London Company Away Day Ideas 2024

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Corporate away days in London are popular among organisations that want to give their staff a fun and uplifting experience, away from the office, where they can relax and enjoy themselves amongst colleagues.

Alongside the classic Christmas party, summer is the ideal time when companies want to entertain and thank their staff. It’s a chance to get everyone out of the office into the sunshine, enjoying a few drinks, some good food and some well-deserved fun.

GOTO Events can help with your company away day

We specialise in team building activities and work away days in London. We also partner with an extensive portfolio of London venues, both indoor and outdoor, so we can help you find the perfect venue in the capital, at no extra cost.

Top 10 Company Away Day Ideas in London for 2024

1. Incognito Spy Academy

  • Type: Active
  • Activities: Treasure hunt challenges
  • Group size: 10 – 1000
  • Location: Various outdoor and indoor location in Centre London

Explore London on a covert mission as you and your team become undercover agents tasked with a high-profile mission. Each team will be equipped with their own iPad, pre-loaded with an interactive GPS map. The map will take teams on a journey around some of London’s most famous sights, as well as some underground locations where you might come across a shady character or two!

The Incognito Spy Academy offers a fully customisable work away day in London that can seamlessly adapt to any group size, whether for a half-day or a full-day session. Enquire now for a free bespoke quote.

people participating in GPS treasure hunt for team building

2. The Crystal Challenge

  • Type: Active
  • Activities: Skill and physical tasks
  • Group size: 10 – 1000
  • Location: At the outdoor or indoor location of your choice

The Crystal Team Challenge is an energetic and entertaining company away day activity, extremely beloved by teams in London. This event caters to all, featuring a blend of physical and mental challenges that will ignite the competitive fire in everyone.

Explore the myriad of fun team activities in the Aztec, Medieval, Futuristic and Industrial zones. Embark on an exhilarating journey through each zone, where your team will engage in fast-paced games to earn those legendary crystals. And for the grand finale, step into the amazing giant crystal dome, where you will convert the hard-earned crystals into time. Start the fans, please!

Suitable for teams of all sizes, from 10 to 1000, The Crystal Team Challenge is ideal as an outdoor activity but can be also held indoors. All the event materials are fully mobile so we can travel to any location in or around London. Get in touch today to find out more.

women in Crystal Team Challenge dome catching tickets inside the Dome around other contestants

3. Black Cab Treasure Hunt

  • Type: Active
  • Activities: Treasure hunt challenges
  • Group size: 5 – 500
  • Location: Various outdoor and indoor location in Centre London

Experience an unparalleled corporate away day in London with the Black Cab Treasure Hunt. This exclusive adventure provides your team with a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of the City while bonding and having a blast.

There’s no one who knows London and all its hidden secrets like a black cab driver. In teams of 5, you will be assigned to a black cab and its driver. Using the clues provided and the wisdom from your taxi driver, you’ll visit a series of unique locations in the City. There, on solid ground, you’ll tackle all kinds of captivating challenges. At the end of the day, all teams set their sights on the grand finale – a mysterious location where a refreshing beer or two awaits.

To find out more and get a free bespoke quote, get in touch with our friendly team.

London black cab treasure hunt

4. It’s a Knockout

  • Type: Active
  • Activities: Physical challenges and brain teasers
  • Group size: 10 – 1000
  • Location: At the outdoor location of your choice

It’s big, it’s bright, it’s colourful and it’s crazy! It’s a Knockout is the ultimate work away day for companies looking for an active and light-hearted team building event! The activities can be tailored for either a half day or full day filled to the brim with inflatable fun. Picture giant assault courses, slippery slides, giant inflatable washing machines and gladiator joust.

Perfect for any form of corporate away day in the City, teams rotate around a variety of energetic and exciting games in a fun competition. Sure, there’s medals for the winning teams, but everyone will be treated to hearty laughter and a well-deserved break.

Enquire now about this hilarious team building event.

People having fun while competing in team building competition on inflatable course

5. Soap Box Derby

  • Type: Active and creative
  • Activities: Skill challenges and brain teasers
  • Group size: 10 – 1000
  • Location: At the outdoor location of your choice

Soap Box Derby provides the perfect blend of physical, creative skill and competition in a unique company away day that London will love! With a dedicated pit zone for each team, participants are challenged to plan, design and build their own soap box derby cars that not only look good but are functional and safe!

The first challenge is to complete a number of racing-themed tasks to earn your stripes and sponsorship money. Now the Soap Box Derby fun really begins as the parts and materials workshop opens. Each team will decorate their own pedal-powered kart, dress their driver and race in the speed heats along the crazy course.

Get in touch to find out more about Soap Box Derby outdoor team building event.

funny race on colourful carts during outdoor team building event

6. Quintessentially English

  • Type: Relaxed sports
  • Activities: Physical
  • Group size: 10 – 1000
  • Location: At the outdoor location of your choice

Looking for a more inclusive and relaxed corporate away day idea? Quintessentially English is a flexible event that allows participants to dip in and out of their favourite activities at their own pace. Perfect for corporate summer parties in London, this event is filled with classic English garden games such as rounders, croquet, boules, quoits, badminton, swingable, volleyball and more!

Guaranteed to make your team feel nostalgic and encourage active engagement, this event strike the perfect balance, allowing teams to relax, bond and keep entertained.

Get a free quote in less than 45 minutes for this event!

Team Building Croquet in Quintessentially English team away day event

7. Totally Wipedout

  • Type: Active
  • Activities: Physical challenges and brain teasers
  • Group size: 10 – 1000
  • Location: At the outdoor location of your choice

The inflatable bonanza for any work away day, Totally Wipedout will leave your audience stunned from the moment they enter the venue. Perfect for summer events, your outdoor London venue will be transformed into a vibrant playground filled with giant inflatables that will awaken the inner child in everyone!

