The clock's ticking!  Can you get out in time?

10 - 1000 people

Fun competition

UK wide

Ideal for mixed groups
Team development

Bonding & networking

Escape Room Event

One of our most fascinating team building events, designed to confuse, intrigue, and challenge you until you finally piece together all the clues and find your way out!

In teams, you will enter several themed rooms, each decorated to represent a location: World War ll Bunker; Prison Cell; Science Lab; and Pirate Island! All around you are items you might expect to find in such a place. Your task is to look closely at these items, who knows where a number may appear? What does it represent? Where is that key hidden? Nothing makes sense…. until it does!

We give you no clues and very little information. As a team, you will need to work together, but separately (if that makes sense!) to make the most of the limited time you have. Coordinate your findings, think logically (or sometimes illogically) and you stand a chance of escaping the room!

The experience is fully mobile, and can be run in most venues with syndicate rooms.  The rooms include:

The Science Lab – An eclectic themed LAB, full of experiments to test your scientific brain.

Bunker – Can you crack the codes to communicate a message to escape our World War 2 bunker?

Prison Break – Shawshank Redemption meets Michael Schofield.  Raw, gritty and cerebrally consuming.

The Island –  Captured by pirates can you escape the clutches of Blackbeard or will you walk the plank?

What happens on the day?

Our expert team will transform up to 4 rooms into fully themed immersive escape rooms (depending on group size, and event length)

Each team is given time to enter the room and fathom out the myriad of clues and challenges, all designed to lead you collaboratively to the final solution required to escape.

Teams go head to head in each room with a leaderboard of times building as they complete each theme. Teams can do between one and four rooms dependent on their allocated timings.

The event concludes with a reveal of the actual escape times, and ultimately the overall winner. Bubbly and medals are awarded for the crowning champions.

All of our escape rooms are fully mobile. We can set up in most venues around the UK to complement a conference or meeting, or…set up in your offices (if space permits), or why not use one of our thousands of UK locations.

Escape rooms have become incredibly popular over the last few years. We save you the trouble of having to visit a static location with limited numbers. Our team will deliver a captivating experience designed to engage everyone in an interactive fascinating and rewarding experience.

What's Included

  • Experienced and enthusiastic event management team
  • Well maintained and regularly updated equipment
  • Medal ceremony
  • Fully trained first aider
  • Full risk assessments



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