Learn the core skills of creating results through high performance leadership

Workshop Overview

About High Performance Leadership

Creating a solid foundation for high performance teams is becoming ever more important in organisational environments where collaboration is increasingly seen as the solution to superior output. Research shows that organisations which focus on performance, the health of their business and their people, are more successful and deliver better financial results.

This half day interactive workshop can help leaders collectively assess their own and others’ philosophy of team working, then take part in a creative activity that can stimulate insightful conversations about the ‘current state’ and a ‘desired future state’.

All our workshops have been created to work as a ‘stand-alone’ opportunity, or one that can be followed by one of our fantastic events, allowing you to put then theory into action and have lots of fun too!

Workshop Content

We never use ‘off the shelf’ content as we always prefer to talk with you to understand what you want to make better – and why. For this topic, we might ask you about your culture, values and behaviours to support the design of your unique session.

This makes it more likely that the experience will be understood and agreed by everyone and that you’ll see your leadership team begin to work towards positive changes soon afterwards.

Typical workshop framework

  • Discuss your own philosophy of team culture and effective team working
  • Determine what makes teams dysfunctional and the negative effect this has on output
  • Discover how you collectively view your leadership, using a table top activity to stimulate insightful conversations
  • Develop an agreed direction, to help your team to continually move to higher performance

How can a high performance leadership workshop benefit my team?