Experience the ascent of the highest summit in the world and learn the key skills to survive.

Everest Challenge

Imagine what it’s like to stand on top of the world?  The ultimate sense of teamwork and achievement climbing the highest mountain in the world where passenger planed fly below you.

The Everest Challenge simulates the challenges endured to achieve such a feat of amazement as we take you on a journey of a mountaineer to see if you have what it takes to reach the peak.

Guided by an experienced team, we’re going to take you on a journey to over 29,000ft and what it takes to get there.

This indoor experience offers something for everyone and promotes the amazing feeling of success when working together as a team in challenging conditions.

What Happens on the Day?

After an eye-opening immersion into the feat of endurance, training, time and dedication required to summit Mount Everest, we dive straight into the first team challenge.

Everything is held indoors with the option of outdoor elements to ensure everyone can take part.  It’s not about physical ability, it’s about planning, resourcefulness, strategy, communication, leadership and dexterity to make your way up the mountain.

Each of the tasks is based on a different phase or camp leading to the summit.  Challenge zones include:

Planning – with only limited space and weight capacity in your ruck sack, which items will you prioritise, and which will you leave behind?  Would you take a mobile phone or a compass for example?

Basecamp – The temperature is minus 30, the wind is blowing at 80mph and it’s a complete whiteout.  Can you team erect their basecamp tent against the conditions.

Oxygen – Oxygen canisters must be placed at strategic heights up the mountain to enable you to breath a you ascend.  The complex challenge is how to get it up there and in which order.

Knots – Fixed ropes lead all the way from base camp to the summit.  You’ll need to tie in at each stage to ensure your safety.  Can you tie the required knots under pressure…

The Everest Challenge is an exciting challenging experience which incorporates all the core dynamics of teamwork and leadership.  We recreate the achievement factor of getting to the top, and what it really feels like in real life.  The end result is a huge level of motivation and feeling of ability to achieve no matter what life or work throws at you.

Summiting Everest puts business challenges into perspective whilst installing the mindset of how to easily tackle and overcome them in different ways.

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