Stay Warm - Keep Dry

Indoor teambuilding events are ideal for the winter months where weather is a big consideration.  They can also work well as part of a meeting or conference where a quick experience is required with minimal set up and disruption.

Indoor teambuilding events such as Starburst and The Qube are extremely versatile.  They can be set up in small spaces, or the actual conference or meeting room.  These events are often run before or after any business content.  We turn the room around whilst the groups are at lunch, giving a great change and element of surprise on return.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Not all indoor teambuilding events have to strictly be held within the confines of a room.  There are plenty of very cool spaces we use on a regular basis that are under cover, but offer an impressive environment.

Indoor teambuilding events can also be run with elements of outdoor activity to get the best of both worlds.  Events such as Escape Rooms are obviously indoor activities, but challenge such as our Incognito Spy Mission, take teams out into the fresh air, but with indoor locations should the weather be poor.

Indoor team building events are becoming ever more popular.  People are moving away from the stereotypical quad biking & clay pigeon shooting, and realising that any teambuilding event needs to cater for a variety of ages and preferences.  This is where indoor events such as The Crystal Maze and our new Crime Scene Experience really come into their own.

We come to you

All of our indoor teambuilding events are full mobile.  Our team of experts will work with you to ensure we have adequate space and set up time.  Our team are professionals in making the space work, whether you organise the venue or use one of our many preferred locations.

The additional advantage with indoor events, is the fact that people don’t have to change clothes, or worry in advance about what to wear if they have to go outside.