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GOTO Events are one of the leading suppliers of high quality corporate team building events in the UK.

We are a direct supplier of top-notch team building activities throughout the UK.  We use a superb team of experienced in-house Event Managers and well maintained quality equipment.

Remember it’s not always specifically about team building.  If you’re simply looking to get out of the office and have some good old fashioned fun, then we have the right event for you.  FUN is the core ingredient to any event.  It goes into everything we do.

We'll Beat any Like-for-like Quote

We understand that budgets are important. GOTO Events own and manage all of our own kit and equipment.  

This means you get the best possible price by coming to us as the direct team building event supplier.We will never compromise on quality and standards to ensure your team receive a top level experience.

We will guarantee to beat any like for like event quote from any other UK teambuilding event supplier.  Enquire now for a friendly chat or no pressure quote

 Packaged and Bespoke Events

Let us know what you would like to achieve from your team building event.  We will come up with team building events & ideas and tailor make your day order to achieve your objectives.

Whether it be sales and marketing skills, communication skills, equality and diversity awareness.  

Or maybe general teamworking skills, or just a fun activity to reward your team?  We have something to offer everyone.  If you can’t see anything on our website that tickles your fancy, give us a call and we can create an event bespoke to you.

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Why it's so important to find the right team event

Teambuilding events have become one of the most important part of modern day companies internal people power. It’s often a feared subject because of old fashioned experiences and due to done to death barrels and planks style exercises.  These have been around since the 70’s and have been well superseded since.

As a result teambuilding has evolved, most of all in the style of experiences available, either indoors or outdoors.

Most noteworthy are some of our most popular teambuilding events such as The Crystal Maze.  Also the latest versions of the mobile Escape Rooms, where teams first of all enter a room with an unknown brief.  This always baffles most. This is the perfect platform to start any team building event on an even keel.  Furthermore teams have to unify as a team to try and solve the multitude of tasks.

It's All About Fun!

The most noteworthy element of any teambuilding event is FUN! Maybe it’s fun in the style of the thrill?  Maybe it’s a different kind of cerebral fun which tests the mind.  All our teambuilding events are designed to inspire and include all tastes and preferences.

In conclusion; when selecting your teambuilding event, take into consideration your people, and the experience you want to offer. We’re here to understand your group, your desired outcomes, and the style of event you prefer.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Why? Because it’s important to get your event right. We want amazing feedback, but most of all we want you, as the organiser to be the star of the day.

Team Building Events Top Tips

Successful team building events are an excellent blend of many factors. No doubt the right selection of event is important, as is excellent delivery. These come as little surprise, but what other factors are involved in the perfect event?



The biggest threat to the success of team building events is a lack of engagement from those delegates or employees taking part. There is a large chunk of buy-in required to make a success of the chosen event. This is where strong planning will come into play. As much as a well-planned event will go down a storm, one planned poorly will have the opposite effect leaving delegates feeling like their time is being wasted. This is where a bespoke solution like ours comes into its own. We offer bespoke and scalable solutions that produce exciting and engaging event ensuring that your team have a great time and your business reaps the rewards in the future.

Quality of event

Another big factor is the quality of the event itself. An event run by an experienced team that has planned the event well and has tailored it to the client is certainly going to provide the experience that has been paid for. Many companies will have reviews and client testimonials, these are certainly worth a read through before parting with any monies. We will happily guide you to our testimonials and customer reviews as we’re proud of our service levels.

Weather (for outdoor events)


Unfortunately, the one thing out of the control of even the best planner, the great British weather, is by definition changeable but that doesn’t mean that the event will be a disaster. Events planned with a rain back up are likely to still be a success whatever the weather. Obviously, the time of the year is going to play a large role in the weather, but having a backup plan around the event is certainly at least prudent. In fact, in some of our challenges, the addition of a little rain can add to the challenge and fun of the day. Discuss with us the option of a rain backup to your event so that should the weather take a turn there is an alternate option.

All in all, a well-planned event that has been carefully considered for its appropriateness to the delegates should result in a successful and fun filled team building event. That is why a company that is handling the event should take their time in finding out as much as possible about delegates in advance. Companies like ours put significant time and resources into turning your ideas into reality. So before you go anywhere else, get in touch and one of our advisors will help to kick off the process of creating your perfect event. Your dream is our goal, and we will do all that we can to make that dream a reality.