Suspense and mystery is on the menu.  Can you work out 'who dunnit'?

10 - 1000 people

Fun competition

UK wide

Ideal for mixed groups
Team development

Bonding & networking

Murder Mystery

Are you prepared for the biggest night of the year, night of intrigue and thrills with our gripping Murder mystery event, a brilliant option for team building or a fun corporate event.

The evening begins with you and your guests having their first chance to meet either larger than life characters, your colleagues taking on these roles as themselves.

During dinner, the characters sit at the tables and fully interact throughout the courses, with back-stories and tangled pasts included to keep you guessing.

Then suddenly, and without any warning, the peace is shattered as our detective host bursts in to announce one of the guests has been murdered. It is now down to you and your guests to help solve the case and find the murdered in your midst.

What's Included

  • Themed Host  
  • Additional Staff / Actors 
  • All Props & Paperwork 
  • Character Costumes   
  • Medals Ceremony

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Murder Mystery
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“Absolutely brilliant experience with GOTO events, all team was delighted with the 2 activities we booked (Murder Mystery and Escape Room). I would highly recommend GOTO Events.”