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Given the current climate with Corona Virus, we’ve experienced a continued demand for team building, especially with so many people working from home.  With safety as the number 1 priority, our team have adapted our most popular events and activities to be fully compliant with all social distancing regulations.

Safe DistancingAll of our social distance compliant activities have been adapted in the way they work to ensure everyone can still have as much fun as possible.  The experiences maintain all the dynamics of teamwork including communication, sharing ideas, planning, lateral thinking, working towards a common goal and of course FUN!.  Each event has a new set of operation procedures which ensure that all participants are always within the 2m safe distance of each other.

Safety First – Where relevant all of our event managers and event staff wear protective masks, visors & gloves throughout the activities.  All of our equipment is regularly cleaned and sterilised, before, during and after your event.  Gloves & masks can be provided where applicable for participants.

Track & Trace – Prior to any event commencing we register the details of each and every participant for the track and trace scheme.  No personal data is stored other than for the purpose of track & trace.

No Fun Police – Fun is a critical ingredient for social distance team building.  All of our staff are upbeat and welcoming.  We’ll ensure everyone has as much fun as you would on a conventional team building activity, just within the guidelines of safety for your team and ours.

We're good to go team building

We're 'Good to Go' Certified

“We’re Good To Go” is the official UK mark to signal that a tourism and hospitality business has worked hard to follow Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines and has a process in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing.

GOTO Events are fully certified as a ‘Good to Go’ provider of team building & corporate events

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What to consider when planning a social distanced team building event

Social distanced team building is designed to allow teams and individuals to re connect in the same way as they would in a conventional team building event, with the addition of full safety provisions of social distancing.

The main things to consider when planning your event is the health and safety policies and risk assessments that are in place with the particular activity you are planning.  These risk assessments and policies should outline how every aspect of your event is held in a controlled environment and what provisions are in place to manage the group and ensure that they can take part with active social distancing.

GOTO Events are fully certified by Visit Britain as a Good to Go company.  This means we have submitted our policies which have been approved by visit Britain.

Where to hold your social distance team building experience

There are plenty of options throughout the UK & Europe where you can host a social distanced team event.  These can be in conjunction with any type of business conference or meeting, or as just a standalone socially distanced team activity.

Venues range from classic country houses, to modern cosmopolitan hotels, to state of the art conference centres.  GOTO Events work with a number of COVID compliant venues throughout the UK, all who have comprehensive polices and procedures in place for all aspects of any conference, meeting, event, accommodation and dining.

We align our policies with the venues to provide a fully integrated service to keep you and all your delegates safe throughout your entire experience from arrival to departure.

How many people can safely take part?

There’s no real limit to how many people can take part and remain socially distanced.  With all our events we divide groups into smaller teams, all of which play in a bubble, which again is social distanced.  These bubble teams rotate around the different activity zones, still in proximity to other teams to retain the interactivity and community feel, but just with distanced measures in place to keep everyone safe and controlled.

Team sizes are usually a maximum of 8 people. The activities can then handle multiple teams to accommodate any group size.  Our friendly event specialists will advise you on the best type of activity for your group size to get maximum enjoyment and entertainment.

Different types of social distance team activities & events

There are many different types of socially distanced team building events, including indoor, outdoor & evening experiences.  All of our events are careful conversions of our most popular team building events, which have been adapted to allow people to still take part, but within a safe distance of 2 metres from each other.

Some of our most popular events such as Under Pressure, bring people together to take part in a fun creative challenge where they can play as a team and also enjoy the fun competition of watching other groups and colleagues compete.  Activities such as iPad treasure hunts allow teams to get outside and explore, either around a city centre or other public areas, or within the grounds of a venue (which our team can organise alongside your meeting or conference).

No matter what team size you have, or where you’re based, simply contact our friendly event consultants who will advise on the different types of activities and events you can do.

What kind of health and safety provisions are put in place?

Health and safety is obviously the most important part of any future live event and that includes team building.  All of our socially distanced events, are, by design, built around the guidelines we receive from the government.  Considerations we take into account for delegate safety include:

  • Hand gel stations – available at multiple points
  • Disposable gloves – available for all participants
  • Masks – all our staff wear full face guards on all activity stations
  • Sterilised equipment – all of our equipment is cleaned before during and after any event
  • Social distanced zones – clearly marked out for all activities
  • Participant guidelines – briefed in advance to everyone taking part
  • Temperature checks – held in advance of the activity for all our staff
  • Challenge by choice – all activities are optional.  Nobody has to take part in anything they don’t want to.
  • Pre event checks – questionnaires / self disclaimers are requested to be completed in advance by all participants

Do we have to wear masks & gloves?

Socially distanced activities and events are held in accordance with the current guidelines from the government and the polices of the venue your event will be held at.  These guidelines may well require people to wear masks throughout the event, or during certain stages such as moving from activity to activity, or still when within 2m proximity of other people.

Our team will advise you as to the current requirements for your preferred activity and the status and rules provided by the government.

How is social distance team building different to normal team building?

The core differences between a socially distanced and normal team building event is the proximity of people to each other and the health and safety requirements that apply to our staff, the activity equipment, team building environment, and everyone taking part.

We have adapted a selection of our events to become socially distance compliant, but still retained all the fun and positivity of a normal team building experience.  The events still represent the core values of team building including:

  • Interacting
  • Networking
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing ideas and information
  • Expressing skills and talents
  • The feeling of inclusions, teamwork and success
  • Lateral thinking
  • Creativity & innovation
  • Reinforcing the power of teams working towards a common goal

What do I have to consider in advance as the organiser?

We understand and appreciate that organising a team event during Covid restrictions can be a daunting and scary thought for any organiser.  The main things you need to consider are the venue / location, type of event you wish to take part in, how people will be able to play in a safe environment, how extra elements such as catering and refreshments work, and of course ensuring all parties have the relevant policies in place for all aspects of Covid.  Our team will work with you, to include the planning of the venue, any type of conference or meeting and catering to give you all the information, guidance and support you need to ensure this isn’t a daunting task.  Social distance teambuilding needed be a hassle.  We’re the experts and will create the right event at the right location for your entire team.