Shaken or Stirred? Learn the skills to be the boss behind the bar!

Cocktail Making

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Think you’ve got the Tom Cruise factor for the master art of mixology?! Easy though you might think it looks, the technique of cocktail making is a very measured and precise skill, making it the perfect event or conference energiser for you and your colleagues to really have some fun with.

Leaving you and your colleagues with a fantastic party skill to pull out in the future, this event is a fun and highly enjoyable activity that all your guests are guaranteed to love!


In order to support all our clients through this period we are offering a postponement condition for all events.

What does that mean?  Basically, if you have to cancel or postpone your event due to Corona Virus, we will offer the chance to reschedule your event to a new date within 12 months of booking, at no extra cost, subject to availability. The only conditions are that your event is paid for in full, and we get at least 48hrs notice.

Once Corona Virus has passed we’re expecting a huge surge in bookings which will restrict availability, especially for summer dates.  Therefore, if you do have any event plans that are subject to future updates, or any immediate plans, we can start the research & work for you, for activities and venues, without any push for commitment.  We can hold dates provisionally for up to 2 months.

What's Included

  • Fully mobile set up
  • Bar and drinks station
  • Team cocktail making kits
  • Team cocktail making challenges
  • All required alcohol, mixers, glassware & mixing equipment
  • Mixology experts
  • Amazing demonstrations of mixing & flaring
  • Full event management

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Telogis - Cocktail Making
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“The event was well received by the whole team and we had some very positive feedback.  We’d be very interested in using this company again for future events”