Team Building in Reading & Berkshire


Renowned for its exhilarating atmosphere, Reading and Berkshire can deliver the most amazing venues for both memorable corporate experiences as well as a whole host of team building activities.  The rolling countryside makes for the perfect arena for all kinds of outdoor events, or why not explore some of the stunning features of Windsor city and castle.

With a rapid access to and from London, Berkshire allows you to escape to some stunning scenery, wrapped around playgrounds including the River Thames, and the famous Olympic venue Dorney Lakes.  We run all kinds of team building events around Berkshire in venues from high tech conference centres to luxury country house hotels.  we also have access to a number of huge indoor venues which allow you to run most outdoor events such as our It’s a Knockout and Wacky Racers experiences, under the cover of a ginormous dome.  Popular areas we work in Berkshire for team building activities include Bracknell, Reading, Slough and Windsor.


Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor team building activity to compliment a meeting or conference, a summer staff day out or even your Christmas party, Berkshire has all the ingredients you need to accommodate your event.

Take to the water for something completely different with a Dragon Boat Racing activity, or get ready for some serious inflatable fun with our Totally Wiped Out experience.  Indoor team building events are also popular in Berkshire.  Try your hand at becoming a forensic detective with our CSI events, take on the nail biting Under Pressure team building event, or spice up an evening event with our Pub Olympics or hilarious Task the Master.

We have 100’s of venues across Berkshire to accommodate all your needs.  get in touch.  One call does it all!



Top 10 Team Building Events & Activities in Berkshire

1. CSI Investigation

What an event CSI Experience is! On arrival at your chosen venue, you are greeted by our in character Event Manager who will inform all the guests what has happened at this completely transformed environment. There has been a murder and in teams it is your chance to crack the case and solve the murder against the clock. With your team pack, visit a number of different interactive zones for a unique, hands-on learning experience. With fingerprint, hair and blood spatter analysis and evidence collected at the murder scene, piece together what has happened and put forward your suspect no. 1.

2. Incognito Spy Mission 

It’s like you’re starring in your own three part secret agent spy series, who can you trust? Is everything all it seems? Who is the enemy spy in our ranks? Taking to the streets of Berkshire our professional actors play their parts well, keeping teams on their toes, making sure they ask the right questions and complete the tasks in the given time, tasks include deciphering codes and cryptic clues, a scavenger hunt and a bonus photo challenge. Always great fun for everyone, do you have a Bond on your team or a Johnny English?

3. Casino Nights

Your team will feel like true VIPs at your chosen venue with our fantastic Casino Night. Tailored to your requirements, this is a brilliant addition to a company dinner or get together. Professional grade tables include Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker and Blackjack, tables are run by experienced croupiers. Prizes are given at the end of the night to the winners.

4. School Sports Day

Try your hand at ping pong shotput or foam javelin, plus the classics – three-legged or wheelbarrow race? Our games and activities will journey back to your school days in this energetic and fun outdoor experience, a top choice in Berkshire. Going head-to-head, try to win points at each activity to be top of the blackboard before entering the grand finale for bonus points! The top 3 teams are awarded medals and bubbly. Fully mobile, we will come to your venue of choice.

5. Charity Bike Build

In teams complete fun and skill based tasks for each piece to add to your basic bike frame, a bike needs two wheels, can you handle [bar] the pressure! Supervised and tested by our bike expert you will build a childrens bike per team ready for donation. Charity team building is an incredibly rewarding experience which achieves a great level of team bonding, coupled with the feel good factor of creating something that makes a real difference to the lives of others.

6. Bakeathon

Look and feel the part in your apron and chef’s hat as you enter the Bakeathon pop up kitchen. We’ve got the perfect recipe for a team building experience all you need to add is your enthusiasm to learn new skills and be prepared for some serious tasting! It’s a heaped tablespoon’s worth of fun for everyone!

7. Soap Box Derby

On your marks, get set, get creative! In teams, build and design pedal karts with the wackiest colours and props before racing head-to-head across our crazy course aiming for 1st place on the winners podium. The team past the chequered flag with the most points will be crowned the Soap Box Derby Champions!

