A popular tourist city on the South Wales coast, Swansea is the second largest city in Wales. It is situated in the beautiful Gower Peninsula – the United Kingdom’s first designated ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. What better place to come and test your inner Bear Grylls? Learn to light fires, make shelter and even throw some axes in our very own Survival Island.


If that sounds a bit too much then how about experiencing years of medieval history, venturing through the City and along the famous Swansea Marina in an attempt to complete one of our amazing themed treasure hunts.

Or want to really be wild and give the office something to talk about on Monday – it’s a knockout will do just that. Giant wild costumes from fairies to chickens, make sure you have the camera ready because its probably going to be your only chance to see Dave from finance race for the team in feathers.



Top 10 Team Building Events & Activities in Swansea

1. Survival Island

Your chosen outdoor location will become your Survival Island, teams will enter our survival HQ for a briefing and inspiring real life survival stories. Once completed there are challenging scenarios to undertake as teams go head-to-head earning points for teamwork, communication and innovation to be awarded ultimate survivalists!

2. Soap Box Derby

It’s go, go, go! As teams race for a podium finish! This amazing outdoor team building day requires plenty of teamwork to earn fun money decorating and creating the best kart and team uniforms on the track, with plenty of challenges and tasks. 

3.  Casino Nights

Stick or twist? This experience is no gamble, it’s a guaranteed winner with your guests! A brilliant addition to any company dinner or get together, our beautiful professional grade tables are managed by experienced croupiers. The whole event is complimented by our fabulous theming, including red carpet for the full VIP effect, tables include Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker and Blackjack, all using fun money with prizes for the winner of the night! Our most glamorous event, enjoy the bright lights of Las Vegas in Swansea

4. Team Masterchef

Inspired by the popular TV series, our Team Masterchef indoor experience is all inclusive and suitable for all abilities. A popular choice in Swansea, teams will surprise themselves by making a range of dishes, demonstrated by our chefs. 

5. Totally Wipedout

A colourful, lively and brilliant outdoor team building activity with high energy, competition and seriously big laughs! Teams go against each other in rounds on our giant inflatable assault course, including bungee run, big red balls, washing machines and the sweeper. One of our most popular outdoor experiences, we can come to your chosen location, this is one not to miss!

6. GPS Treasure Hunt

A ridiculously engaging event that’s ever changing, taking teams on a walk around Swansea on a fun and exciting treasure hunt. Keeping their wits about them and moving from location to location, teams are guided by mapping technology on the provided iPad to mystery challenges that will appear on the screen. A popular choice, we create the trail unique to you, taking into consideration start and finish locations and any specific locations required on the route.

7. Crystal Challenge

Hands down the most popular team building event, an ideal indoor or outdoor experience to enhance your next meeting or conference. The perfect inclusive summer event, inspired by one of the UK most popular TV game shows where  participants will be put to the test competing to earn as many crystals as they can in a variety of skilled, mental, and physical Challenges. The event culminates with teams entering the coveted Inflatable Crystal Dome, hoping they have earned enough Crystal to allow them to collect as many gold tickets as they can!

8. Outdoor Adrenaline

Experience a bit of everything, our Outdoor Adrenaline event is action packed full of different challenges and events to try. There are plenty of laughs along the way with our inflatable bungee run or duck herding plus some fast adventure on quad bikes, off-road buggies or even mini tanks! It’s a day full of variety, popular in Swansea, we will come to your venue of choice.

9. Quid Games

At the start of the game, all players will be issued a player number by our guards and allocated a team number. Unlike the popular TV series, our players will work together in teams and not against each other to earn money for their piggy bank from a series of tasks and challenges. The team with the most money at the end wins. Not to worry, there’s no violence in our version!

10. Let’s Get Ready To Jungle

A truly fantastic and unique team event that sees you and your colleagues competing to survive the jungle camp – your chosen venue transformed with lights and music. Having been stranded in a remote jungle it’s up to you and your colleagues to solve a series of challenges. Can you successfully complete the bush tucker trials? Face some ultimate fears of snakes and tarantulas along the way and collect those all-important stars! After the finale will you be crowned Kings & Queens of the Jungle?

