Charity Bike Build Team Building

Create the ultimate sense of achievement with all teams working towards an incredible cause.This is charity bike build team building with an amazing outcome and great sense of accomplishment.

1-1000 people

Charity Team Building

Available throughout the UK

Fully interactive
2-3hr Experience

Unites teams & individuals

Charity team building is an incredibly rewarding experience which achieves a great level of team bonding, coupled with the feel good factor of creating something that makes a real difference to the lives of others.

If you’re looking for an activity or experience that offers real team purpose and value, as well as giving to a much-needed cause, then definitely consider this, or any of our charity team building experiences.

GOTO Events work with many different charities across the world.  They are all integrated into these experiences, and wholly appreciate any support given from companies who take part in these activities.

The event is designed around teams building bicycles from scratch, but there’s a lot more to it than that!  Before they can even get started, teams have to complete all kinds of games tasks and challenges to develop their skills and earn parts for their bikes. It’s not all just about the physical build.  Teams have to put their unique stamp on each bike by writing their own message that is delivered with each bike.  They can use all kinds of creative resources to help fuel their imagination and really personalise their endeavours.

On completion, all bikes are presented so teams can appreciate each others efforts.  What’s different with this event is that everyone is a winner.  Each and every bike is now donated to one of our nominated charities, or one of your own personal choice.

What Happens on the Day?

Your group are invited into the room and split into smaller teams.  Each team is allocated a workshop area with tool kit, bike stand and a partly assembled bike.

We start with a welcome brief, and an overview of the charity that your bikes will be donated to.

The briefing and team information will clearly guide groups on the objectives of the challenge. Roles allocated, the teams are invited to send individuals to knowledge workshops to gain the skills necessary to safely and competently build the bike.

Once the workshops are completed the teams need to regroup share their knowledge and create a build plan.  With build plan approved the team can begin the build.

As you would expect, things are not as straight forward as they seem, has the team all the parts and tools they need? Can they solve the mini team challenges in order to gain the resources required? With a little bit of help from our friendly crew the bikes take shape and once tested and certified by an engineer, they are ready to go to the Charity.

Charity team building in itself is an extremely rewarding experience.  It also bonds people with sense of unity, working towards a common goal.  Your people will be directly impacting the lives of others within charitable organisations, especially the likes of children and the underprivileged who can’t afford or don’t have access to the likes of bikes.

What's included in your event?

  • Specialist event crew
  • Bike building stands
  • Bike accessories & decoration
  • Team tool kits
  • Team tasks & challenges
  • Delivery to the desired charity (within the UK)

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