Cornwall offers endless opportunities for team building and corporate events.  The stunning coastline offers dramatic scenery with all manner of hidden jem venues that will always guarantee your team an experience to remember.

Often perceived as a holiday destination, Cornwall can also offer you something different.  Whether it’s a retreat for your team in an exclusive country cottage, coasteering off the cliffs of Newquay, or a more traditional team building event in one of Cornwall’s many amazing hotels.


GOTO Events host many events across the county in areas including St Ives, Bude, Padstow, Plymouth and St Austell.  Some of our most popular events include the almighty Crystal Challenge, or test your team skills with our Escape Rooms.  Heading outdoors Teamopoly, Games of the Throne, and It’s a Knockout are strong favourites.

For free and friendly advise on your next team building event in Cornwall simply give our team a call on 0207 118 4115.



Top 10 Team Building Events & Activities in Cornwall

1. Under Pressure

Test your nerves of steel as you enter an arena of fun head-to-head team challenges. Teams enter a fully themed game zone, loaded with multiple tasks that will have you on the edge of your seat, then screaming with encouragement and celebration.

2. Ultimate Quiz

We bring the full experience with music, screens and of course the Ultimate Quiz buzzers! A great inclusive day or night, with exciting and familiar rounds including Catchphrase, League of their Own, Pointless, Real or No Real and Million Pound Drop, as teams go head-to-head to be the Ultimate Quiz Champions!

3.  Wall Street Winners

This is your chance to be a Wall Street Winner. Buy, sell, build and making loads of cash is the aim of the day! In teams, purchase building materials from your profits to construct a corporate tower to sell for even more bucks!

4. Master of the Tasks

Are you ready? With the opening of the famous wax sealed envelope, teams will burst into action to take on the hilarious tasks and scoring per round with a running leaderboard. There’s absolutely something for everyone, with the name of the game being good old-fashioned fun. Fully mobile, we will come to a venue of your choice.

5. Casino Nights

The perfect team morale booster, offering a unique Casino Night experience, with professional grade casino tables, croupiers, poker chips and even a red carpet to make your team feel like the VIP’s they are! 

6. Teamopoly

In teams – the giant iron, wheelbarrow, car and top hat – take on the giant Teamopoly board, based on the hugely popular board game. Your host for the day, Mr. Monopoly has plenty of captivating team challenges, each designed to strengthen the core team dynamic, whilst promising a fun and engaging day for all.

7. Escape Room

Our escape rooms are built to challenge you and your team to think creatively and innovatively to beat the clock and get free. A favourite in Cornwall, we are fully mobile and can come to a venue of your choice.

8. Challenge 100

If you’re looking for an all inclusive, something for everyone team building event then Challenge 100 is the one for you. It offers over 100 tasks, challenges and games in 5 amazing themed zones. It’s one of our most popular events in Cornwall.

9. Crystal Challenge

In teams you will go head-to-head travelling through 4 zones and 8 activities trying to win those important crystals before heading to the largest Inflatable Crystal Dome Finale. All activities are team games so it’s great for working together and bringing different skill sets to become victorious.

10. Archery & Duck Herding

‘Come-Bye’! This one might have your team in circles as they attempt to herd ducks against the clock, surprising themselves with success! A popular choice in Cornwall it’s a laugh a minute and great fun for all, followed by traditional longbow target shooting, the team with the highest score at the end of the day wins. Disclaimer, longbows are used to shoot at a circle target, worryingly also called a ‘boss’!

Indoor Team Building Events & Activities in Cornwall

Come and play at a fun and exciting indoor experience in Cornwall, unfortunately we can’t always team build at the beach! Our indoor team building activities in Cornwall can take place all year round, whatever the weather! Challenging, hilarious at times, competitive and inclusive, we have something for all, large or small groups and can take place at your chosen venue. Cornwall loves indoor team building, Ultimate Quiz, Under Pressure and Master of the Tasks, Challenge 100 and Wall Street Winners are all favourites in Cornwall. We guarantee we have an event for you that will be a winner with your team and deliver results.

Outdoor Team Building Events & Activities in Cornwall

Take your team’s motivation to the next level with our outdoor team building events in Cornwall. By getting outside and experiencing the natural world, your team will feel re-energised and ready to tackle any challenge. Whether it’s a team or individual task in TV inspired Crystal Challenge to collect crystals and golden tickets, or whistling and shouting commands at a sheep dog to focusing in on skill in Archery & Duck Herding. Our outdoor team building activities in Cornwall are designed to promote collaboration and teamwork, while having a blast and enjoying the beautiful Cornish surroundings – with giant board pieces, Chance Cards, Jail and Mr Monopoly in our Teamopoly event. We have something for everyone, and all group sizes, with your dedicated event planner making sure all the details and objectives are just right.

Company Away Days in Cornwall

Looking to escape the office and enjoy a day of fun and relaxation with your team? Our corporate away days in Cornwall are the perfect solution for this and to treat your team for their hard work, boost morale and bond teams! Add a touch of summer to your team away day with a Company Festival, Family Fun Day or our Quintessentially English garden party. Or go wild with a Totally Wipedout obstacle course, Outdoor Adrenaline or Bear Grylls Survival experience. We’ve got the perfect company away day activity to suit your needs, and our events can go super big too!

If you haven’t chosen a venue yet, take advantage of our free venue finding service for your next or first company fun day! 

