Top 9 Insanely Fun Company Sports Day Activities

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A company sports day offers a welcome break from the daily office life, especially during the inviting summer sunshine. But the typical sports day with the standard egg-and-spoon and sack races are not everyone’s cup of tea. This summer, think outside the box and re-imagine your company sports day with exciting activities that you employees will look forward to every year.

At GOTO Events, we specialise in unforgettable outdoor team building activities. Here are our top 9 insanely fun and unique corporate sports events, packed with silly challenge, movement, laughter and team spirit.

9 Insanely Fun Sport Team Building Ideas

1. The Gladiator

Contenders, ready! Gladiators, ready! Loosely inspired by the popular TV show, The Gladiator is an action-packed, sports-based outdoor team building activity. With oversized inflatable sport equipment, the perfect blend of physical and mental challenges, and an enthusiastic host to amp up the mood, The Gladiator will really take your company sports day to the next level!

Divided in Gladiators and Contenders, teams go head-to-head in a series of insanely fun, competitive challenges such as:

  • Bungee Run – Channel your inner superhero and swing the huge inflatable ball to knock your opponent off their podium.
  • Assault Course – Racing against the clock, retrieve the puzzle pieces along the wild obstacle course and complete the puzzle to claim your victory.
  • The Eliminator – With your trusted weapon – the padded pugil stick – joust on the bouncy arena aiming to knock your opponent off.

The Gladiator is perfect for teams that want to get active during a corporate fun day. It can also be integrated into a corporate summer party or team away day, adding a dose of energy and friendly competition to any business content agenda.

For a bespoke proposal tailored to your needs, send us an easy enquiry and one of our event managers will be in touch!

two people competing in gladiator challenge in company sports day

2. Olympic Sports Day

Bring the Olympic spirit to your company sports day! This sport team building activity is designed to ignite team spirit and friendly competition and bring out the best in everyone participating. With the perfect blend of serious and fun sports day activities, you can tailor this event to suit your group’s preferences. Olympic-inspired team building activities include:

  • Team Flag Creation – Collaborate and create the perfect team flag that proudly symbolises your team’s unique identity.
  • Inflatable Sumo – Put on your hilarious inflatable sumo suit and step into the arena where a side-splitting battle awaits.
  • Human Caterpillars – Work together to move the human caterpillar forward in a hilarious race of coordination and teamwork.
  • Human Table Football – Replace the plastic players in the giant inflatable table football and score the goals to make your team victorious.
  • Inflatable Volleyball – On the giant inflatable court, prepare for epic dives in a hilarious game against the opposing team.

The day culminates in an epic awards ceremony! Sure, shiny medals await the podium teams, but everyone gets a standing ovation for their epic effort and team spirit.

Get in touch to enquire about the Olympic Sports Day team building and find out how you can personalise this event for your group!

Teams playing human football table on company sports day event

3. It’s a Knockout

If you’re looking for silly sports day ideas, look no further than It’s a Knockout. One of the most popular outdoor team building in the UK, It’s a Knockout includes high-energy challenges such as wacky relay races, slippery slides and giant inflatable courses.

Sport team building games include:

  • Giant Inflatable Assault Course
  • Inflatable Wet Wall
  • Gladiator Joust
  • Punchwall
  • Giant Team Ski
  • Sweeper Arm
  • Bungee Madness
  • Horsy Hoppers
  • Inflatable Giant Washing Machines
  • Human Table Football
  • Big Red Balls

It’s a Knockout is complete with an enthusiastic host who will keep everyone on the edge of their seats with rolling score updates, energetic music to pump up the crowd, hilarious costumes that will provoke giggles and of course, a thrilling ceremony with bubbly for the winning team. So ditch the seriousness at the office and get ready to get messy and silly!

Depending on your preference, we have a selection of sports day games so you can create the best event package for your team. Get in touch today to speak to one of our event managers.

