If you don’t have a venue yet, don’t worry, we can help you find and book the ideal location, free of charge.

What happens if it rains on the day of the outdoor team building event?

The weather can be unpredictable but rain does not stop play! We advise you and your team to dress for the weather and bring clothing for the chance of unfortunate weather – a raincoat, extra jumper and appropriate footwear. Unfortunately we cannot control the weather, but all of our events are fun-filled, so the rain will soon become a second thought. Why not speak to your dedicated Project Manager for the addition of ponchos to your package?

What should I wear for an outdoor team building activity?

Footwear: Please wear closed toe shoes when taking part in our outdoor events – trainers are recommended. Please note that if you are taking part in an inflatable event, then you will need to remove shoes before access to the inflatables. Clothing: Loose fitting comfortable clothes allowing ease of movement are the most suitable. Please bring a jacket that is either windproof or waterproof in case the weather forecast is due to be poor. We recommend wearing layers of clothing that can be easily removed in warmer weather yet still at hand when the sun goes down or during the cooler months. Hat, Sunscreen and Water: Often overlooked, but if you’re taking part in an outdoor event and you happen to get lucky with the weather then we recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen and water to stay hydrated.

How much time do you need to set-up the team building activities?

We will need around 2-3 hours to set up a majority of our outdoor team building activities, especially any inflatables. This will give us time to run our safety checks before your team arrives.

What are examples of outdoor team building events?

Here at GOTO Events, we offer a variety of outdoor team building events from sporting events and inflatable challenges to treasure hunts and creative events. For example, Soap Box Derby, one of our most popular outdoor team building events, features race car parts and lots of outrageous decoration to be put together into functional carts by the teams. After the race car parade, teams go in head-to-head competition, racing in the crazy course.

What are the main types of outdoor team building activities?

There are many types of outdoor team building events. Depending your team’s personality and dynamics as well as the group size, you might choose a problem-solving activity such as a treasure hunt or survival challenge, a creative challenge such as Masterpiece, or a more active approach such as a sports day or a an inflatable course.

What is a good outdoor team building activity for small groups?

For smaller groups, we recommend Soap Box Derby or GPS Treasure Hunt.

What is a good outdoor team building activity for large groups?

For large groups, some great outdoor team building activities would be the Charity Bike Build, Olympic Sports Day and It's A Knockout. These events can be tailored to large teams up to 1000 people.