You're Hired!

The Apprentice inspired virtual team building.  Have you got what it takes to survive in the boardroom?

1-50 people

Full virtual experience

Can be played around the world

Fully interactive
Flexible timings 30 mins - 2hrs

Unites teams & individuals

Virtual Team Building | You're Hired!

Do you think you and your colleagues have what it takes to beat the world’s most belligerent boss?! Based on the highly successful BBC show ‘The Apprentice’, this topical event is a brilliant way to test team work in a fun and unique virtual environment.  Our ‘Apprentices’ event has been specifically designed to test and bring out all the core business attributes in you and your group, including leadership, delegation, commercial awareness & above all, team work!

Hosted virtually by our resident Sir Alex Sweetex and his trusted advisors, teams will be set a number of business challenges. After a typical apprentice style brief, teams of 3-4 people head into virtual breakout rooms where they will have an allocated amount of time to communicate, plan, share ideas, and prepare their business case ready to present back in the virtual boardroom.

Virtual Apprentice Team Building Pointing Finger

Event Benefits

  • Inspires teamwork and collaboration
  • Allows people to think freely and creatively
  • Draws out new ideas and ways of thinking
  • An innovation hub for creative lateral thinking
  • Allows people to express themselves
  • Encourages people and teams to think out the box
  • Allows people to be their natural self to show natural skills and talent
  • Encourages planning and team cohesion
  • Great for interaction
  • Fun, challenging & inclusive for all ages and abilities
  • Links perfectly to business and high performing teams

What happens on your virtual event?

Teams will all see the results of each task from each group as they battle it out to see who will make it and be hired or fired.
We can either run the event with one single business challenge or a series of mini challenges for example:

TEAM BUILD TIME: Do you think you have the skills to plan an exciting corporate teambuilding event?

GIFT OF THE GAB: Armed with a list of items and a shoe-string budget teams will embark on a bartering mission.

SHOPPING CHANNEL SHOWDOWN: Have you ever thought QVC presenters have an easy job? Now is your chance.

ON THE BOX: You will be given just 45 minutes to make 30 second advert for your chosen product.

WORKOUT MOTIVATOR: Zumba, Military fitness and endless other fads have hit in the exercise world, what’s next?

The event is great fun, different from the norm and an ideal way for teams to come together, collaborate, interact and create
something amazing together.

Virtual Team Building The Apprentice Boardroom Chairs

What's included in your virtual event?

  • Professional live virtual host
  • Hassle free PDF packs to send to everyone taking part
  • In character ‘Sir Alex Sweetex’
  • Full event management from start to finish
  • Secure virtual platform with back-end technical team
  • Full pre event support & planning

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