The Corporate Events and Teambuilding Activities we provide are here to bring clients together, improve morale and really have some fun with some team bonding on a fun day out of the office. Bringing people together is key to get some great results and you can link this to the latest social media craze.

You all must of seen the recent social media craze of #nomakeupselfie and I really hope you have all done a photo and donated. The craze has been exceptional and is here to raise Cancer Awareness.
This was all started on Tuesday, girls were asked to post up photos of themselves with no make up and to donate money to Cancer Awareness and it really did take off, £1million was raised within the first 24 hours and you can’t ask any better than that. Brave women have been flooding to the site and you have to applaud these bare faced women who are doing their bit to raise money and awareness by just a simple photo and text.

It hasn’t been all good news; there have been many critics from people not understanding as it has little or nothing to do with breast cancer, which was the original campaign. A lot of people don’t see the point as it’s not raising the money for charity but the stats don’t lie and with raising over £1million in 24 hours why would you complain as every little helps.
We should be applauding the women that have made a contribution and raised awareness because even if it saves one person that is better than nothing right? If it can inspire more people to donate then great and if you can even add another charitable spin to these then happy days all round, as any awareness is good awareness.

Even more fads have come from this with the boys now doing makeup selfies, which has been great fun to look at, and now the latest craze is cello tape selfies. Everyone loves a bit of fun and if it builds one relationship then great as good results can only come from this.

You can relate this to teambuilding as these fads are bringing people together by making a difference and having some fun, it’s the same with our Corporate Events and Teambuilding Activities. They just look like fun from the outset but they really do bring teams together in a fun environment with a big emphasis o n communication and leadership to get the best results.