The biggest, most fun, interactive, Monopoly team building game you will ever play!

10 - 1000 people

Fun competition

UK wide

Ideal for mixed groups
Team development

Bonding & networking


Indoor TeamBuilding

The infamous board game comes to life! Step into the competitive world of Teamopoly as teams become ruthless property gurus to build their empire and thwart the competition. This event is on a giant scale. Giant playing boards, giant playing pieces, giant properties, giant money, and a real jail!

The name of the game is to earn money to play the board and build up your portfolio. All the favorites from the real game are included such as chance cards, community chess, and the famous houses/hotels.

With up to 5 teams per board, things progress very quickly & get very competitive! Land on the enemy’s Mayfair with 5 houses and you’ll have to pay up. Land on jail and your entire team will be banged up! It’s a fast-paced game of luck, intuition, and skill to become the big cheeses, win big bucks, and bankrupt your peers.

What happens on the day?

The day starts off with a welcome introduction from Mr. Monopoly explaining the rules of play. Teams are allocated, with up to 5 teams per board (complete with banker and host).

The game then begins! Each team takes it, in turn, to roll the giant dice and progress through the board. To earn money, teams need have to complete all kinds of fun tasks, games, and challenges. Whilst one player per team is on the board, the others are off earning cash! When they return, the state of play is always different. Each team member takes their turn in playing the board whilst the others are winning money.

Teamopoly quickly becomes a race to purchase as much property as possible, as quickly as possible. We speed things up a little from the original game to make this an engaging, snapping, interactive experience full of twists and turns as the game changes and the competitive energy builds.

After the teams have had a chance to acquire some property, the game pauses for a trading session, in which the banker takes a backseat and the teams can trade their properties. The game then resumes, for teams to continue to compete against each other to earn as much money as possible.

The activity concludes with each team’s empires being valued. Suspension builds as the top 3 teams are announced. Medals and bubbly are awarded for bronze, silver, and gold.

Teamopoly is the perfect team building event if you’re looking for a bit of healthy competition. Let everyone’s true colours shine as the heat rises in one of the most notorious board games ever. Teamopoly is a great way to showcase leadership skills whilst simultaneously working as a team.

What's Included

  • 4msq Teamopoly Board (based on original Monopoly design)
  • 7 x game counters, 2x giant foam dice
  • Event Compere (Mr. Monopoly)
  • Additional Equity Actors (Boss, Police, Banker)
  • On-site Event Manager and Coordinators
  • Team Costumes
    • Landlord
    • Accountant
    • Letting Agent
    • Construction Manager
    • Trader
  • Props
    • Life-Sized Jail & Bank
    • Inflatable Lottery
    • Giant Chance & Community Chest
    • Challenge Cards & Prizes
    • Teamopoly Money
    • Houses & Hotels
  • 6+ Team Building Challenges
  • Award Ceremony Including 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prizes.

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