Bake Off with a Charity Twist

Charity Bake Off

There is always time for a sweet treat at GOTO Events. If you’re an avid baker or just starting your journey, this just might be the event for you and your team. Our team will be onsite to provide all the ingredients, tools, and recipes to get your started on creating baked goods for the nominated charity. We’ve all been through having a particularly hard day and find ourselves reaching for that glowing box of chocolates or cupcakes, but there are individuals out there that unfortunately do not get that luxury. This is where you come in. Join as us as we whip out our spatulas and baking trays to bring a little brightness to someone out there in need of a pick-me-up.  

What happens on the day?

The event begins with an introduction from your head chef. You and your colleagues will be split into teams and provided with a variety of ingredients and tasks to get your baking journey for a cause started. Your head chef will introduce the nominated charity, giving you a better idea of exactly where your baked goods will be donated. We will run you through all the health and safety and checks at the end of the event to ensure everything donated is up to a safe standard.  

Not only will the room be filled with sweet smells (and potentially a bit of flour), we will also bring out the competitive nature of your team. Get ready to take on our baking challenges to help those who are facing their own daily challenges.  

What's Included

  • Expert Chef and Additional Staff if necessary 
  • All Ingredients and Equipment 
  • Recipes to follow with challenges woven throughout  
  • An exciting and fun activity for all  
  • The smell of baked goods as part of a memorable experience 

N.B All items will be packaged, stored, and delivered to our partner charity for the event.