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Earn your place in the hall of fame and become a record breaker in this competitive but hilarious team building event

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Event Overview

Dedication, persistence and talent – that’s what it takes to become a record breaker. Oh, and a healthy dose of silliness! Think you can top the tallest Jenga tower? Or break the record time of untangling the human knot? If you’re up for the challenge, come claim your glory!

Record Breakers is a fast-paced and engaging team building event designed to celebrate your team’s hidden talents. In teams, contestants will witness and be part of record-breaking attempts across various categories from sports to science, entertainment and technology.

We have something for everyone with challenges to suit different abilities and group sizes, testing different skills and pushing the limits with hilarity and laughter. Will your team break the record and secure a spot in the Record Book?

Event Features








10 - 1000


1 - 2.5 HOURS

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What’s Included

  • Set of competitive team building activities to choose from
  • Charismatic judging marshals who’ll amp up the vibes throughout the event
  • Flexible game equipment and materials for both outdoor and indoor team building
  • Bespoke challenges to fit the theme of your event or your company culture
  • Experienced event staff and event manager
  • Full event set-up and pack-down
  • Fully mobile team – we travel to your chosen venue, anywhere in the UK
  • Free venue-finding service
  • Public liability insurance
  • Full risk assessment

How It Works

  • Your group is divided in teams and briefed on the event as well as the health and safety protocols.
  • The initial challenge offers a head start with a series of quickfire questions about past world records.
  • In the main challenge, teams rotate through different zones (Sports, Science, Entertainment, Technology) and attempt to break fun records through competitive team building activities.
  • The grand finale presents a tie-breaker challenge, with the opportunity to shake up the leaderboard.
  • The team with most points at the end of the day will become the record breaker champion.
  • Record breaker team building challenges include:
  • Tallest Jenga Tower Build the tallest Jenga tower before the time runs out.
  • Fastest Human Knot UntangleAttempt to break the record for the fastest time in untangling the human knot without letting go of each other’s hands.
  • Water Balloon Cannon Record Launch as many water balloons as possible onto the target in the given time.

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Record Breakers team building is designed to improve communication between team members as they strategise and think outside the box to break a series of records. But fun is always a core element in our team building activities, so prepare for laughter with lighthearted and silly tasks.

Team collaboration

Healthy competition

Increased confidence


Discover hidden talents

Fun & laughter

Some of our clients…

Get a bespoke proposal in 45 minutes


Record Breakers team building activity for employees can be tailored to most groups sizes, with a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 1000.

Record Breakers team building event typically lasts between 1 and 2.5 hours, depending on your group’s size. This also includes the opening and the award ceremony. Additionally, this event requires one and a half hours set-up time.

Our event team is fully mobile! This means, Record Breakers team building can be hosted at your chosen venue, both outdoor or indoor, anywhere in the UK. If you don’t have a location in mind, we’ll help you find the perfect venue, free of charge.

Our events are completely mobile! This allows us to host Record Breakers team building event at your preferred venue across the UK. If you’re unsure of a location, don’t worry—we’ll assist you in finding the ideal venue, at no extra cost!

The Record Breakers corporate event is perfect for companies looking to foster teamwork, creativity and a spirit of friendly competition among their members. This exciting team building event is suitable for all skill levels and encourages participants to get out of their comfort zone while aiming to break records in hilarious team challenges.

We supply all necessary equipment, game materials and props, so you can focus on the event itself without worrying about logistics.

Yes, Record Breakers team building event is suited for large groups, accommodating up to 1000 participants. We can customise the event to fit your group’s size.

Yes, Record Breakers team building event is suited for small groups of at least 10 participants. We can adapt the games to fit your specific group’s size.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing and flat comfortable shoes to allow them to move freely while participating in the challenges. If the event is outdoors, please bring sun hats and cream or waterproof clothing in case of rain.

Record Breakers in an inclusive team building event. The standard package features a Sports challenge zone with moderate physical activity challenges. However, we can customise the event to accommodate any abilities and replace physical challenges with more suitable alternatives.

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