Virtual Spy Academy

Virtual team building immersing you as special agents into a world of intrigue & mystery

1-5000 people

Full Virtual Experience

Can be played around the world

Fully interactive
1.5 hr Experience

Unites teams & individuals

Virtual Spy Academy

Enter the undercover world of intrigue and espionage as we immerse you into a virtual world where you’ll become the ultimate special agents.  To earn your stripes you’ll need to crack three levels of classified training activities, all designed to build your skills to pass the first stage of the Spy Academy.

Each level will test you with all kinds of puzzles, problem solving tasks and hands on creative challenges.  Now the fun really starts! With your finely tuned skills, it’s time to take on your first covert mission to track down and identify an intelligent killer who assassinated No.1!  As the clock starts, it becomes a race against time to progress through the adventure, working as teams to see who can be the first to complete the mission.

What happens on your virtual event?

In advance everyone receives a PDF welcome pack with an overview of the fun ahead and one very simple link to enter the game.

The event normally runs via Zoom, or if required other platforms such as MS Teams can be used.  Once everyone’s logged in, our virtual host welcomes you to the adventure, explains the rules and divides everyone into mini teams.

Each team has their own dedicated virtual breakout room where they will play head to head in fun competition. Groups fully interact on screen throughout the event, with the main game playing via our specialist app. This means you get the highest level of fun, interaction and teamwork.  The adventure now begins and the clock starts ticking. Teams will be thrust straight into the heart of the mission ready to complete the training academy before progressing onto the top secret challenge.

Working in groups, it’s a race against time to advance through all the different layers & complete the myriad of tasks. When you successfully pass the Spy Academy, it’s straight to HQ where you’ll received the classified briefing for your main mission.  When times up we bring everyone back together before we reveal the final results and announce the ultimate special agents.

The game runs on a specialist app, purposely designed for virtual events that companies can take part in at the same time from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Team Building Top Secret Folder

What's included in your virtual event?

  • Professional live virtual host
  • Hassle free joining instructions to send to everyone taking part
  • Bespoke app & game adventure
  • Full event management from start to finish
  • Secure virtual platform
  • Work together in mini teams in fun competition
  • 5-5000 people can take part
  • Super easy to play
  • Full pre event support & planning

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