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sustainability team building experiences

To help companies achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals and respond to the growing awareness of sustainability among individuals, we are thrilled to introduce our new sustainability team building events. These events are carefully crafted to raise awareness of sustainable practices both in the office and at home, while engaging in meaningful activities and having fun with your team.

Make a difference with sustainability team building events


  • Eco-awareness
  • Environmental conservation
  • Community impact


  • Practical knowledge and skills
  • “Feel good” factor
  • Team bonding


  • Support CSR goals
  • Improve employee retention
  • Boost company reputation

Team building with a purpose

Pick one activity or combine several to create a custom sustainability team building event and we'll travel to your venue, anywhere in the UK, with all the equipment and a professional event team

Living wall sustainability workshop

Join forces with your team to construct a stunning living wall installation for your office. Engage in fun and lighthearted challenges to earn the necessary equipment before rolling up your sleeves to craft a beautiful and functional living wall.

This activity is suitable for all skill levels and is run by an expert who will teach you about the functionality and environmental benefits of living walls, including how they improve office air quality!

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Large green living wall in office conference room
women building terrarium in sustainability team building workshop

Terrarium Sustainability Workshop

Engage in fun team building activities focused on biodiversity and sustainability while learning hands-on skills on how to build a fully-functional miniature ecosystem. Get creative as you and your team construct and personalise beautiful terrariums.

Led by a terrarium expert, this workshop is suitable for all skill levels. After the workshop, everyone takes home a stunning terrarium to care for and decorate their space at home or in the office.

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Bee Hotel Sustainability Workshop

Tackle fun challenges with your team as you unleash your creativity and DIY skills to craft unique bee habitats that will provide shelter for solitary bees. After the workshop, you can install the Bee Hotels in your garden or a shared office green space.

Led by an expert, you will learn about the crucial role bees play in pollination and how Bee Hotels help conserve solitary bees by providing a safe habitat for laying their eggs and raising their young.

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man hanging bee hotel in tree after team building workshop
man drilling birdhouse in sustainability workshop

Birdhouse Sustainability Workshop

Get hands-on with your team as you build colourful birdhouses and participate in fun, lighthearted challenges. Guided by our expert facilitator, assemble the birdhouses and add your creative touch as you decorate them.

This activity is suitable for all skill levels, from total beginners to DIY enthusiasts. The completed  birdhouses will not only look great in your garden but also provide a safe shelter for nesting birds, supporting their conservation.

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Living Art Sustainability Workshop

Join your team in a therapeutic and immersive gardening workshop where you’ll create beautiful living art planters using natural materials like plants, moss and driftwood. Tackle fun team building challenges, gain practical gardening skills and learn about upcycling, ecosystems and sustainability.

This activity is suitable for all skill levels and you’ll be guided by a gardening expert. After the workshop, take your unique living art home or display it in the office.

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succulent in old shoe for sustainability team building event
close up on hands binding kokedama ball with string

Kokedama Sustainability Workshop

Master the beautiful Japanese gardening technique of kokedama in a meditative and immersive team building workshop. Guided by our expert facilitator, your team will learn how to prepare the plant roots, wrap them in soil and shape the moss around them.

This workshop offers a relaxing and therapeutic experience, providing hands-on practice in a unique gardening art while inspiring environmental awareness and a deeper connection with nature.

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Foraging Experience Team Building Activity

Embark on an immersive foraging adventure with your team, participating in fun team building challenges while learning to identify seasonal wild foods in the local area such as plants, flowers, fruits and mushrooms. The day culminates in a delicious three-course meal using the wild foods you collected.

Led by our foraging expert, you will learn sustainable foraging practices and gain a deeper appreciation for the natural environment. This team building activity is available at various locations across the UK.

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man in forest with basket foraging for wild mushrooms in foraging experience team building activity
people planting in community clean up team building activity

Community Clean Up Team Building Activity

Team up with your colleagues to get your hands dirty while preserving and enhancing a local green space in London, such as a park, playground, council estate or community garden. Under the guidance of a gardening expert, you’ll dig, plant, prune and pick up litter, transforming the area into a beautiful natural space for local residents.

This team building activity is suitable for all skill levels, from total beginners to gardening enthusiasts, and takes place at a public green space in London.

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Sustainability Team Building Events FAQs

What are sustainability team building events?

Sustainability team building events are activities designed to promote environmental awareness and eco-friendly practices within a team. These events usually feature hands-on projects and challenges that encourage teamwork, creativity and learning about sustainability. Participants might engage in building birdhouses, creating living walls, foraging for wild foods or constructing bee hotels. The goal is to foster environmental responsibility, enhance team cohesion, boost organisational corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts and provide practical skills applicable both in the workplace and personal life.

Why organise a sustainability team building activity for your organisation?

Sustainability team building activities educate participants on eco-friendly practices while strengthening teamwork and communication through hands-on projects and challenges. They also boost employee morale and satisfaction, enhance your corporate image and support your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

Where can I host a sustainability team building activity?

Our sustainability team building workshops can be held at your office or any other venue of your choice in the UK. We will bring all the necessary materials and a professional event crew to your location. If you don't have a venue in mind, we will help you find the perfect location for your event at no extra cost.

How do the sustainability team building activities work?

Your group will be divided into teams, engaging in fun and lighthearted challenges to earn the necessary equipment for the sustainability workshop. Participants will engage hands-on in creating, crafting and building, depending on the activities chosen.

How do the sustainability team building activities make an impact?

By participating in our sustainability team building activities, you'll gain practical eco-friendly skills, reduce workplace stress and foster environmental awareness among your team. Guided by experts, you'll learn about biodiversity and ecosystems while reconnecting with nature and your colleagues. These activities also promote fun team bonding, raise awareness of sustainability and wildlife conservation and contribute positively to local communities.

How many people can participate in the sustainability team building activities?

Our sustainability team building activities can be tailored to most groups sizes, with a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 1,000.

What is the duration of the sustainability team building activities?

Depending on the activities chosen, the workshops can last between 1.5 hours to 5 hours. We can customise the team building activities to suit your needs and preferences.