Mini Golf with a Charity Twist

Putt For A Purpose

Raise your clubs in the air if you’re ready for our brand-new teambuilding event! If you’ve ever played mini golf before, it’s time for a double-take. Here at GOTO Events, we’ve taken the classic game of mini golf and added a charitable twist. This novel event combines team bonding with a socially responsible outcome that provides a thoroughly enjoyable charity teambuilding programme.  

What happens on the day?

The event begins with your dedicated event manager introducing the challenge. Make no mistake, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone!  

Once they receive an introduction about the charity, this will help aid each team to decide which items would be the most relevant to use for their team golf hole. Teams will have their own mini-golf hole and will have to create these using items they are given in their pack alongside the items in the creative zone.

The race begins to gather the items and, with a touch of creativity, the mini golf course comes to life. Once teams have completed the sections, every team will play the full golf course and the teams with the lowest team score will be crowned the winners.  

At the end of the event and once the winning teams have been awarded, the GOTO Events team will dismantle and repack the course in order to donate the items to the nominated charity or family in need.  

What's Included

  • The base construction of a team mini golf hole  
  • Dedicated event manager onsite 
  • Music playing throughout your event to create the right atmosphere  
  • Medals and bubbly for the winning team  
  • Fun event guaranteed