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Build & decorate beautiful birdhouses while having fun with your team in this educational and hands-on sustainability team building activity

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wooden birdhouse decorated with colourful flowers in team building activity

Event Overview

Get hands-on with your team in this sustainability workshop focused on wildlife conservation, by building birdhouses to keep our feathered friends safe from predators and harsh weather.

Before rolling up your sleeves, you and your team will earn the birdhouse parts and tools by competing in fun, conservation-themed challenges. Enjoy a good laugh as you face off against other teams, all while being united by the shared goal of learning about different bird species, their habitats, nesting behaviours and their role in biodiversity.

Collaborating in teams, you’ll construct your own birdhouses, using your imagination and creativity to decorate them in a unique way. Each participant will leave with a beautifully crafted birdhouse, ready to install in their own garden or a shared green space in the office!

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5 - 1000


1.5 - 2 HOURS

Ideas & costs in 45 mins

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What’s Included

  • A selection of fun, sustainability team building challenges
  • Expert birdhouse facilitator
  • All kit, tools and materials
  • Birdhouses to take home after the event
  • Experienced event staff and event manager
  • Fully trained first aider
  • Full event set-up and pack-down
  • Fully mobile team – we travel to your chosen venue, anywhere in the UK
  • Free venue-finding service
  • Public liability insurance
  • Full risk assessment

How It Works

  • Your group will be divided into teams to compete in light-hearted challenges, aiming to earn materials and supplies for constructing birdhouses.
  • Before rolling up your sleeves and starting to build, you'll have the opportunity to learn about wildlife conservation, with a particular focus on birds, their role in biodiversity, and how man-made bird boxes provide a safe shelter for nesting and protection from the weather.
  • Our expert facilitator will demonstrate how to assemble a birdhouse correctly and safely using the provided tools, including how to use the hammer and drill.
  • It’s time to get hands-on and assemble your birdhouses!
  • Add your creative touch to decorate your birdhouse, making it a charming addition to your garden or a heartfelt gift for someone special!
  • Each participant will leave the sustainability workshop with their own completed birdhouse.
  • After the event, hang your birdhouse in your garden and enjoy watching the birds using your unique creation.

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This is an environmental team building activity designed to develop practical knowledge and skills while fostering team awareness and appreciation for sustainability practices in the workplace and at home.

Team collaboration

Time management

Sustainable practices

CSR integration

DIY skills


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Get a bespoke proposal in 45 minutes


The Birdhouse Sustainability Workshop is a hands-on, green team building event where employees collaborate in teams to build and decorate nest boxes for birds. Participants will learn about sustainability and the crucial role birds play in our environment while engaging in fun team building challenges.

A birdhouse is a small, enclosed structure, usually made from wood, that provides a safe haven for birds to nest in, or shelter during the cold months. They are easy to make and can be placed in gardens or any natural setting to attract birds and support their conservation. Build a birdhouse workshops are a wonderful sustainability activity for companies.

Bird boxes or birdhouses provide nesting shelters for birds, supporting their population and therefore also aiding in pest control. Building a birdhouse workshops also serve as an educational tool for learning about bird behaviour and conservation.

The Birdhouse Sustainability Workshop offers teams a unique opportunity to engage in hands-on learning while fostering teamwork and a more positive workplace. Participants not only gain practical skills in creating bird boxes but also develop a deeper understanding of environmental sustainability and the importance of supporting bird conservation.

The Birdhouse Sustainability Workshop can be tailored to most groups sizes, with a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 1,000.

The Birdhouse Sustainability Workshop typically lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours. You can customise your sustainability team building activities and make it a more comprehensive event by including additional elements such as Bee Hotel building, Kokedama crafting, terrarium making or creating living art pieces.

Our event team is fully mobile! This means you can host the Birdhouse Sustainability Workshop at any venue in the UK, and we’ll travel to you with all the equipment and event staff. If you don’t have a venue, we’ll help you find the perfect one, free of charge.

No. All our events are fully mobile which means we travel to your chosen location, anywhere in the UK. Even though Birdhouse sustainability team building doesn’t include a certain venue, we will assist you in finding the right one for your event, at no extra cost!

The Birdhouse Sustainability Workshop is designed for teams eager to engage in meaningful team building activities centered around environmental sustainability and biodiversity. The workshop provides a hands-on opportunity for employees to contribute to conservation efforts through building nest boxes for birds.

We provide all materials, tools and an expert event team, so you can focus on the event itself without worrying about logistics.

Yes, the Birdhouse Sustainability Workshop is suitable for large groups, accommodating up to 1,000 participants. We can customise the event to fit your group’s size.

Yes, the Birdhouse Suitability Workshop is suitable for small groups of at least 5 participants. We can adapt the activity to fit your specific group’s size.

Not at all! Building birdhouses is easy, involving the assembly of lightweight wooden panels. While it does call for a bit of handiwork with tools like hammers and drills, no prior experience is necessary, as our expert facilitator will offer full guidance. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to unleash your creativity while decorating the birdhouse, using colours and motifs to transform it into a stunning addition to your garden or a delightful gift for someone special.

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