Virtual Cheese & Wine Tasting

Treat your taste buds to a professionally hosted virtual wine & cheese tasting experience

1-500 people

Full Virtual Experience

Can be played around the world

Fully interactive
Flexible timings 30 mins - 2hrs

Unites teams & individuals

With posted wine and cheese packs arriving at everyones homes in advance get ready to be  entertained by our dedicated wine & cheese experts.  Especially good for virtual Christmas parties, virtual cheese and wine tasting is a lovely experience that everyone can relax with any enjoy from the comforts of their own homes.

What happens on the event?

After our live cheese and wine tasting experts have warmly welcomed everyone we open up the lovely packs everyone has received in advance.  Packs contain a wonderfully selection of wines & cheese that perfectly marry to create some amazing tasteful delights that you’ll want to involve at any future dinner party!

After a short introduction on the rich history of cheese and wine combinations guests learn about the tasting map on your tongue and a little bit of science and what the key is behind tasting cheese & wine. Our virtual wine & cheese experts will include a blue cheese, a cheddar, a soft cheese and goats cheese.  Delicious accompanients include chutneys, dried fruits, dates, apricots, olives and sourdough crackers.

We now take you an amazing journey into the amazing flavours of the different wines & cheese and how they perfectly marry in different combinations.  Our cheese & wine experts offer numerous international accolades which will challenge even the most discerning palettes. Your experience will touch on regions, old and new world wines, grapes and varieties. Our wine expert will discuss each wine with the guests with some information on the vineyard and wine producers of the wines showcased.

We offer two versions.  A standard event with a combined virtual cheese & wine expert, or a premium version hosted by an independent wine expert plus a Michelin Star trained cheese expert.

Virtual Cheese & Wine Tasting Ingredients

What's included in your virtual event

  • British artisan cheeses quality wines
  • Dried fruit  
  • Olives 
  • Napkins  
  • Crackers 
  • Chutney  
  • Event brief booklet 
  • Michelin star cheese expert 
  • Professional aga kitchen studio 
  • Live streaming with full audio visual set 
  • Virtual event parcels delivered to everyone homes
  • Uk’s award winning wine hero 

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