Amazing head to head inflatable team building competition


BIG TIME INFLATABLE FUN!  Step aside kids, it's time for the adults to play

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Inflatables activities bring out the serious toys, which are always firm favourites, especially in the summer months.

Probably one of our most famous experiences is It’s a Knockout.  Inspired by the famous TV show, it’s fast and furious fun on whole host of inflatable activities.  Teams go head to head on all the different challenges, and in a clever way they play a different team at each game.  This really accentuates networking and camaraderie as everyone plays everyone.

The event is hosted by an energetic compere backed by upbeat music, costumes, on the spot bonus rounds, and plenty of fun banter.

Or you can step it up with our Totally Wiped Out Challenge.  With activities inspired by the actual TV show it’s a test of the best.  Obstacles galore include wet walls and the famous bouncy red balls.  Whether you’re a spectator or participant, this event will have you in stitches of laughter.


Our team of experts will happily talk you through the best style of events to give your team the perfect experience.  Just give us a call for a friendly chat on 0207 188 4115 or

The whole premise of any inflatable team building event is fun.  They are perfect for any kind of team experience, company away day, or celebration.  On the team building side, the events still offer something for everyone.  You don’t have to be an athlete to take part!

Just a handful of activities for our different inflatable events include:

Bungee Run – How far can you run along the inflatable before the bungee cord kicks in!

Gladiator Joust – Challenge your colleagues to a joust with giant pugal sticks.

Horsey Hoppers – Bounce along our giant inflatable race track on giant inflatable horses!

The Washing Machine – Jump into our giant foam filled washing machine and see how many matching pairs of socks you can find

Punch Wall – Balance on the red beam and avoid been knocked off by knockout blows which can come from all directions.

Big Red Balls – Step up onto to our launch platform and off you go.  Run, jump & bounce whatever you think the best way is to get to the end.