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Top 4 Indoor Team Building Events for 2024

Indoor team building events are ideal for the winter months where the weather is a big consideration. They can also work well as part of a meeting or conference where a quick experience is required with minimal setup and disruption.

Indoor team building events such as Masterpiece and Under Pressure are extremely versatile. They can be set up in small spaces, or the actual conference or meeting room. These events are often run before or after any business content. We turn the room around whilst the groups are at lunch, giving a great change and element of surprise on return. We offer over 100 unique experiences and events including:

1. Under Pressure

One of our most popular team-building events for 2024, packed full of head-to-head challenges that will not only test your teams’ skills but also your nerves. Our Under Pressure event works for small and large teams that are looking for something different.

2. Quid Games

This team building activity will test communication, problem-solving, creative thinking, and patience. Quid Games will see teams working together instead of against each other in a selection of children’s inspired games

3. Charity Bike Build

Our Charity Bike Build offers something different to participants by combining both the enjoyment of team building, along with increasing your social responsibility within the community by making a genuine difference to the lives of young people.

4. Everest Challenge

This event simulates the challenges endured to achieve such a feat of amazement as we take you on a journey of a mountaineer to see if you have what it takes to reach the peak. Your teams’ task will be to work through your Everest expedition over several stages including fundraising, planning, problem-solving, team selection, logistics, and dealing with medical, high altitude emergencies.

Top 4 Virtual Team Building Events for 2024

Virtual events can still be held in conjunction with live events or worked as a hybrid experience with people in different locations. Having delivered over 2,000+ virtual events since the first lockdown, we have the right event to suit any group.

All activities are hosted by live compere’s who guarantee you a hassle-free, upbeat, enjoyable experience where you’ll get 100% engagement and interaction. Take on our amazing escape rooms, try your luck at horse racing, or see if you can solve our intriguing murder mystery! We offer over 100 unique experiences and events including:

1. Virtual Master of the Tasks

Presented virtually, all games are designed to be completed by using items in your house but you need to think outside the box and be creative to impress the Task Master. The games come in all shapes and sizes and are only revealed when our compere/host who plays the role of the Master of Tasks opens each task’s golden envelope.

2. Virtual Escape Room 

An amazing remote team-building experience where small groups work in unison to decipher all kinds of clues riddles and challenges to escape the virtual room. It’s a tense head-to-head experience against the clock, where teams have to share ideas and answers to progress and avoid getting locked in.

3. Murder Mystery

A great virtual event to get your teeth into in 2024. You have been brought in to investigate a murder that has happened at Cadaver Manor. You and your team will need to unlock key evidence such as interviews from suspects and examining witness statements. Using augmented reality and image recognition technology, will you be able to solve the murder?

4. Virtual Cocktail Making

Guided by our virtual mixologists, they will demonstrate before you try some very cool techniques virtually on how to mix and flair some very tasty cocktails or mocktails. In advance, guests will receive a pre-event pack including all the ingredients they will need to create their cocktail selection.

Top 4 Outdoor Team Building Events for 2024

Outdoor team building events are the ideal way to get your people outside in the fresh air. They can let their hair down, relax and have some serious fun.

Getting out of the office can make a huge difference to team motivation and morale. Outdoor team building events bring out a great level of energy and enthusiasm, which is always migrated back to the workplace. There isn’t much that beats team spirit other than getting out in the fresh air and enjoying yourselves with colleagues, especially when the sun’s out! We offer over 100 unique experiences and events including:

1. Crystal Challenge

This is one of our most popular outdoor events and experience. Hosted by our energetic host, in teams, you will have to compete in a mix of activities dashing between Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic zones, to win those important crystals and seconds in the final dome.

2. Soap Box Derby

Soap Box Derby is a hilarious activity that brings out the best in people. This is our very own, slightly tamed-down version of the race hosted by Redbull, seeing teams plan, design, and build the ultimate wacky racer. There are several heats all based around teams’ creativity and innovation.

3. Country Sports

Country sports are an ideal way to get outside in the fresh air with a range of activities that provide something for everyone. Historically country sports team building used to be all about the classic hunting, shooting, fishing activities, but a lot has changed! Nowadays it’s more about modern-day fun, with head-to-head activities and experiences designed for mixed teams of all ages and sizes.

4. Survival Island

Your team has been stranded on a remote island with no signs of civilisation. All you have is what you have scavenged from the beach. Using your initiatives and the skills we’re about to teach you, can you take on and survive ‘The Island’? Each survival task is designed to involve every team member. Using what nature has to offer, teams must draw upon resourcefulness and ingenuity, whilst applying the core skills of teamwork.

Top 4 Conference Team Building Events for 2024

Conference energisers are a simple way to inject some energy into your conference or meetings. The purpose of these events is to, quite literally, to energise and move people from a state of disengagement to engaged.

Conference energisers can vary in time from 10 minutes to an hour. They provide engagement, entertainment and stimulation at a chosen time in a meeting, notably the start of the day, after lunch or midway through. We offer over 100 unique experiences and events including:

1. Boomwhackers

Boomwhacker Workshops are the ideal conference energiser and are an exciting and action-packed ice breaker for any corporate event or business meeting. The Boomwhacker challenge is a fast-paced musical activity that breathes excitement into your event; motivating and transforming your delegates to sound instantly united, reinforcing your key corporate messages.

2. Haka Energiser

Probably known best as the pre-match performance by The All Blacks New Zealand Rugby Union Team,the HAKA is a historical tribal dance by the Maori People of New Zealand. Led by your HAKA leader, you and your team will perform in your very own awe inspiring and engaging tribal dance to energise and motivate your team or simply add another dimension to your corporate day.

3. Yoga Energiser

Yoga Team Building is based on engaging and interacting with the people around us. The activity involves stretching, relaxing, and laughing together in order to provide a fun atmosphere, a perfect addition to your next conference. Providing the opportunity to have a different type of conference energiser event, our Yoga Team Build brings everyone together to build trust and have fun!

4. Junk Funk

Transform your team into a high-energy orchestra, using nothing more than everyday junk. Our Junk Funk team will show you the melody, the tone, and the rhythms before it’s over to you to turn. This fun activity combines rhythm, movement, and great team spirit. No musical ability is needed, just a willingness to trust your facilitators and colleagues, and to try something new.

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