Why Every Organisation Should Have a Company Fun Day

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Employee engagement and job satisfaction are critical for any organisation’s success. However, research shows many employees are not fully engaged at work. A Glassdoor study found 53% of employees say work culture significantly impacts their engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, a Gallup report revealed only 8% of staff are positively engaged, 57% are not fully engaged, and 35% are disengaged.

To boost employee engagement and satisfaction, consider having regular company days out with your staff. These activities can strengthen relationships, improve morale and make work more enjoyable. To help you out, here are some things to consider when organising a company fun day, team away day or team building activity.

What are Company Fun Days?

Company fun days are lighthearted events organised by a company for its employees and sometimes for employees and their families. Generally held off-site, company fun days can involve games, challenges or simply mingling over good food in a fun environment enabling people to relax outside of the everyday workplace. They are an ideal way to boost morale, increase motivation and show appreciation to employees for all their hard work.

Why Should Your Organisation Plan a Company Fun Day?

Organisations who host company days out will experience a multitude of benefits such as staff networking, interaction, team engagement and increased productivity. Company fun days are also a chance to get to know employees you may not always see on a day-to-day basis, and could be especially beneficial for teams working remotely or across separate offices and departments.

Corporate fun days are now a regular part of most organisations’ annual calendars as an important part of the modern-day company culture of fun, reward and celebration.

How Do You Choose the Right Venue for A Corporate Day Out?

Venue and location play a key part in any corporate event. The style of venue can increase the impact of the event, with the likes of country house hotels and sports stadiums providing the perfect backdrop.

GOTO Events works with over 1000 venues across the UK, from the impressive Tylney Hall in Hampshire to the famous Twickenham Stadium. Our large portfolio of venues means we can guarantee to find the perfect venue for your corporate fun day within 15 minutes from your office. Our venues include a diverse range of both indoor and outdoor facilities, including on-site conference and meeting spaces and accommodation for up to 1000 people. There are also numerous unique venues for corporate days out such as the Big Brother House, artificial surf lagoons and even your very own private island.

Our team building activities and events are fully mobile and we can travel to any venue in the UK where we will set up and run the activity with your audience. Get in touch so we can help with the perfect venue for your next team building event.

What Kind of Activities Can You Include in Your Company Fun Day?

This is often the million-dollar question. For small or large teams, companies often wonder what team building activities will have the maximum impact and provide something for everyone.

But you don’t have to stick to a particular theme. GOTO Events offer over 100 different team building activities for company fun days, all of which are designed with a mixed audience in mind. Company fun days come in all shapes and sizes, from outdoor large-scale festivals to more intimate team building activities such as cookery workshops, treasure hunt adventures, The Crystal Challenge, It’s a Knockout or a selection of classic country sports.

Our team are on hand to understand your requirements and create a memorable team building experience with the right balance of fun and education.

1. Quintessentially English

Quintessentially English is a celebration of all things English. Think English countryside, English garden party and typical gardens games. You can either run this company fun day event as a free play or as a head-to-head challenge. Activities include:

  • Archery (venue dependent) 
  • Rounders 
  • Lawn Games (croquet, boules) 
  • Giant Garden Games (Jenga, Kerplunk, Connect 4) 
  • Racket Sports 
  • Garden Races (Tug O’ War)
Croquet on grass for team building

2. It’s A Knockout

Get ready for the wackiest company fun day of the year! It’s a Knockout is a unique outdoor team building event that includes crazy costumes, huge inflatable games and enough foam to fill an Olympic swimming pool!

Our full corporate version of the popular TV show, It’s a Knockout is designed for companies and teams where everyone can get involved in a highly energised corporate fun day that will bring smiles to everyone.

3. Totally Wipedout

Totally Wipedout is a company fun day event where employees get to let their inner child out and be crazy and just plain silly. Inspired by the amazing TV show, Totally Wipedout brings to life all the amazing action and excitement you can get in a head-to-head inflatable bonanza!

Team members will compete against each other in a variety of unique games. There are some seriously big toys on this outdoor team building experience with something for every ability, from the famous big red balls with obstacles to inflatable assault courses.

People laughing in inflatable team building event held outdoors in the summer

4. Circus Themed Carnivals

Experience the thrills, spills and excitement of the circus in a company fun day! From arrival, you and your team will be plunged into a world of breath-taking entertainment, stunning room décor and all the sights, sounds and smells you’d expect from the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’.

From jugglers and acrobats to limbo dancers and fire-eaters, we have something for everyone!

man juggling at circus themed team building event

5. Outdoor Adrenaline

Adventure is just around the corner in our Outdoor Adrenaline corporate fun day. This adrenaline-fueled day of fun and team building has something for everyone and offers an exhilarating mix of activities that will make the perfect company day out.

Person with helmet inside green Off Road Buggy in outdoor team building fun

6. GPS Treasure Hunts

If you love adventure and treasure hunts, our GPS Treasure Hunt is a fun and engaging way to get everyone active. We have a wide range of iPad-based treasure hunt games where teams must keep their wits when moving from location to location, guided by the map. At every correct location they find, a mystery challenge will appear on the screen for all players to complete. A GPS treasure hunt combines technology with intrigue by placing teams from across your organisation in the centre of an engaging company day out experience.

people participating in GPS treasure hunt for team building

7. School Sports Day

Remember the fun, the competitiveness and the glory of your School Sports Day? Why not relive those days with our company sports day team building event? All our games in the School Sports Day team building event are exactly how you remember – just without the grumpy teachers and the school bully. With the aim of winning medals, prizes and pride, our company sports day will be something that your colleagues will always remember. So, make sure you bring your kit and get ready for lots of fun, laughs and competitiveness!

