Nowhere in northern England says ‘medieval’ quite like York, a city of extraordinary cultural and historical wealth that has lost little of its pre-industrial lustre. A magnificent circuit of 13th-century walls encloses a medieval spider’s web of narrow streets. At its heart lies the immense, awe-inspiring York Minster, one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in the world. York’s long history and rich heritage is woven into virtually every brick and beam, and the modern, tourist-oriented city – with its myriad museums, restaurants, cafes and traditional pubs – is a carefully maintained heir to that heritage.


With acres of English countryside, this could be the place you if you can take on the Bear Grylls survival. Do you bring the modern stock markets to West Yorkshire and test your brokering skills with the Wolf of Wall street? The great venues around the different terrains within this location is great for any indoor and outdoor event.



Top 10 Team Building Events & Activities in York

1. Under Pressure

By far one of our most popular indoor events. Under Pressure is a hands-on, fully interactive experience that caters for absolutely everyone. Teams face a variety of nail biting, simple, but challenging tasks, many against the clock.  You’ll experience the thrills and spills of the head-to-head games with the chance to earn big points, plus steal them from competing teams!

2. Ultimate Quiz

The competition will get intense as teams go head-to-head in this Ultimate Quiz. Our buzzers, screens, music and enthusiastic game show host will have your group fully immersed in the energy and fun of the day! TV inspired rounds include Catchphrase, League of their Own, Pointless, Real or No Real and Million Pound Drop.

3.  Wall Street Winners

Teams will buy and sell shares at the most opportune moments to reap the highest financial benefit possible. From your profits purchase building materials to construct a corporate tower and sell it for even more bucks!

4. Master of the Tasks

Fully mobile, we will bring our team-based and individual tasks to a venue of your choice. This experience will have you roaring with laughter. Taking inspiration from the hilarious TV show, expect good old-fashioned fun and to be fully entertained by our comedic compere and themed environment, we supply all props and equipment. 

5. Casino Nights

Our Casino Nights are tailored to your requirements to really treat your team. A fantastic addition to a standard company dinner or get together. Tables include Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker and Blackjack, all using fun money plus prizes for the winner of the night!

6. Teamopoly

This super-sized team building version of the hugely popular board game has plenty of twists and turns. Roll the giant dice to begin, there are chance cards and community chests for teams to complete all kinds of fun outdoor challenges and games, hosted by Mr. Monopoly.

7. Escape Room

With up to 4 choices of room to pick from there is something for everyone. Each room comes with its own challenges where there is a live host who brings the story to life. With props, lights, music and much much more this is an event not to miss.The winning team is the team who escapes out of the rooms the quickest where you may be trying to free the prisoner in the jail or find the antidote in the Scientist Room! Can you complete the challenge and escape before it is too late?

8. Challenge 100

A popular experience in York, this event tests your skill, creativity & teamwork in over 100 challenges! The clock starts and you’re ready to go with your challenge book, as your team will aim to complete as many challenges as possible to score the most points within the 5 zones, Sports, Creative, Sensory, Child’s Play, Brain Busters!

9. Crystal Challenge

Crystal Challenge takes you to four distinct adventure zones where teams will compete head-to-head to earn those all-important crystals to give teams precious time in the dome to grab the winning golden tickets! 

10. Archery & Duck Herding

It might sound an interesting combination, and it really is! It’s an excellent outdoor event for all! Using a traditional longbow each team member will aim at a target to achieve the required score to win as a team. Our expert sheepdog handler will then guide you through herding ducks to earn extra points for your team. A real skill based challenge that will have you shouting ‘Come-Bye, That’ll do’ all the way home!

Indoor Team Building Events & Activities in York

Team building activities indoors when the weather is wet and cold outside is a great way to bring people together in a fun and engaging environment. And York knows how to have fun indoors, the Top 10 is packed with our most popular indoor team building events. Lock your teams inside our Escape Rooms to work together solving clues and puzzles against the clock. Task based events to test skill and luck in Challenge 100Under Pressure and Master of the Tasks – a hilarious set of challenges with a larger than life host! Your dedicated event planner will look after everything for you, so you can sit back and enjoy your event in York.

