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In uncertain times companies and employees have been separated into working silos via working from home.  This has undoubtedly changed the way businesses and staff communicate and interact.  The increased use of virtual platforms such as Zoom and MS Teams has seen an increased volume of online team meetings, but how can you go that extra mile to retain motivation and encourage people to still work as teams, just in different ways.

GOTO Events have taken everything we know from over 14 years experience in team building to create a full portfolio of virtual activities which are designed to incorporate all the fun, enjoyment and value of a conventional team experience and convert it to a fully hosted live virtual team building activity.  Teams can still take a huge amount of value from a virtual event when it comes to teamwork.  There’s plenty of interaction, communication, sharing of ideas. lateral thinking, trust and cohesion, especially when a little fun competition is involved.

Our specialist apps and platforms that have been purposely developed for virtual activities allow teams to come together in mini teams, as they would in a normal team building event, and play against colleagues in all kinds of themed adventures.  Whether it’s breaking free from our virtual escape room, solving the murder mystery, or travelling virtually around the world, there’s an event to suit everyone.

But how do these virtual team building events work?  We understand it’s new for everyone so we’re here to help.  Visit our full guide on how to plan or organise a virtual team experience or contact our friendly team who will happily jump on a Zoom session and make your life easy.

Virtual Team Building FAQ's

With companies in the full flow of business, strategies and targets for 2021, it’s inevitable that the world of virtual meetings and events will continue to be the platform of choice.  But how do you keep individuals and teams motivated, connected and driven as we roll into a new year with a positive vision of the future.

To help we’ve put together our list of the top 57 virtual team building events and virtual team experiences (view here) which can dovetail with any business session to create a fun interactive interventions where your staff can come together, connect, communicate, share ideas, plan, creative and use their innovation in a fun way, all targeted towards teamwork and performance in a virtual world.

With lots to choose from, here’s the nations favourite top virtual team events:

We’ve taken our most popular conventional teambuilding events and adapted them to be run in a safe virtual environment.  People from all over the world can come together, take part and enjoy themselves without the fear of social distancing rules.

All events are hosted by a fun, upbeat compere, who will run the show, keep everyone entertained and engaged, and make the entire experience slick, upbeat and engaging.

Live hosts – all virtual team events are hosted by a live compere / host who will welcome everyone and run the experience from start to finish.  A live host is far more upbeat and interactive than any pre recorded session.  It also means the experience is slick and hassle free for the organiser and anyone taking part.

Are people in teams for virtual events?  If so how many?  Teams – some virtual events work with everyone in the same virtual arena.  These tend to be the likes of our food and drink events where the focus is on the experts who are guiding you through the different elements of the event.  Others use virtual breakout rooms where people start all together in the main arena where we welcome everyone and explain the experience and rules.  We then automatically divide people into virtual breakout rooms in teams of 3-5 where they pay against each other in fun competition.  We then bring everyone back together at the end in the same arena for the results and announcement of the winners.  For example our virtual cooking events and virtual cocktail making are run with everyone together, as are our gameshow style events such as Master of the Tasks.  Events such as our virtual escape room, virtual murder mystery and virtual horse racing work with teams playing in fun competition in mini breakout rooms.

Some events cater for different group sizes.  Our app based events and games can cater for up to 250 people in one game, but multiples can be run at the same time which allows the event to run into the 1000’s.  we also have specialist formats where unlimited numbers of people can play at the same time.  Some events are better suited to smaller groups where a more community feel is required.  These include our amazing I’m working from Home Get me Outta Here.

The most common platform for virtual events is Zoom, given it’s popularity and functionality.  Zoom has very user friendly functionality for most of our events, including the use of a high volume of breakout rooms.  We can also run on many other platforms preferred by different companies.  Virtual events can be run on the likes of Microsoft Teams, Cisco WEBEX and Google Meet.  We are always happy to demo events on different platforms to give you the comfort and security of how they work.

For most events the answer is no.  The only time we need peoples details is when we’re sending out packs to people in advance.  These tend to be our food and drink events and some of our gameshow experiences.  All details received are fully GDPR compliant.  We don’t store anyone’s information post event.  For the majority of our other events, you don’t need to send us anything.  We simply send you an event pack in advance via email with everything you need to know.  You just need to forward that on to everyone taking part.

Absolutely not.  our teams have a wealth of experience in running and delivering virtual team events.  We will guide you through the different options and recommend the best style of event for your group and organisation.  Once you’ve chosen your event, our event management team kick in and make this hassle free for you.  The service is designed for minimum work from your side as the organiser.  We want you to enjoy this as much as everyone else.  You will have a dedicated project manager who will arrange every aspect of your event.  They will also send you everything you need in advance to send to anyone taking part.

