Gift of the Gab with a Charity Twist

Charity Gift of the Gab

Are you a strong negotiator? If you currently work in sales or not, we’re looking at you! We’re on a mission across towns and cities across the UK to gather the items our partner charities are on the hunt for. In an age where prices are increasing alongside the struggle to purchase these all-important resources, our team at GOTO Events need your help to get out of the office and hand-deliver items to those in need. From toothbrushes to combs, we’re looking out for the most resourceful individuals on your team to gather items with us for a cause. If you’re competitive, driven, and have the gift of the gab, this could be the perfect event for you!  

What happens on the day?

Your event manager will introduce the nominated charity to provide you with essential information to help you and your team gather the right items for them. You will then be released into the town or city to gather the items listed in your golden envelope according to a set budget. The teams who gather the most items within their budgets will win the most points and be congratulated for their efforts.  

If you would like to find out more about how you can help or have any ideas to help add to this event, get in touch today!  

What's Included

  • Dedicated event manager onsite  
  • Support staff onsite from our experienced team  
  • A detailed list of items to procure specific to the nominated charity  
  • Fun event guaranteed  
  • An indoor mixed outdoor event for all  

N.B All items will be packaged, stored, and delivered to our partner charity for the event.