Soap Box Derby
Team Building Event

Design, build, decorate and race your very own soap box cars in this insanely fun team building activity

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Man smiling while driving homemade race cart in outdoor team building event

Event Overview

With your hilarious racer costume on, you eagerly anticipate the upcoming race from the driver’s seat of this odd-looking but original homemade soap box car. Your team stands by your side, prepared to cheer you on. Glancing to your left, you notice your opponent, dressed as the notorious Dick Dastardly! Will you and your team claim victory? On your marks, get ready, go!

Soap Box Derby is a hilarious outdoor team building activity that unleashes the fun, the drive to win and the spirit of teamwork in everyone! Teams embark on a thrilling team building experience as they plan, design and build the ultimate soap box derby car. Then, they go head-to-head with their crazy inventions, racing around the winding course and the daring obstacles, in the quickest possible time.

But it’s not all about speed! The design will earn you as many points as taking the chequered flag!

Event Features








10 - 1000


2 - 3 HOURS

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What’s Included

  • Pedal carts, tool kits and design materials
  • Props
  • Entertaining referee/host
  • A selection of themed challenges
  • Energising background music and PA system
  • Experienced event staff and event manager
  • Full event set-up and pack-down
  • Fully mobile team – we travel to your chosen venue, anywhere in the UK
  • Free venue-finding service
  • Public liability insurance
  • Full risk assessment

How It Works

  • Each team gets an allocated pit stop garage, a basic pedal-powered cart, a tool kit and limited design materials.
  • After sketching up your initial designs, it's time to go head-in-head in some hilarious challenges to win all kinds of parts and materials to build your carts and dress your racers!
  • Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and bring your vision to life as you build the ultimate, most unique soap box cart!
  • When the carts are complete, drivers take their seats in the parade lap to show off their inventions.
  • Next, it’s over to the MOT station to pass the safety checks.
  • Following several soap box racing heats, all racers line up on the grid and it’s pedal to the metal for the final laps around the crazy course.
  • The race points are added to the judges’ points awarded for innovation, teamwork, creativity, best-dressed driver and overall best design.
  • With the winners announced, teams step up onto the podium to receive their medals and bubbly. Be warned though, this is normally sprayed over the crowd, in true F1-winning-style!

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Soap Box Derby team building offers teams a unique themed experience where everyone will have fun in soap box car racing challenges. It’s an ideal activity for teams to engage in something unique while working together towards a shared goal.


Healthy competition



Getting active

Fun & laughter

Some of our clients…

Get a bespoke proposal in 45 minutes


Soap Box Derby team building activity for employees can be tailored to most group sizes, with a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 1000.

Soap Box Derby typically lasts between 2 and 3 hours, depending on your group’s size and the activities selected by you. This also includes the opening and the award ceremony. Additionally, this event requires one and a half hours set-up time.

Our event team is fully mobile! This means, Soap Box Derby team building event can be hosted at your chosen outdoor venue, anywhere in the UK. If you don’t have a location in mind, we’ll help you find the perfect venue, free of charge.

Our events are completely mobile! This allows us to host Soap Box Derby at your preferred venue across the UK. If you’re unsure of a location, don’t worry—we’ll assist you in finding the ideal venue, at no extra cost!

Soap Box Derby outdoor team building event is perfect for companies looking to foster teamwork, creativity and a spirit of friendly competition among their members. This fun team building event is suitable for all skill levels and encourages participants to be creative and work in teams while aiming to build a unique soap box derby car and win the race.

We supply all necessary equipment, materials and props, so you can focus on the event itself without worrying about logistics.

Yes, Soap Box Derby team building event is suited for large groups, accommodating up to 1000 participants. We can customise the event to fit your group’s size.

Yes, Soap Box Derby team building event is suited for small groups of at least 10 participants. We can adapt the games to fit your specific group’s size.

Soap Box Derby is an outdoor team building activity held outside so participants should wear weather-appropriate clothes and if necessary, bring sun hats and cream or waterproof clothing in case of rain. Because this is an active team building activity, choose comfortable clothing and flat comfortable shoes to allow you to move freely while participating in the soap box race challenges.

While Soap Box Derby is not overly physically demanding, participants will be moving around and engaging in active challenges as they build their race cars. Additionally, teams have to nominate a driver who will operate the cart by paddling. Our team building events are always inclusive so we can customise Soap Box Derby to accommodate any abilities.

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