Outdoor Team Building Events & Activities in York

Take your team to the great outdoors with our outdoor team building activities in York. Your team will have the opportunity to explore the natural world, breathe in the fresh air, and let go of any stress or tension. Whether it’s a team or individual task in TV inspired Crystal Challenge to collect crystals and golden tickets, or whistling and shouting commands at a sheep dog, to focusing in on skill in Archery & Duck Herding. Our outdoor team building activities in York are designed to promote collaboration and teamwork, while having a blast and enjoying the beautiful Cornish surroundings – with giant board pieces, Chance Cards, Jail and Mr Monopoly in our Teamopoly event. Suitable for all group sizes, your dedicated event planner will adapt any of our events to your needs and goals for a unique experience and great day out in York!

Company Away Days in York

Looking to reward your team and boost morale with a fun and engaging corporate away day in York? Look no further than our range of company away day events, designed to bring your team together and foster camaraderie in the great outdoors. From Quintessentially English garden parties to Multi-Activity Days and adrenaline-fueled experiences like Inflatable Fun and our Bear Grylls Survival challenge, we’ve got something to suit any team, objective and group size. And with options like Company Festivals and Family Fun Days available, you can be sure that everyone will have a great time. Plus, with our free venue finding service, planning your next company fun day has never been easier. So why wait? Step outside the office and into a fantastic team away day in beautiful York!

Collaborative Team Building Events & Activities in York

Unleash the power of collaboration in the historic city of York with our exciting team building activities to bring your team together. We aim to strengthen teamwork, boost morale, and ignite creativity within your team with  team building activities for collaboration. Popular in York, the thrilling Chain Reaction, where teams construct intricate contraptions to set off a chain reaction with the next structure, using the materials we supply, you’ll be surprised at the variety! Embrace the artistic side in your team with Masterpiece, taking a famous painting or image of your choice and splitting it into grid pieces, teams must complete random pieces, working with other teams to join grid sections, plus compete in team challenges for art supplies! A true collaborative piece of art that can be displayed in your workplace! And for a charitable twist, engage in the Paws for a Cause event, where teams construct feeders and furniture for animals in need. Team building activities for collaboration needn’t be stressful, with our dedicated event planner ensuring a seamless experience, you can focus on fostering collaboration, boosting morale, and enjoying a stress-free day of fun team building events in the beautiful city of York.

Creative Team Building Events & Activities in York

Embark on a journey of creativity and team building in the historic city of York! Our creative team events in York will inspire your team and create lasting memories in this charming location. Immerse yourself in the world of art with Masterpiece, an event full of colour, art techniques, games and challenges with the goal of collaborating to create the masterpiece of creativity and teamwork. A popular choice in York, it’s time for your teams to step into the spotlight with Lights, Camera, Action. Full engagement and creative fun, this experience requires all sorts of skill sets, from writing scripts to hair and make-up, creating their very own movie trailer or news piece of the future. Or for a sweet and indulgent experience, don’t miss the Chocolate Making event, where your team will learn the art of a chocolatier, with team challenges, creative flair and tasty treats to take home! With our dedicated event planner taking care of the logistics, you can focus on unleashing your team’s creativity and building strong bonds in the historic city of York with any of our fun team building events. Get ready to explore, create, and enjoy a day filled with laughter and team spirit!

Unusual Team Building Events & Activities in York

Unleash your team’s potential in York with our dynamic and extraordinary unusual team building activities. Designed to boost team morale, strengthen connections, and offer a fresh perspective, these unusual team building ideas are guaranteed to energise your team. For a taste of excitement, dive into the world of Quid Games, inspired by the popular series, testing your team’s communication, problem-solving, creativity, and patience as they conquer a series of exciting challenges. Or, why not explore your team’s artistic side with Mindfulness Painting, a perfect avenue for unwinding and practising mindfulness through creative expression. You can also challenge your team’s culinary skills with Culinary Games, an exciting cooking event that encourages teamwork and sparks creative problem-solving. York’s unusual team building events provide a refreshing and dynamic approach to team bonding, promoting unity and boosting individual and team confidence.

