Outdoor team building games for employees – An employer’s perspective

Choosing the right option out of the many team building events out there can be extremely difficult. In this post, we talk about outdoor team building events and how they can help your team enhance their interpersonal relationships and productivity. Check out our vast offering of events and see what takes your fancy, or get in contact and allow us to help guide you through our process to help create the perfect event for you.


The great outdoors is a wonderful place to spend time, and even better for team building events. The chance to breathe in a bit of fresh air as opposed to being in a stuffy office is really good for vitality. Your team can also get an amazing boost of vitamin D! The challenging nature of outdoor work can really create an amazing opportunity for teams to work together and allow members to utilise their individual skills to achieve successful outcomes. This coupled with the hormone increases involved with being outside can only enhance the experience of a well-managed event. These events are becoming increasingly popular as teams try to escape the office environment in search of fresh air and blue skies.


There is a vast range of outdoor events in our repertoire. We have everything from the challenging nature of a more rugged survival type challenge to altogether more sedate events such as treasure hunts. There really are an amazing selection of events that are held outdoors. Fancy something a little wacky? Then we can facilitate an “it’s a knockout” style event. If you fancy more options in one day, then we can arrange for a multiple event day that allows you to have events that appeal to all. The choice really is huge and varied and has a something for even the fussiest of team members.


The benefits of such events are numerous. There is little doubt that an outdoor challenge allows team members to develop individual skills whilst also helping their colleagues to also learn something new. The interpersonal relationship benefits are also numerous as colleagues are taken out of their comfort zone and forced to rely on each other’s skills. This boost will be carried back to the everyday work environment as staff members learn a little more about their colleagues. They are also likely to see improvements in productivity as staff learn more about the skills of their colleagues. An increased level of trust can be the key to a harmonious work environment and such events can help to foster that feeling in your team.

So if you’re convinced of the power of the outdoor team building event then get in touch with us. We are experts in the field with a long list of happy clients. Give us your requirements and allow us to create the perfect event for your team.