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Evening Entertainment

Evening events come in all shapes and sizes.  From activities and games before, during or after dinner, to a fully fledged themed experience.  GOTO Events offer a huge range of evening events to meet each of our clients needs.  We turn any evening into an experience.  Whether it’s a lighthearted fun casino, an interactive cocktail making workshop, our high energy Generation Game, or interviewing mystery suspects to solve a Murder Mystery.  We have an experience to suit every occasion.

Ideas are free.  If you need some inspiration on what will work for your group, thenget in touch with our friendly team.

Three Course Meal and a Disco...Really?

We all too often see evening events as just a 3 course meal with a disco.  Some hit the dance floor and party the night away.  Others enjoy social time at the bar, but what about everyone else?  Why not turn your next evening event into an experience for everyone to enjoy.  It may be as simple as a high impact roaming magician, or a fun relaxed Pub Olympics with plenty of games and activities for everyone to enjoy.

We work on the premise of what makes a good event or party..?  GOOD LOCATION, GOOD FOOD, GOOD SERVICE, GOOD DRINK & GOOD ENTERTAINMENT.  Just don’t forget about the last one!

Our expert team are here to offer friendly advice and provide you with plenty of idea to suit your group.

Christmas Parties

What do we do?  Where shall we do it?  What will everyone enjoy?

It can be a real headache year on year trying to find something to fit the bill.  Trying to please everyone is a tough gig.  GOTO Events provide Christmas parties across the UK for groups of all sizes.  We can either provide the full works including venue, catering, entertainment, transport, table plans, invites and theming, or we can simply provide you with a corporate team building package to turn your office Christmas doo into a party to remember!