Indoor Team Building Events & Activities in Swansea

We want you to have the best time in Swansea, whether indoors or out. So enjoy team building all year round with our brilliant indoor team building events in Swansea. We have a wide choice of activities and themes to choose from that are weather busting! Perfect for large or small groups at a location of your choice. Swansea loves indoor team building, favourites include Team Masterchef, your group will rustle up great dishes to be proud of in our pop up kitchens. Transforming your venue, step into our Let’s Get Ready To Jungle for bush tucker trial madness with lighting and sound effects. 

Outdoor Team Building Events & Activities in Swansea

Let’s take team building events in Swansea outside with fresh air, nature, and plenty of fun! Your dedicated event planner will make it easy for any group size, let’s strengthen and grow those relationships! Outdoor team building activities in Swansea are a popular choice, favourites include the energetic Outdoor Adrenaline, Totally Wipedout, Soap Box Derby and Crystal Challenge. Also favourite outdoor events in Swansea are Survival Island where teams work together to complete a variety of outdoor lifesaving tasks across zones and GPS Treasure Hunt, taking your teams out and about in Swansea searching and solving clues or hunting down challenges and treasure.

Company Away Days in Swansea

Bring your employees together with a company fun day in Swansea, escaping the usual office or home office confines! Boost morale and reward your employees for their hard work and commitment with a fun-filled day of activities. Our company away days are a great way to build camaraderie and foster a positive company culture. We offer a wide range of corporate away days, from creative to active, or fun to serious! Embracing the surrounding wide open spaces of Swansea our team away days are also perfect for a large outdoor events such as Circus Themed Carnivals, Inflatable Fun and Company Festivals. 

Not got a venue sorted? Not to worry, we offer a free venue finding service to help you organise your next away day in Swansea.

Collaborative Team Building Events & Activities in Swansea

Unleash the power of collaborative working and enhance teamwork within your team with our dynamic team building activities to bring your team together. Our fun team building events are specifically designed to promote collaborative thinking and creative innovation, fostering effective communication and teamwork with plenty of fun and friendly competition. We have a wide variety of events to choose from in Swansea, including our engaging Rollercoaster Tycoon experience. Teams are tasked with designing and building model rollercoaster sections, problem-solving with neighbouring sections to get the connection just right before joining them together for an exhilarating ride of loop-the-loops and big dips! Let your teams experience the excitement of the Den of Dragons, by brainstorming ideas, researching the market, and pitching their brilliant business concepts – the emphasis is on innovation and creative thinking to win over those fire breathers! For a charitable time with your team in Swansea, Putt for a Purpose invites teams to ‘club’ together to design and build a mini golf course using a random variety of items from our shelves that will all be donated to charity, watch as your teams ‘swing’ into action for this one – the more items used, the more is donated! Our dedicated event planner will take care of all the planning, so you can enjoy a stress-free day of team building activities for collaboration in Swansea. 

Creative Team Building Events & Activities in Swansea

Get ready for a whirlwind of creativity and team building in Swansea, with our creative team events that will inspire your team’s creative and innovative thinking. A chance for your team to work together, improve communication and problem solve with ‘out of the box’ thinking. Let your teams embrace their artistic sides with the popular Masterpiece event, where teams collaborate to create abstract and random artworks that when put together in the right order will reveal the masterpiece of the day, a visual representation of their creativity and teamwork. Also a fun team building event in Swansea is the colourful and competitive Soap Box Derby, featuring high-energy team challenges, pitches for team sponsorship, and exhilarating kart racing, not forgetting that podium finish! Or why not indulge your team with the luxurious Chocolate Making experience, where your team will learn the art of chocolate making from bean to mouthwatering treats, including teamwork, creative flair and competition! With our dedicated event planner taking care of the logistics, you can focus on unleashing your team’s creativity, having fun, and building strong bonds in Swansea. 

