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Event Overview

It’s not every day you get the chance to race your boss on a giant inflatable course. Let’s face it, inflatable + speed is a recipe for epic wipeouts! But hey, use those silly tumbles and epic falls to your advantage to outrun (or out-flop?) your opponent. Plus, the most spectacular flops and face plants might get your team bonus points!

It’s A Knockout is one of our wackiest events! This wild inflatable team building activity throws you and your colleagues into a hilarious frenzy of oversized obstacles, slippery slides, outrageous costumes and enough foam to fill an Olympic swimming pool!

Inspired by the legendary TV show, It’s A Knockout team building is an energetic, adrenaline-fueled, highly entertaining activity perfect for teams of all sizes, so get ready to bond, compete, and create a side-splitting spectacle!

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10 - 1000



Ideas and costs in under 45 mins

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What’s Included

  • It’s A Knockout inflatables, equipment and props
  • Entertaining referee/host
  • A selection of 4 to 8 It’s A Knockout games
  • Energising background music and PA system
  • Award ceremony with medals
  • Experienced event staff and event manager
  • Fully trained first aider
  • Full event set-up and pack-down
  • Fully mobile team – we travel to your chosen venue, anywhere in the UK
  • Free venue-finding service
  • Public liability insurance
  • Full risk assessment

How It Works

  • Your team will enter an arena full of colourful inflatables and energetic music.
  • We kick start the day with an uplifting warm-up, usually to a fun famous dance led by our instructors.
  • Once the blood is flowing, we explain the rules of It’s A Knockout games, allocate teams and tease the prizes.
  • Teams will navigate through the different challenge zones, competing head-to-head against other teams.
  • It’s A Knockout challenges may include:

  • Bungee Run
  • Gladiator Joust
  • Foot Darts
  • Sweeper Arm
  • Giant Inflatable Washing Machines

  • With the music pumping, the MC will give a rolling update on the scores throughout the day.
  • The outdoor team building activity concludes with a nail-biting finale and the chance to take those extra bonus points
  • The results are announced with medals and bubbly for the winning team.

Get a bespoke proposal in 45 minutes


It’s a Knockout is a fun team building activity perfect to energise and motivate your team, get to know your colleagues, and let your competitive spirits fly. The team building inflatable games are designed to give a great level of interaction, camaraderie and out-of-the-box thinking!


Healthy competition



Energised teams

Fun experience

Some of our clients…

Get a bespoke proposal in 45 minutes


It’s A Knockout inflatable team building activity can be tailored to most groups sizes, with a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 1000.

It’s A Knockout team building event typically lasts 3 hours, depending on your group’s size and the activities selected by you. This also includes the opening activity and the award ceremony. Additionally, this event requires one and a half hours set-up time.

Our event team is fully mobile! This means, It’s A Knockout team building event can be hosted at your chosen outdoor venue, anywhere in the UK. If you don’t have a location in mind, we’ll help you find the perfect venue, free of charge.

Our events are completely mobile! This allows us to host It’s A Knockout outdoor team building event at your preferred venue across the UK. If you’re unsure of a location, don’t worry—we’ll assist you in finding the ideal venue, at no extra cost!

It’s A Knockout outdoor team building activity is perfect for companies looking to foster teamwork, motivation and a spirit of friendly competition among their members in an outdoor event. This fun competitive team building activity is suitable for all skill levels and encourages participants to be active, get out of their comfort zones and work in teams while aiming to beat the competition in hilarious team inflatable games.

We supply all necessary equipment, materials and props, so you can focus on the event itself without worrying about logistics.

Yes, It’s A Knockout team building is suited for large groups, accommodating up to 1000 participants. We can customise the event to fit your group’s size.

Yes, It’s A Knockout team building is suited for small groups of at least 10 participants. We can adapt the games to fit your specific group’s size.

It’s A Knockout is an active team building event held outdoors, involving giant inflatables where participants will compete in relay races and other dynamic challenges. Due to the nature of the event, participants should wear comfortable clothing and flat comfortable shoes to allow them to move freely. Also choose weather-appropriate clothes and if necessary, bring sun hats and cream or waterproof clothing in case of rain.

It’s A Knockout is an active team building activity that requires participants to move in medium-intensity challenges involving inflatable courses and other games. Be prepared to work up a sweat in this fun team building activity for work!

The weather can be unpredictable but rain does not stop play! We advise you and your team to dress for the weather and bring clothing for the chance of unfortunate weather – a raincoat, extra jumper and appropriate footwear. Unfortunately we can’t control the weather, but all of our events are fun-filled, so the rain will soon become a second thought. Why not speak to your dedicated Project Manager for the addition of ponchos to your package?

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