People having fun while competing in team building competition on inflatable course

4. The Crystal Team Challenge

Testing both physical skills and mental agility, The Crystal Team Challenge is packed with silly games that will have your team in stitches of laughter. Teams will compete against each other in a series of exciting tasks, over four zones:

  • Aztec
  • Futuristic
  • Industrial
  • Medieval

Each task is an opportunity for teams to earn crystals. Beat the other teams within the allocated time to claim a large crystal. At the end of the challenges, the crystals are tallied up. But the fun is not over yet!

Get ready for the grand finale! Step into the giant inflatable Dome and unleash your energy in the thrilling Cash Grabber challenge. Inside the Dome, teams take turn attempting to catch as many gold tickers as possible. But beware, catch any silver ones and points will be deducted from your overall total!

You’re also in a race against the clock! Here’s where those hard-earned crystals become crucial. Each crystal adds one second to the time you can spend in the Dome. And for those with large crystals, lucy you! Each one is worth 5 seconds!

With physical challenges to encourage movement, brain-teasing puzzles to improve problems solving skills, and an abundance of team spirit, The Crystal Team Challenge will transform your company sports day into a unique and fun experience! Get a bespoke proposal in less than 45 minutes!

People trying to catch tickets in cash grabber challenge in outdoor summer company event

5. Soap Box Derby

What could be more hilarious than dressing up as Dick Dastardly while racing against your boss, elegantly dressed as Penelope Pitstop, all aboard carts meticulously constructed and designed by your very own teams?

A corporate sports day like no other, Soap Box Derby will awaken the competitive spirit within everyone involved. In teams, participants have to plan, design and build their ultimate wacky race carts. Building a fast cart is essential but speed alone won’t make you victorious. Use your creativity to create a unique design with decorations that will turn all the heads.

After passing the MOT test, dress up your racer and drive down the parade lap, showing off your inventions. Finally, take your position at the starting line and get ready to compete in the head-to-head laps around the crazy course. At the end of the day, our judges will deliberate and decide who will take home the coveted trophy by awarding points based on:

  • Winning the race
  • Innovation
  • Design
  • Teamwork
  • Best-dressed driver

Soap Box Derby is a hilarious company sports day activity, ideal if you’re looking for a sports day that offers lighter physical challenges while still encouraging team movement in the great outdoors. To talk to one of our friendly event managers, get in touch today!

funny race on colourful carts during outdoor team building event

6. School Sports Day

If you’re looking for a classic company sports day event, our School Sports Day offers a nostalgic experience with all the beloved games that you remember from your childhood. Be prepared to be transported back to your school days, just without the grumpy teachers and the school bully.

Of course, we’ve added our signature fun twists to guarantee an unforgettable experience for all! Activities include:

  • 3-Legged Race
  • Tug of War
  • Swing Ball
  • Human Football Table
  • Badminton
  • Dodgeball
  • Inflatable Volleyball

If you want to re-live the good old day while encouraging your team to be active and use their teamwork skills, we guarantee that School Sports Day will be something that your colleagues will always remember.

We can personalise your company away day to fit your requirements and your group, so enquire today to get a bespoke proposal.

People pulling on rope in tug of war finale at sports team building event

7. Quintessentially English

Quintessentially English is a flexible sports team building day that will keep everyone entertained. Ideal for a relaxed corporate sports day, incorporated in a team building away day, infused in a summer office party or even part of a corporate meeting, we can customise this team building activity to fit around your goals.

We offer an array of traditional games including:

  • Rounders
  • Croquet
  • Boules
  • Badminton
  • Wing Ball
  • Volleyball
  • Giant Garden Games (Jenga, KerPlunk, Connect 4)
  • Archery

Games can be played competitively with teams rotating through the challenge zones and competing head-to-head, or in a more relaxed format, with guests dipping in and out of their favourite activities.

