Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is an electrifying and captivating team-building exercise that promotes collaboration among participants. The activity revolves around teams working together to construct distinct components of a mechanical story. These components not only link but also seamlessly integrate with the contributions of other teams, creating a mesmerising chain reaction that culminates in a complete and cohesive tale.

Armed with the necessary tools, each team is assigned different sections of the “chain” and charged with the mission of effective communication and cooperation with neighbouring teams. Their ultimate goal is to successfully accomplish their collective mission.

This team building event serves as an excellent platform for nurturing strong team relationships and fostering effective communication, making it the perfect choice for a challenging yet enjoyable corporate away day. Usually conducted over a few hours, the Chain Reaction can seamlessly fit into the schedule after a conference or serve as an engaging afternoon activity away from the office.

group of people participating in team building event

What's included in your event?

  • Dedicated Event Manager
  • Specialist event crew
  • Team tool kits

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