Our full recreation of the famous TV show, with a twist : )


Indoor TeamBuilding

Discover your team’s very own Mary Berry in our Bakeathon challenge! Based on the popular TV show, teams are tasked with making their very own cakes, pastries, and bread, all in the name of competition!

Dressed in their team colour aprons, teams aim to recreate specialty sweet treats, found at some of the world’s most famous patisseries. With an on-site Michelin star pastry chef guiding teams through their different bakes, this is a fun, challenging, and rewarding team-building event, suitable for everyone. Oh, and of course a tasty one too!

What happens on the day?

Our specialist team will set up a fully mobile cookery school including everything you would normally find in the kitchen. This includes team baking zones, ovens, utensils, demo stations, and all required ingredients, all purposely designed for mobile cookery experiences.

After some amazing demonstrations from our professional chefs, teams are challenged with creating a variety of signature bakes. They can experiment with all kinds of flavours, and baking techniques, all under the fun pupilage of our experts. It’s not all about the flavor though.

All teams are judged on originality, presentation, creativity, teamwork & taste.

The room turns into a sensory treat of baking aromas before it’s tools down and ovens off. Each team’s creations are presented at the front, with judging hosted just like you see on a famous TV show.

The Bakeathon is a perfect event to unleash some creativity and get people working together. With just the right amount of competition, the Bakeathon is a fantastic inclusive activity designed to get everyone involved. And most importantly, who doesn’t like cake?! If our bake-off style event tickles your tastebuds then enquire now.

What's Included

  • Michelin Star chef
  • Interactive cooking demonstrations
  • All ingredients and cooking equipment
  • Mobile ovens
  • Dedicated team baking stations
  • Team chef’s hats and aprons
  • Expert guidance and tuition
  • Risk assessments & health & safety documents

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