8. Incognito Spy Mission 

Were you ‘Bourne’ to be a secret agent? Can you solve this ‘Mission Impossible’? Are you ready for this ‘Bond’-ing experience? A brilliant outdoor experience in Berkshire, it has all the mystery, the twists and turns, the codes, the confidential information, the team work, the deceit and the undercover agents just like a thrilling spy movie, but you’re in it! In teams, can you break the codes and reveal the enemy spy in our ranks before it’s too late?

9. Kidnap Your MD

Captivating team building event that is dramatic and shocking at first, but quickly becomes exciting with plenty of fun! Watch your MD kidnapped from a company get together leaving a ransom request. With the aid of our FBI agents, teams will become CSI or MI5 agents piecing together clues and forensics to find your MD and expose the kidnappers! A favourite indoor experience that has interactive teamwork and a variety of challenges and activities, plus dramatic opening and closing scenes of twists and turns, is your MD who they say they are?

10. GPS Treasure Hunt

The iPad is your games master, on foot and in teams, aim for each mystery location marked on screen in the map. Clues and instant pop up tasks at each location include augmented reality, photo missions and video challenges, also on the map are your opponent teams locations… creep up on them and throw a virtual custard pie for extra points! But be warned, this could quickly become a cat and mouse chase as they plot their revenge! 

Indoor Team Building Events & Activities in Berkshire

Our indoor team building events in Berkshire are perfect for large or small teams and they run all year round too, no need to wait until spring or summer. Choose from a variety of activities and themes, whether you want something competitive or relaxing, fun or challenging, we’ve got you covered (whatever the weather!). No.1 in the Top 10 team building events in Berkshire is our immersive CSI Experience, turn your teams into forensic investigators for the day and learn real forensic skills with our expert to find the murderer! A light and fluffy event, like your cake sponges, is our TV inspired Bakeathon, but don’t be fooled, it gets competitive! For more indoor team building options take a look here.

Outdoor Team Building Events & Activities in Berkshire

Give your team the motivation they need to succeed in their career with our outdoor team building events in Berkshire. Enjoying the glorious Berkshire scenery and great British weather, your team will have the opportunity to push themselves to new heights and work together to achieve common goals. All that fresh air and exercise is great for team and individual well-being. Teams can enjoy a classic School Sports Day of traditional games, 3 legged race, tug o’war, plus play time with our giant board games – Jenga, Connect 4, Twister… the list goes on! Or take part in an exciting GPS Treasure Hunt around your chosen town or city in Berkshire where teams work together to find locations and treasures, completing tasks along the way. Our outdoor team building activities are designed to promote teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, so your team will be able to work more effectively together. Soap Box Derby is a great event for this, creating team branding, designing the pedal karts, negotiating sponsorship deals and then racing around our wacky track for a podium finish! Suitable for all group sizes, your dedicated event planner will adapt any of our events to your needs and goals for a unique experience and great day out in Berkshire!

Company Away Days in Berkshire

Looking for a fun and engaging way to reward your team or boost morale and positivity? Our company away days in Berkshire offer a great way to bring employees together, adding a sense of camaraderie with a brilliant team away day! Our range of activities will suit companies and organisations of all sizes, we can go big with Company Festivals, Multi-Activity Days, Quintessentially English garden parties and many more. Corporate away days are a great way to get the team and wider company together for a combined experience.

If you haven’t chosen a venue yet, take advantage of our free venue finding service for your next or first company fun day! 

Collaborative Team Building Events & Activities in Berkshire

Experience the power of collaboration in Berkshire with our collaborative team building activities, designed to enhance effective communication, teamwork, and friendly competition. We have a wide variety of team building activities to bring your team together, giving morale a boost and strengthening bonds. Popular events in Berkshire include Masterpiece, combining individual and team talents to reveal a large artwork, do you have a hidden artist in your team? Chain Reaction is a busy activity, with teams building intricate contraptions from materials we supply, to interact with each other setting off chain reactions around the room. We encourage everyone to take part and to step out of their comfort zones, Charity Gift of the Gab is certainly one requiring confidence, planning and execution, teams negotiate and gather essential items in your chosen Berkshire town to donate to partner charities. With our dedicated event planner overseeing all the planning details, you can relax and enjoy a stress-free day of team building activities for collaboration, all in the beautiful surroundings of Berkshire.

