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Cookery team building events are hugely popular, and mimic all the action and creativity you see on popular TV cookery challenges.

We’re not actually a static cookery venue, instead we have a huge array of cookery schools across the UK where we host all manner of different team building events, themed around food and drink.

Food and drink are amazing platforms for team building.  They allow people to work in a fun relaxed environment which get’s them out the office, working together, sharing ideas, and learning amazing new skills.  The beauty of these event is the tangible outcome.  All our different events always result in teams creating something unique, whether it be a 3 course meal, a custom box of chocolate delights or a new flavour of cocktail.

All of the events are hosted by professional experts.  Our team includes celebrity chef’s, award winning chocolatiers and top level cocktail mixologists.

Why not find out where your local experience can be held and how it would work for your team!

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Food and drink events come in all shapes and sizes but are all themed around a unique team building experience which guarantees fun, laughter and involvement from every member of your team, whether they can cook or not! 

We serve up a range of unique themed events, including:

Team Masterchef where groups create a unique 2 or 3 course dish.

Bakeathon – inspired by The Great British Bake Off, but with a twist!

Marks Set Cook – what can you create from only a prize winning selection of ingredients?

Sushi Sensations – Learn the amazing art of creating stunning Sushi dishes

Market Challenge – An adventure cooking event where teams visit local markets and delicatessens to buy fresh ingredients

Food for Charity – These events are dedicated to food in volume.  We work closely with charities in need of food for the homeless in London and across the UK.


Cooking Team Building in London

Due to popular demand, we have recently increased our cookery team building classes on offer in London. It’s the perfect to engender amazing team spirit with a day of bonding and fun that all of your employees can get involved with.

We have partnerships with some of the best cookery class venues in the capital city, so when you talk to us, we will develop a plan a day of fun in the kitchen that will live on long in the memory. If you have some budding Masterchefs working for your business, then this could be the ideal activity for you.

Contact us today to speak to a specialist corporate event planner and find out why we’re considered the number 1 planner of London cookery team building classes in the capital city.