Collaborative Team Building Events & Activities in Cornwall

Immerse your team in team building activities for collaboration in Cornwall, where effective communication, teamwork, and friendly competition thrive. Engage in challenges carefully designed to bring your team together, ignite their creative synergy, and boost morale. Popular choices include Charity Bike Build, earning fun money by completing team challenges to purchase materials and building bikes together for children’s charities. Can your team take on Sir Alex Sweetex in our very own Apprentices, your teams will battle it out in business challenges that test leadership, delegation, and teamwork. Operation Supply Drop involves teams creating care packages to distribute to local heroes, plus design and test model parachutes to transport your care packages! With our dedicated event planner handling all the planning, you can relax and enjoy a stress-free day of collaborative team building, boosting morale, and encouraging your team to think outside the box in beautiful Cornwall.

Creative Team Building Events & Activities in Cornwall

Immerse your team in a perfect blend of creativity and coastal beauty in Cornwall! Our creative team building events in Cornwall will inspire your team while enjoying the stunning surroundings. With many fun team building events to choose from, popular choices in Cornwall include Masterpiece, a chance for your teams to collaborate on artworks and demonstrate their creative flair on grid pieces before unveiling the bigger picture. Step into the world of mixology in Cocktail Making, your teams will learn the art and skill of creating delicious cocktails while having a blast with your teammates. Always a sweet tooth in Cornwall, indulgent your teams in our luxury Chocolate Making event, learning the art of a chocolatier, from bean to delicious treats. With our event planner taking care of the logistics, you can focus on enjoying the creative team events and strengthening bonds within your team. Get ready for a day of creativity, laughter, and breathtaking views in beautiful Cornwall.

Unusual Team Building Events & Activities in Cornwall

In stunning Cornwall, we offer a refreshing take on team building with an array of extraordinary and unusual team building activities. With your team dive into the competitive spirit of Teamopoly, where the classic board game becomes life size, challenging your team’s strategic thinking and negotiation skills, includes giant board pieces, and even a jail! Popular unusual team building events in Cornwall and for those looking to explore their artistic side, Mindfulness Painting provides a calming and creative experience, allowing teams to unwind and practise mindfulness while encouraging their inner artists to shine. For more wellness inspired events, a favourite in Cornwall is our Bubble Workshop, ranging from bubble wrap yoga to life-sized bubble displays, creating a delightful fusion of relaxation and team bonding. Our unusual team building ideas in Cornwall offer a fresh and invigorating approach to team bonding, leaving your team feeling re-energized and deeply connected amidst the stunning backdrop of this coastal paradise.

Competitive Team Building Events & Activities in Cornwall

If you’re seeking to elevate team morale, instil confidence, and foster team unity in Cornwall, our competitive team building activities are the ideal choice! Competitive group activities in Cornwall encompass thrilling adventures, such as the hilarious escapades of the It’s A Knockout challenge, with a series of wacky relay races, inflatable challenges, and foam-filled competitions, guaranteeing laughter and entertainment. If your team love a pub quiz in Cornwall, the Ultimate Quiz is a fantastic option, offering a variety of popular quiz show formats to test your team’s knowledge. Or fully immerse your team in the thrilling world of Wall Street Winners, where teams play the markets, buying and selling shares to assemble the tallest corporate tower. These competitive team activities serve to boost team morale, enhance confidence, and create lasting connections among your team members. Cornwall is the perfect backdrop to ignite the spirit of competition with competitive team building games!

Virtual Team Building Activities in Cornwall

Revitalise your remote team dynamics with our virtual team activities, tailored to enhance collaboration and inject a burst of energy into every workday. An opportunity to bring your team together with our fun virtual team building activities, here are a few examples:

  • Live out your spy fantasies in our Virtual Spy Academy, where initial training levels lead to an exhilarating mission to track down an elusive killer, testing your team’s collaborative skills and speed
  • Virtual Around the World invites your team on an unforgettable virtual expedition across 22 countries, engaging in tasks like martial arts in China and landmark explorations, with the goal of securing the most Travel Credits in the allotted time to be the winning team
  • Join the gripping Virtual Murder Mystery at Cadaver Manor, where you and your team investigate the death of our fictional character,Laura Norder, using augmented reality, piecing together evidence from witness statements and interactive challenges to unveil the murderer

Get your team buzzing with our entertaining range of team building activities for remote teams – browse our complete product list here.

Charity Team Building Activities in Cornwall

Imagine a team building experience that not only strengthens your team but also benefits the community. Our diverse range of team building charity activities makes this possible, offering something unique for every team. Choosing one of our charity team events means your team’s efforts contribute directly to those in need, making every moment count. Tailored for both large and small teams, we guarantee an unforgettable experience for everyone.

  • Putt For a Purpose transforms mini golf into a team building treasure! Compete in creating and playing your course, then donate it to charity, linking fun with philanthropy
  • Sweeten the deal with GOTO Events’ Charity Bake Off! It’s your chance to blend baking mastery with heartwarming charity, all in a day’s work of fun and teamwork
  • Charity Gift of the Gab, a test of negotiation and a triumph of giving. GOTO Events calls on you to secure donations for those in need, in a spirited UK-wide campaign

Bonding for a better tomorrow! Discover the joy of charity team building and make your next team event unforgettable.