100% they are!  We’ve taken everything we know from over 14 years experience running team building events for over 60% of the FTSE 100 and adapted the right events to be fully virtual interactive team experiences.  We beta test all the different experiences in advance with our own teams and sometimes our clients to get the right level of feedback and make the right adaptations to ensure each event really hits the mark.

One thing we’re always very conscious of is the amount of video calls the world is hosting at the moment.  Each and every one of our virtual experiences take this into consideration.  The design, function, pace and hosts ensure the event doesn’t just feel like another Zoom session.  Our specialist team will work closely with you to recommend the best style of event for your group.  Whether it’s a hands on creative experience or a laughter packed virtual gameshow.  The proofs in the pudding.  Simply read our Feefo reviews to see what our clients say.

In lots of circumstances we can run demo events in advance so you can get a real feel for how the different experiences work.  Alternatively we’re always happy to jump on any live call or Zoom session to talk through all the different styles of events so you can really get to understand how they work and what would best fit your team.

We know the feeling…After nearly a year of video rather than face to face contact, the last thing people want is ‘another Zoom meeting’.  To combat this all our virtual team building events involve huge levels of participation.  A lot of them also include surprise packs that everyone receives in the post.  Each experience is very different to a normal Zoom session.  You’ll notice the difference as soon as you login! 

THE UK's Top Virtual Team Building Events

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How does virtual team building activities work?

Virtual team building events can be done in many different ways, with different outcomes.  From just fun experiences where staff come together in mini teams and compete virtually via online apps, to experiential learning where employees learn more about themselves and others in ways to help them understand and communicate with each other more effectively.

All our different remote team building experiences are designed to engage, motivate and bring teams together with a common goal and sense of purpose.  This allows us to still focus on building teams, as we do in live environments, just via a virtual platform, with virtual hosts, games masters and facilitators.

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What teams did before that they cant do now

In a face to face environment teams are able to bounce off each other, plan, brainstorm, share new ideas, temperature check and effectively communicate.  Take away that level of interaction and it’s easy to slip into isolation which leads to the breakdown of team effectiveness.

Individuals are now detached from the team environment which takes away the human factors that play such a pivotal role in motivation, drive and performance.  People thrive on the daily interaction with others, both in the workplace and socially.

The fun aspect of teams and being around people is also removed.  With many of us working from home, how much of energy we harvest from people is lost?  Is it just all work and no play now?

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Teams need leaders, leaders need teams

An ongoing part of a leaders role is to constantly manage, motivate, and inspire people to achieve.  This can be challenging in a normal environment, let alone with teams, small and large, now fully distanced.  Team members thrive of being part of a group and a community, including strong leadership to unite everyone.

Leaders also need their team members to perform.  They all play a pivotal role in ongoing success. People all have different needs, roles, personalities, skills and motivations.  Now, more than ever, leaders and teams need to continually maintain relations in order to perform now and in the future.

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Why develop your teams with virtual team building?

A huge amount of time, money, effort and training goes into developing teams.  Is it time to now let that all slip?  When the world comes out of distanced isolation most businesses will regroup, re focus, and re target to continue their success and recoup any losses.  Then comes the time when you really need your teams to perform.  Sales, marketing, operations, finance, logistics…they will all play a key role.  If your people have slipped into the doldrums it will be increasingly hard to regain the skills and motivation you may have worked hard at in the past.

Now is the time, whilst you have the time, to invest in your people and maintain the momentum.  Keep them feeling positive, valued, driven and worthwhile.  Continue to give them the achievement factor they are capable of when they unite to perform.

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How do I plan a remote team building event?

The first thing to do is get in touch with us to discuss what you’re looking to achieve.  Take advantage our 15 years’ experience in team building to advise on what style of experience will best work, and will achieve the right results.  It’s what we do, all day, every day.  We have our own teams and are running these events ourselves weekly.  Our guide to organising a virtual team building activity will also help.

Once we’ve worked with you on the right activity, we’ll do the rest.  Our team will communicate with you and all your team members with clear, concise, easy to follow steps to take part.  All our events are hosted virtually by the same event managers, compere’s and facilitators as we normally use.  They are the catalyst to bringing everything together with our back-end team taking care of the finer details.  You can be involved as much as you wish.  Either sit back, relax, let us do the work and take part with everyone else, or play a more pivotal role in the planning and delivery.

Click here to contact our friendly team to discuss how a virtual experience could work for your team.

Or worried about Christmas plans?  Fear not, we have a whole host of Virtual Christmas parties for something different this festive season.

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