Conference Energisers

These energisers will be hugely beneficial to starting your conference off right!

Any Group Size

Interactive Event

UK Wide Coverage

Ideal For Mixed Groups
15 - 45 Minutes

Wellness & Wellbeing

Are you looking to shake up your conferences? Are you tired of looking at a sea of restless faces staring back at you? Then our conference energisers might just be the ticket for you!

Ranging from 15 – 45mins, our conference energisers can be a choice of chair yoga, guided mindfulness, breath work sessions or a ‘stand up and stretch’ activity. With the aim of these to get people up and moving and in the right frame of mind, these energisers will be hugely beneficial to starting your conference off right!

What happens on the day?

The structure of the conference energiser is largely dependant on how you wish to include them in your day. The energisers can be done at the beginning of the day at a conference or in the middle as a refresher.

Dependant on how long you wish them to go on for, the instructor will lead you through the energiser, whether this be chair yoga or breathing work. The energiser puts everyone in the right headspace to concentrate for the rest of the day!

We offer a variety of conference energiser sessions including Stand Up and Stretch, Chair Yoga, Guided Mindfulness and Breath work sessions.

What's included in the Conference Energiser?

  • Certified yoga teacher
  • 15 – 45 mins session suitable for all levels and abilities
  • Mindfulness and meditation techniques
  • Choice of energisers to pick and choose from
  • Different yoga techniques
  • Dedicated Project Manager to manage the finer details

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