Virtual Railroad Murders

Tickets and passes at the ready! You're about to onboard a journey back to the roaring 1920s to solve a murder case that's on the lines. Its down to you to catch the killer and solve the crime before your train terminates at its final destination.

1-500 people

Full Virtual Experience

Can be played around the world

Fully interactive
Flexible timings 30 mins - 2hrs

Unites teams & individuals

On this adventure we take you back in time to the 1920’s. Your challenge is to try and solve a bizarre murder on a long distance train from Paris to Constantinople. Midway from Budapest to Belgrade a body has been found. Its suspected the killers are still aboard the and must be captured before they strike again.

Using the latest interactive map technology including augmented reality, your team will become mega detectives as to try and unravel the crime. Using the digital map you must explore the carriages on the hunt for clues and evidence. You’ll also come witness statements which could reveal vital information. Keep your eyes peeled for the mystery tasks and challenges as these will also reveal intelligence to aid your investigation.

The event is a race against time as the clock is ticking. Can your team solve this hideous crime before the train reaches its final destination?

What happens on the day?

Hitting just one simple link which we email in advance, every- one will automatically enter our virtual online platform. Here you are greeted by our friendly live host who welcomes every- one, explains the rules and kick starts the fun. Working in teams of 4-6 groups will explore the train via our interactive map on the hunt for information.

There are also a number of witnesses who may hold vital clues. Liaise with them to gather intel, complete tasks, earn bonus points and start to eliminate suspects. Teams play in virtual breakout rooms with the game running on smart phones or tablets. This means you get maximum involvement, engagement and collaboration in a virtual world of fun.

The race is on to explore the carriages and find the killer. Once time is up we bring all teams together to slowly unravel what actually happened. We then reveal who cracked the case the quickest and unveil the ultimate winner.


What's included in your virtual event?

  • Professional virtual live hosts
  • Game passes for all players
  • Secure game app
  • On-site event management
  • Pre-event project management

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