Competitive Team Building Events & Activities in York

Challenge accepted! York is your gateway to a vibrant array of competitive team building activities, tailor made to ignite the competitive spirit within your team. Get ready for a thrilling journey through the Crystal Challenge, where teams lock horns in four zones, embarking on eight challenging activities, all with the aim of winning precious crystals. Will your team enjoy high energy competitive team building games? Our Soap Box Derby is an event to remember, merging the art of racing with creative flair as teams chase the podium finish. Or opt for the brain teasing Under Pressure challenge in York, includes host and theming for an intense experience. Our wide choice of indoor competitive team building activities will channel your team’s inner detectives during our Crime Scene Experience, teams will scrutinise evidence and employ forensic techniques to find the culprit. York is your perfect venue for competitive group activities, we guarantee laughter, camaraderie, and lasting connections while boosting teamwork among your team members.

Virtual Team Building Activities in York

Our virtual team building events turn remote work into a hub of team spirit and collective success, fostering a strong, connected team. All our team building activities for remote teams are designed for teams of all sizes, we can cater for all.

  • Get ready to impress with our Virtual Cocktail Making event, where you’ll learn from online mixology experts to create stunning drinks, perfecting everything from a classic Mojito to a fancy Pornstar Martini, with options for all tastes including non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Sharpen your spy skills in our Virtual Spy Academy, where you’ll undergo intense training before diving into a heart-pounding mission to catch a cunning killer, all in an exhilarating, collaborative virtual experience
  • Embark on a business adventure with Virtual Dragons’ Lair, a team challenge that captures the essence of the famous TV show, as teams brainstorm and pitch innovative ideas to our virtual investor panel

Explore our exciting selection of virtual team building ideas here – perfect for keeping your team connected, no matter where in the world they are.

Charity Team Building Activities in York

Boost team morale and community well-being with our team building charity activities. Each event is an opportunity to strengthen team bonds and give back, ensuring your team leaves with a sense of achievement and compassion. By choosing a charity team event, you’re opting for an experience that enriches your team and aids those in need, all while being perfect for groups large and small.

  • Sweet treats meet sweet deeds in our Charity Bake Off! Dive into baking with your team and see how your delicious creations can light up faces, with full support from our side
  • Persuasive talents, unite for Charity Gift of the Gab! Go on a noble mission, seeking essential donations to support those in need through your negotiation skills
  • Our Charity Bike Build is where fun meets philanthropy! Assemble bikes through teamwork and creativity, then donate them to spread happiness and help those in need

Build a legacy of teamwork and giving! Engage in team building volunteering and leave a lasting impact on both your team and those around you.

Company Fun Days in York

Build lasting memories and strengthen team bonds with our family fun days, where activities designed for all ages ensure that everyone of all ages has a splendid time. Suitable for any group size, these events can enhance your company’s sense of community and provide a fun break from the usual routine.

  • Outdoor Adrenaline Activities – Immerse your team in a day of outdoor adrenaline with activities that push the limits! From hovercrafting to archery, it’s a thrilling way to bond, compete, and create lasting memories
  • Corporate Sports Day – Engage your team in an exhilarating day of sport, where the fond memories of School Sports Day enhance today’s teamwork, leading to a day filled with energy, joy, and collective success
  • Giant Garden Games – Make your corporate garden party a hit with a selection that includes everything from trampolines to human table football, it’s outdoor entertainment at its best

Soak up the summer with our corporate summer parties. Browse our range of activities here and plan a day that’s as relaxing as it is rewarding!

Sustainability Team Building Activities in York

Strengthen your team’s bonds and environmental awareness with our sustainability workshop choices! Perfect for groups of any size, our sustainability team building events encourage collaboration and a commitment to eco-friendly practices. Explore workplace sustainability ideas and create lasting positive change together through teamwork and creativity.

Favourite green team events in York include: 

  • Terrarium Sustainability Workshop: Get your hands dirty at our Terrarium Sustainability Workshop! Create beautiful miniature ecosystems with your team, fostering creativity and sustainability
  • Living Art Sustainability Workshop: Experience the magic of upcycling! Create unique green masterpieces and strengthen your team’s bonds and commitment to sustainability
  • Bird House Sustainability Workshop: Dive into our Bird House Workshop and unleash your creativity! Build homes for birds while enhancing teamwork, problem-solving, and eco-friendly practices

Transform your office with our green team building events. Check out the full list today!