Complete with all game materials, enthusiastic host and additional event staff who will make sure your event is running smoothly, Quintessentially English will make your guests feel nostalgic during a memorable team experience. Enquire about this sport team building activity today.

Team Building Croquet in Quintessentially English team away day event

8. Archery and Duck Herding

This sporting event combines two of our most popular outdoor team building activities, archery and duck herding, in a unique experience that can be a great alternative to a standard corporate sports day.

While still encouraging your team to get active and enjoy the great outdoors, this summer team building activity guarantees an energising experience without leaving your guests exhausted. Designed to have the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement, your team will bond while engaging is something truly unique.

This event includes two activities:

  • Duck herding - During the duck herding activity, teams must instruct the sheepdog to guide a bunch of loose ducks through an obstacle course and into the pen. Before the challenge, a sheepdog handling expert will explain the commands to be used.
  • Archery - In the archery activity, teams will engage in a thrilling head-to-head archery game, with each member taking turns to shoot traditional longbows at targets. (Definitely not the ducks from earlier!) The team with the highest score will claim the coveted gold medal.

We can also split this experience. If you prefer just Archery or solely Duck Herding for your corporate event, we can tailor the experience accordingly. If you’re interested in the Archery and Duck Herding event, get in touch to discuss your options and prices.

Archery targets on grass from team building event

9. Putt for a Purpose

Infuse your company sports day with a charitable twist, adding an extra layer of motivation to engage in the event and make a positive impact. If you’re after a more laid-back company sports day idea, Putt for a Purpose offers the perfect alternative to your corporate sports day, mixing just the right amount of energy, competition, creativity and community giving!

The aim of the activity is for teams to build their own mini-golf holes using a variety of items such as cans, boxes and even shampoo bottles! Once all sections are finalised, the golf course comes to life as teams play the full course in a thrilling competition. Featuring themed props, lively music, on-site event coordinator and medal ceremony to cap off the day, Putt for a Purpose is a truly entertaining activity ideal for a diverse audience during an off-site team building activity.

Following the event, our crew will carefully dismantle the golf course and pack all items, ready for delivery to our partner charity or a charity of your choice.

If you want to make a difference while having fun in a unique sports team building activity, enquire about Putt for a Purpose today!

people building mini gold hole with cereal boxes in charity team building event

Planning a company sports day?

We specialise in corporate activities with a variety of sports based events in our portfolio. For bespoke experiences, check out our Company Fun Day where you can pick and mix from many of our outdoor activities. If you prefer to have a chat with one of our friendly event managers, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Company Sports Day FAQs

What is a company sports day?

A company sports day is a team building event organised by a company for its employees. It typically involves a variety of sports and recreational activities that employees participate in as teams. Company sports days promote teamwork, boost morale and encourage physical activity. While a standard corporate sports day often includes traditional activities such as volleyball, egg-and-spoon race or tug of war, you can also go for more unique and creative alternatives such Soap Box Derby or It’s a Knockout.

Where can I host my company sports day?

Dring the warm months, hosting your company sports day outdoors will elevate the experience and offer your guests the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and natural surroundings. Some great outdoor locations for company sports day include sports fields and stadiums, parks, gardens and even beaches. Looking for the ideal location? GOTO Events offers fully-mobile event packages, bringing the fun to wherever you choose in the UK. Get in touch if you need help with finding the right venue.

Is corporate sports day suited for large groups?

Absolutely! Corporate sports day are perfectly suited for large groups. All out sports team building events can accommodate large groups up to 1000 participants.

Is company sports day suited for small groups?

Certainly! Company sports days are well-suited for small groups. All our team building events can be tailored to any groups size, starting from only 10 participants.

What are the top activities for company sports day?

Company sports days come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional to more immersive and silly activities. Here at GOTO Events, we have a variety of sports-based team building events. Our most popular ones include The Crystal Team Challenge, Soap Box Deby, It’s a Knockout and School Sports Day.