Become forensic investigators and solve the mysterious crime in our CSI team building and corporate event days.

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Crime Scene Experience

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Have you ever wondered what it would really be like to be a crime scene investigator? Have you wondered how crimes & murders are really solved?   Here’s your chance!

There’s been a murder and we need your help to find the killer! First, you’re going need to learn a few skills…

Visit the crime scene and study the evidence! Read up on all the suspects! Take fingerprints and recognize different pattern types! Create a digital FBI-style photo that fits purely from a verbal description! Compare a variety of hair and fiber under the microscope! Analyse blood spatters and lots more.

Your team, supplied with white bodysuits and surgical gloves, will need to work closely together, applying these skills and investigating the clues, using the evidence in front of you to work out who murdered our unfortunate victim… before the other teams beat you to it!

Over to you, Sherlock…Find out who murdered the unfortunate victim … before the other team beats you to it!

What happens on the day? 

Be prepared to walk into a completely transformed environment emanating a true crime scene. The room, or rooms, are each allocated one of the 5 different forensic zones – the actual crime scene, blood splatter, hair and fibre analysis, e-fit, and fingerprints. The group is briefed that there has been a murder, and their task as forensic specialists, is to unravel the crime. Teams are given a list of suspects’ profiles and mugshots to study. They will now visit each of the forensic zones to find clues to eliminate the suspects.

Once teams have completed all the zones, they come together to complete one final task to give them the final lynchpin clue. Each group now presents their conclusion, which has to include the motive, murder weapon, and of course the motive. The event concludes with a detailed revelation of what actually happened. The question is, did your team crack it! Medals and bubbly are awarded to the team who came closest.

Our Crime Scene Investigation event is an intricate event, with the focus on learning new skills whilst still making it competitive. Using real-life techniques with high-quality equipment, the moment you enter the crime scene, you are no longer a group of delegates but forensic specialists. If you are eager to have a team-building event that is different from anything else you have experienced, then enquire now for our Crime Scene Investigation event.

Crime scene-investigation blood swab test

What's included in our CSI team building activities and corporate events:

  • Experienced and enthusiastic event management team
  • Well maintained and regularly updated equipment
  • Fully trained first aider
  • Full risk assessments

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