Team on tug of war on school sports day event in London

8. Teamopoly

Is Teamopoly a board game? A live-action board game? An immersive experience? It’s all three, in one company fun day!

Step into the competitive world of Teamopoly as teams become ruthless property gurus to build their empire and thwart the competition. The name of the game is to earn money to play the board and build up your portfolio. All the favourites from the real game are included such as chance cards, community chess and the famous houses and hotels.

giant Monopoly set in park and players standing around the board

9. Soap Box Derby

Soap Box Derby is a hilarious corporate fun day that brings out the best in people when building their cars and developing their character. The designs they come up with never cease to amaze us, neither does the desire to dress up as Dick Dastardly or Penelope Pitstop. This team building event is not all about speed (although it helps), but about creativity and innovation.

After qualifiers, teams hit the design workshops where they can buy parts and materials to build their cars and dress their racers. Everyone must compete in heats, and even pass an MOT before taking part in the final race. 

Teams racing pedal powered karts on soap box derby team building events

10. Bear Grylls Survival

The iconic Bear Grylls Survival Challenge is the ultimate company fun day! This outdoor team building event fosters the dynamics of your team, such as communication, development, motivation, leadership, trust and integrity. The dynamics can be subtly integrated or used as a specific platform to draw out natural talents to create high-performing teams. However, the most crucial element of any team building event and the backbone of any company day out, is fun!

Bear Grylls survival team building fun day

11. Haka Energiser

The Haka Energiser is a unique activity for a successful company day out that will leave your team feeling fired up and ready to go. Our performers are all of Māori descent, so you know you’re getting 100% authenticity and not just a gimmick or dance. Our chief and his tribe will take you on a journey to learn more about their history, introduce you to their core values of unity, family, looking after one another and love.

We can tailor this unique activity to fit your corporate event into either a fun yet informative exercise or combing it with an identity workshop where your employees will go deeper into learning more about themselves, who they are and where they come from.

the haka dance at conference energiser or ice breaker

These Activities Can Be Integrated Into:

Adults smiling on a carousel on a company fun day

1. Family Fun Days

Family fun days are not just for children. Businesses can organise a family fun day for employees and their families to celebrate important milestones and reward employees. A family fun day filled with fun and family-friendly activities can infuse a bit of adventure and excitement into your next company day out.

It’s also a great way to foster relationships within the organisation and provide a break from the daily grind of life at the office. Plus, it might be just what you need to get the creative juices flowing on projects that seem stalled.

People partying and smiling at corporate festival

2. Company Festivals

Our corporate festivals are the ideal option to create an engaging company fun day that also guarantees smiles and laughter.

From extravagant summer festivals, funfairs and carnival-themed events, to a quintessentially English garden event or a full-blown beach party, we provide you with the opportunity to transform your company team building event into a memorable experience for all involved. We offer a variety of interactive entertainment for all types of events, be it a celebration, raising awareness, socialising or simply developing stronger working relationships.

Evening corporate event with people at barbecue

3. Corporate Summer Fete

Whether you’re looking for a summer fete that will keep your guests entertained all afternoon or you want to add a touch of vintage style decoration to your corporate summer party, our Corporate Summer Fete comes with bunting and banners in gorgeous vintage designs.

Total Wipeout Colourful Team Building Inflatables

4. Inflatable Fun

If you’re looking for a company event filled with competitive fun and laughter, our inflatable games will provide a memorable experience for your employees. With a diverse range of head-to-head competitions and multi-player obstacle courses to choose from, we have something for every type of audience, from small to large teams.

garden games kit for team building event outdoors

5. Giant Garden Games

Transform your next team building event into a party on the edge of your lawn! With Giant Garden Games, your outdoor space is transformed into a spectacle of colour and entertainment that includes inflatables, trampolines and climbing walls.

archery targets aligned on grass for outdoor team building activity

6. Multi Activity Days

A Multi Activity Day is designed as a company fun day that gives your guests the opportunity to take part in activities that they normally do not have access to.

Activities include Rage Buggy Driving, Sheep or Dog Handling and more. A Multi Activity Day is a great way to have fun with your colleagues, clients or employees and make them feel good about your company.

Planning a Corporate Fun Day or Team Away Day?

If you’ve been given the task of organising a company fun day for your team, then look no further! GOTO Events have years of experience planning the perfect corporate event, with our Event Managers on hand to work directly with you to create the perfect event for your company. We understand that every event is different and we will help you create the best team building event to suit your requirements. Contact us to speak to one of our friendly event professionals, where we can talk you through different ideas and options available.

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Company Fun Days FAQs

What is a company fun day?

A company fun day offers employees the chance to engage in interactive experiences that take them out of their regular work environment and involve them in a range of activities. Company fun days help connect and celebrate employees’ effort as well as contribute to wider corporate objectives. However, the primary goal is to create a lasting impression that leaves everyone eager for more!

What different types of company fun days are there?

We often combine our company aways days with business meetings or corporate presentations. There are quite a few variations and types of corporate fun days, including conference and meetings, summer away days, family fun days and company away days.

Do you provide a venue for the company fun day?

While all our events are fully-mobile and can be run at the venue of your choice, we also offer a free venue finding service with a wide portfolio of venues across the UK for both indoor and outdoor corporate events. We’ll help you find a venue with our free venue finding service that caters for all your needs, so that you can book the full event experience without any hassle.

How much does it cost to organise a company fun day?

The cost of organising a company fun day depends on type of activity you want and the size of your team. For a no-obligation quote, get in touch with our team and we will put together a proposal with costs and ideas in less than 45 minutes.

How many people can take part in a company fun day?

Companies of all sizes can arrange days out for their employees. Here at GOTO Events, our company fun day events are designed for large or small groups, from festivals for 1000’s of people to smaller activities with fewer participants. We have venues across the UK to accommodate any group size.