Creative Team Building Events & Activities in Berkshire

Unleash your team’s creativity in the vibrant county of Berkshire! Our creative team events in Berkshire will inspire and engage your team, encouraging ‘out of the box’ thinking and collaboration. while providing a memorable experience. Popular in Berkshire is Masterpiece – In teams, create artworks from grid pieces, communicating with neighbouring sections to create a brilliant collaborative piece of artwork, this can be a famous painting of your choice, or even a new branding reveal! Team Masterchef, inspired by the long running TV show, teams get creative in pop up kitchens, surprising themselves with culinary delights to impress friends and family. Also a favourite in Berkshire is Rollercoaster Tycoon, a chance for your teams to design and build their very own model rollercoaster from the materials we supply, big enough to roll a ball from start to finish! With our dedicated event planner handling all the logistics, your team can focus on enjoying the fun team building events and forging strong bonds in stunning Berkshire. 

Unusual Team Building Events & Activities in Berkshire

Get ready to spice up your team building experience in Berkshire with our vibrant and extraordinary unusual team building activities. Crafted to elevate team spirit, strengthen connections, and offer a unique twist, these unusual team building ideas will undoubtedly engage your team like never before. In Berkshire, we’re all about Strictly Come Dining, a culinary adventure that transforms your team into expert chefs, enhancing cooking skills and teamwork while savouring a delightful meal. If you’re looking for an artsy escape, explore Pottery Making, an engaging time, encouraging creative ideas and character development through hands-on pottery crafting. With your team, jump onto the dance floor with our energetic Bollywood experience, or delve into the rich Maori culture with Haka Energiser. Berkshire’s unusual team building events bring a fresh and engaging approach to team bonding, promoting unity and boosting individual and team confidence.

Competitive Team Building Events & Activities in Berkshire

Are you ready to infuse your team building event in Berkshire with excitement and friendly competition? You’re in for an unforgettable experience with our diverse selection of competitive team building activities, designed to boost morale, ignite confidence, and create lasting connections among your team members. Berkshire offers a wide range of competitive team activities, including the brain teasing Escape Room, where teams must work together to search for clues and unravel a sequence of challenges to escape within a time limit. Immerse your team in the competitive and thrilling Soap Box Derby, where racing and creativity merge to create a memorable experience. Brilliant indoor competitive group activities include the engaging Under Pressure challenge, with theming and intense concentration before an exhilarating team win! A favourite in Berkshire, is our hilarious and fast paced experience, the Ultimate Quiz, offering excitement and entertainment where teams compete head to head in various popular quiz show formats. Let the competitive team building games begin in Berkshire!

Virtual Team Building Activities in Berkshire

Rev up synergy in your remote team with our virtual team building activities, designed to create memorable and effective collaboration experiences. A chance to bring your team together, boost morale and strengthen bonds. All our events are designed for large or small teams.

  • Embark on a captivating mission in Rogue Agent, where you and your team, as fresh MI5 recruits, access a top secret government portal to unravel clues and identify a rogue agent involved in international art theft, in a race against time
  • Dive into a 1920s murder mystery on the rails with our Virtual Railroad Murders, where you and your team use digital mapping and augmented reality to solve a complex crime on a continental train journey, against the ticking clock
  • Engage your team in our Virtual Team Quiz, an innovative online experience combining quizzes and interactive challenges, designed for groups of 3-4 to collaborate remotely, led by our fun and dynamic virtual host

Unleash the fun with our comprehensive catalogue of team building activities for remote teams – great for engaging your crew! Take a look at our full product list here.

Charity Team Building Activities in Berkshire

Unite your team and make a difference with our team charity events. We provide a broad spectrum of activities that blend team building with charitable giving, creating a memorable experience that benefits both your team and the community. Choosing a charity team event amplifies the value of team building, making it a powerful tool for teams of any size to foster unity and make a positive impact.

  • Sweeten the deal with our Charity Bake Off! It’s your chance to blend baking mastery with heartwarming charity, all in a day’s work of fun and teamwork
  • Join Operation Supply Drop and champion global heroes! Through teamwork and creative challenges, prepare care packages that offer support where it’s needed most
  • Our Charity Bike Build is where fun meets philanthropy! Assemble bikes through teamwork and creativity, then donate them to spread happiness and help those in need

Strengthen your team by strengthening your community! Discover the power of charity team building to forge stronger bonds and brighter futures.