Unusual Team Building Events & Activities in Swansea

Excite your team to find a new and different challenge or skill in your next team building day with our unusual team building activities. We have plenty of events and activities on offer in Swansea; unusual, wacky, creative, competitive and wellness inspired, there is something for everyone. We aim to provide a new way to boost team morale and strengthen connections. Unleash your team’s creativity in Swansea with Masterpiece, the original giant painting challenge that encourages your entire group to collaboratively create a magnificent work of art. Popular indoor unusual team building events in Swansea are our Culinary Games, challenge your team’s foodie skills in this exciting cooking event to foster teamwork and creative problem-solving in our pop up kitchens. Or for those who prefer intrigue and mystery, try Crime Scene Experience in Swansea, an event designed to test teamwork and strategy while adding an element of intrigue. These unusual team building ideas are all about fostering connections, unlocking hidden potentials, and boosting individual and team confidence in Swansea.

Competitive Team Building Events & Activities in Swansea

3, 2, 1, GO! There’s no better way to enhance teamwork and collaboration than with some friendly competition as motivation in our competitive team building games. Popular competitive team building activities in Swansea include our wacky inflatable assault course in Totally Wipedout, an outdoor team building event that’s full of energy and fun as teams go head-to-head on our giant inflatable assault course, including bungee run, big red balls, and slippery washing machines! In Swansea, travel back in time with the retro charm of a School Sports Day, as you’d expect we have the classics, plus giant board games like Jenga and Connect 4, plus house captains and our very own headmaster to keep teams in check! Competitive group activities also loved in Swansea is our highly competitive Soap Box Derby, a chance for teams to work together and use their creative skills before taking to our wacky race track in a pedal kart race, aiming for a podium finish! Swansea offers a wide variety of competitive team activities for everyone, elevating team morale, instilling confidence, and enhancing teamwork.

Virtual Team Building Activities in Swansea

Inject some fun into remote working with our fun virtual team building activities; they’re designed to break the ice and strengthen team bonds online. Do you have a large or small team? We can accommodate teams of all sizes. Gather your team for a great time with our virtual team building ideas, a chance to lift spirits, boost morale and enhance collaboration.

  • Indulge in a riot of fun with Virtual Master of the Tasks, where your team will face a series of hilarious and creative challenges, orchestrated by our witty host in a virtual studio designed to mimic the beloved TV show setting
  • Step into the role of detective in our Virtual Murder Mystery, exploring Cadaver Manor to solve the murder of Laura Norder, using cutting-edge technology to gather evidence and crack this high-profile case
  • Experience the joy of crafting your own Christmas wreath in our Virtual Wreath Making session, where you’ll receive a kit with essentials and learn from our expert wreath maker to create a decorative masterpiece

Discover our dynamic array of team building activities for remote teams – tailor made for energising your workforce! Take a look at our full offering of virtual team building events here.

Charity Team Building Activities in Swansea

Elevate your team building with our team building charity activities, where working together meets giving back. With activities designed for every interest, with our team building volunteering your team can enjoy a day of unity and giving. Choosing a charity team event means your team’s efforts have a lasting impact, offering a fulfilling experience for teams of any size.

  • Step up for global heroes with Operation Supply Drop! Assemble care packages through a mix of challenges, where your team’s effort contributes to a worldwide cause
  • Put your putting to the test for a good cause at Putt For a Purpose! Construct your course, compete with zeal, and conclude by donating the setup to charity, merging competition with compassion
  • Baking for a cause just got sweeter Charity Bake Off! Rally your team, grab a spatula, and create baked wonders for charity, supported by our onsite experts

Engage, enrich, excel! Our charity team building events are the perfect blend of fun, teamwork, and social responsibility.


Company Fun Days in Swansea

Reimagine corporate bonding with our corporate fun days, a blend of fun activities and team building exercises that cater to groups of any size. Choose from a variety of activities like a Corporate Summer Party or a challenging Corporate Treasure Hunt to enhance teamwork and morale.

  • Corporate Garden Party – Immerse your team in the elegance of an English garden party, complete with traditional games and competitive challenges that promise a day of fun, teamwork, and nostalgia
  • Corporate Festivals – Why settle for a regular corporate event when you can have a festival? GOTO Events crafts themed festivals, like beach parties and carnivals, to reward and rejuvenate your employees
  • Total Team Wipeout – This event is here to turn your corporate event into a festival of inflatable fun! Tackle team challenges, navigate through obstacles, and enjoy a day packed with laughter and team bonding

Discover the thrill of teamwork with our outdoor team building events and find the perfect outdoor challenge for your team.