Experience the hilarious inflatable courses, the slippery slides, the mega sweeper arm and the giant red balls in the insanely fun Totally Wipedout!

Enquire now to get a free bespoke quote full of similar corporate away day ideas.

People laughing in inflatable team building event held outdoors in the summer

8. Teamopoly

  • Type: Active and strategic
  • Activities: Giant board game
  • Group size: 10 – 1000
  • Location: At the outdoor location of your choice

Teamopoly is a giant life-size version of the famous board game, ideal as a team building away day activity for smaller outdoor or indoor venues in London. This interactive game will have everyone engaged and addicted from the outset!

Just before stepping onto the giant board, teams will encounter a series of fun challenges and tasks to earn money. After they’ve earned enough cash for their bank, it’s time to face the odds at the Teamopoly board. As the state of play changes, teams earn more money to build their empire. But be careful, if you land on Mayfair with 4 hotels, you will pay a massive fine!

The event comes complete with a real-life jail, giant playing pieces and a very smartly dressed Mr. Monopoly. Enquire now about this event to add a fun experience into your corporate away day.

Teamopoly indoor team building activity giant monopoly on grass

9. Spy School treasure hunt

  • Type: Active
  • Activities: Treasure hunt challenges
  • Group size: 5 – 500
  • Location: Various outdoor and indoor location in Centre London

Spy School is an adrenaline-filled spy-themed treasure hunt experience around London, ideal if you’re looking for a team building away day with that wow factor! Teams will be challenged with finding a series of mystery locations in London and gather clues as they progress towards the riverside. Once they find the right marina, they’ll be catapulted into a thrilling high-speed powerboat experience on the River Thames passing the famous MI5 building where you’ll need to collect some water-based intel.

Suitable for both small and large groups, up to 1000 people, Spy School offer an action-packed experience that your team will never forget. Get in touch today to find out more.

Rogue Agent Virtual

10. School Sports Day

  • Type: Sports
  • Activities: Physical
  • Group size: 10 – 1000
  • Location: At the outdoor location of your choice

School Sports Day will be a blast from the past into your corporate away day! This team building event will bring out the inner child in everyone as they get stuck into a series of beloved sport activities.

All the games are exactly how you remember with some fun twists added here and there – pure fun and competitive sporting activities with the aim of winning medals, prizes and pride. Games include: Mental Maths, Wacky World, Field Trip, Ping Pong Shotput, Foam Javelin, Tug o’War, Giant Connect 4, Giant Jenga, Twister, Snakes and Ladders, Sports Day Races.

If you’re planning a School Sports Day in London, get in touch to talk to one of our expert event managers.

people sitting on green space hoppers for school sports day team building event outdoors

Planning  a company away day in London?

We know that every event is different and we will help you create the best event to suit your team and requirements with fully mobile events and free venue finding. Our expert team can talk you through different ideas and options available.

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What are company away days?

Company away days aim to take staff away from the typical work environment and encourage involvement and interaction in a fun and sometimes unconventional way. Some company away days link to wider company initiatives, others are planned to thank staff for their contributions and for some good old-fashioned fun!

Why host a corporate away day in London?

Hosting a corporate away day in London offers access to world-class venues and facilities and gives your team the chance to explore iconic landmarks in the City. London has convenient transportation links so your corporate away day event will be easy to access. Also, hosting an event in London could enhance your reputation and company image.

What is the secret behind a successful team away day?

Whether you’re planning a departmental away day or an event for the entire company, fun should be the main ingredient into your team away day. Why? Because fun is the catalyst to motivation and there’s no better way to blow the cobwebs away than a team away day in London.

Where should I host a team building away day in London?

Location and environment play a key role in the overall atmosphere of your team building away day. GOTO Events have 100s of venues across London including amazing outdoor gardens, eco-friendly hotels, sports stadiums, high-tech venues, warehouses and famous locations such as the original Dragons Den building and a murder mystery starting from the Krays Blind Beggar pub. London corporate away days can be as bespoke as you want them. From leaving work at lunchtime for an afternoon of fun, to a full day of activities in a special location within walking distance of your office.

What are the benefits of corporate away days?

A corporate away day is the perfect way to thank your staff and boost morale. With an all-inclusive off-site event, in a unique London venue, amazing food, plenty of drinks and all forms of entertainment to suit all tastes, corporate away days will give everyone something to talk about for years! Corporate or company away days in London are all about fun and entertainment. All of our team building events are designed to the broader audience and promote huge levels of inclusion, team spirit, uplift and camaraderie.

How to plan a London company away day?

There are many details to consider when organising a company away day. Once you have your purpose and an idea of guest numbers, you need to start the planning stage by considering the date, location and venue, catering and activities or entertainment. GOTO Events can help you with many aspects of your away day, from venue finding to team building activities and entertainment.

How can GOTO Events help with your corporate away day in London?

Here at GOTO Events, we’re experts in delivering corporate away days and team building events in London, so you can comfortably leave all the logistics to us. On the day of the event, you will be assigned an on-site Event Manager who will be the main lead on the day and will manage everything from the setup right through to the departure of the last guest. We are here to help you create, build and deliver the best company away day in London.

What are different types of London company away days?

There are many different types of company away days in London. They can often be combined with business sessions or rolled into evening events and summer parties. Here are some examples: conferences and meetings, summer away days, corporate fun days, family fun days, team building events, company parties.