Virtual Crime Detectives

Step into the shoes of the real detectives to solve this mysterious crime

1-50 people

Full virtual experience

Can be played around the world

Fully interactive
1hr 45 min experience

Unites teams & individuals

Virtual Team Building | Crime Scene Detectives

This is your chance to become the ultimate crime detectives as you’re immersed into a mysterious case where you’ll become the jury.

Your team have been summoned to help solve a new style of virtual trial.  Working with your fellow jurors you’ll have the chance to review all kinds of retrieved evidence and the chance to interview the accused.  There’s been a guilty plea for arson which is believed to have lead to the death of an innocent man.  However there’s a lot more than meets the eye with this case.  Is the accused guilty or not guilty?

The event is hosted by a professional live actor.  After the initial briefing you are thrust straight into the case where you’ll face all kinds of twists and turns as you progress through this plot twisting experience.

Virtual Crime Scene team building tape and markers

Event Benefits

  • Inspires teamwork and collaboration
  • Allows people to think freely and creatively
  • Draws out new ideas and ways of thinking
  • An innovation hub for creative lateral thinking
  • Allows people to express themselves
  • Encourages people and teams to think out the box
  • Allows people to be their natural self to show natural skills and talent
  • Encourages planning and team cohesion
  • Great for interaction
  • Fun, challenging & inclusive for all ages and abilities

What happens on your virtual event?

In advance of your event, our team will send you simple joining instructors to send to everyone taking part.  It’s as easy as one link to join your very own crime investigation.

Following introductory videos your team will breakout into smaller groups where they will review evidence, all provided by our version of the Ministry of Justice’s website.

As the jurors, you will have the chance to interview Harry Briggs who’s the main defendant through the trial.  Harry holds important information that’s not contained in the evidence files.  You’ll need to use your intuition to carefully question him.  He’s a chameleon of a character and can be tricked, befriended, coerced or even flattered.  The live actor experience makes this a really immersive experience that brings teams together in a virtual adventure way beyond what’s expected.

During the event teams get fed further communications including mysterious text messages, video clips from the victims widow and a computerised voice recording, all making you really think outside the box.  As you progress you’ll get the hint of a conspiracy, so teamwork is essential to ensure you share all the gathered information, effectively interrogate Harry, and use the additional resources like the email chain with a mysterious character and the Metropolitan Police Evidence database.

All we know for now is there’s been a fire, there’s a dead man, and a guilty plea for arson (not murder).  Your team are needed to get to the bottom of the truth and solve this mysterious crime.

Virtual Team Building Man on Zoom

What's included in your virtual event?

  • Professional live virtual host
  • Hassle free PDF packs to send to everyone taking part
  • In character ‘Sir Alex Sweetex’
  • Full event management from start to finish
  • Secure virtual platform with back-end technical team
  • Full pre event support & planning

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