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Social Distance Team Building

Top Ten Social Distancing Team Building Activities while in Lockdown

#1 – Scatter Gun

A socially distanced team are given individual maps showing the location of a variety of challenges.  One communicator stays at HQ to coordinate everyone via two way radios.  When each person reached their first mapped location, they radio through what they find.  Everyone will gather individual clues, all of which accumulate to the answer to each task, if they fathom it out!  As team progress, they collect giant jigsaw pieces.  Once complete all pieces are dropped off at HQ ready for one nominated person to try and build the final puzzle.  The first team to complete it win!



#2 - The Masterpiece

An art-based challenge where socially distanced individuals have to copy a nominated part of a large picture into an art canvas.  From spaced out tables, teams have to share their progress to ensure the sections of the canvas flow to connect with each other.  This makes the bigger picture when all the parts of the image are placed by our team and revealed on a giant frame.



#3 – Escape Room

An adapted version of popular escape rooms, but socially distanced compliant.  Instead of teams being confined in a room, they are distanced completing individual tasks to earn information to communicate to the team leader.  The team leader will be guided by team mates to solve clues to try and unlock various items leading to a final cage which reveals the prizes.




#4 – BBQ Champions

Hosted by a Michelin star chef, individuals each have a dedicated outdoor cooking station complete with a range of ingredients, utensils, and a BBQ.  Everyone will watch a central demo by our chef showing you a range of different techniques and recipes to cook amazing food on the BBQ.  We’ll also show you the best way to get the most consistent heat from a charcoal BBQ.  Each person will cook a set piece, all of which are judged at the end based on taste, visual appeal and creativity.



#5 – Bakeathon – Another cookery event, but this time, based on baking, as per the famous TV show.  Individuals are distanced on cooking stations, all complete with everything they need to create something amazing.  Teams connect as they all have a dish to create which is divided amongst the group members.





#6 - Challenge 100 – Distanced around the room each individual is given a pack containing details of 10 tasks.  With 10 people per team, that’s 100 in total.  The aim of the game is to complete as many of the tasks, games and challenges around the room as possible.  Everything works on an individual basis, so there is no close contact.  For every task completed, individuals accrue points at the score desk.  It’s as simple as the more tasks you complete, the more points your team earn!




#7 – Under Pressure – Distanced apart on challenge stations individual have to nominate a player to come forward to complete a nail-biting challenge.  These are individual based, with amazing audience participation.  Big points are awarded for the top player from each round, leading to a exciting finale.





#8 – Crime Scene Experience – faced with a recreation of a crime scene, individuals collaborate findings to their team by completing a range of forensic challenges.  For each challenge, individuals are delivered a fresh set of kit, by our team who also socially distance.  Tasks include fingerprint dusting, hair and fibre analysis, FBI style digital e-fit recreation and blood splatter analysis.  Groups coordinate their findings as they progress, to finally conclude on who they think was the killer, what was the motive and which murder weapon was used.




#9 – Sports Super Stars – Taking elements from classic school sports days, The Olympics and modern day sports, socially distanced teams rotate around a variety of different sports zones.  At each zone they nominate a player to come forward to take on the competitors.  All the activities and players are socially distanced and all kit is disinfected per round.  Games include: Penalty shootout, archery, foam javelin, shot-put, welly wanging and the classic egg and spoon race.




NUmbers on screen at a stock exchange#10 – Wall Street Winners – Step into the face paced trading world of our Wall Street themed trading game.  Individuals each have a trading desk where they are fed information on a giant screen showing the share price of variety of companies.  During the event a number of on-screen news clips are played, as well as newspaper articles being delivered.  All the information contains cryptic clues which may or may not affect the share price of the companies.  Individuals have to covertly communicate using hand signals and gestures to decide whether to buy or sell.  Inevitably, at the end of each trading day, the updated share prices are displayed.  It’s a fast-paced battle to buy low and sell high to make the most team money as possible.



Visit our contact page and get in touch to discuss how GOTO Events can run your next social distancing team building activity.  Our team will advice you on the correct policies and how we can run the right style of event for you, ensuring your participants are in a safe controlled environment.

Teambuilding while in isolation has been very much about virtual experiences.  As restrictions start to lift, GOTO Events will follow and comply with all government guidelines and regulations to deliver compliant events that offer the main benefits of team building, whilst keeping everyone socially distanced.

Please note that these activities are not yet available until government guidelines permit the safe running of group gatherings.   We will be updating week on week as to the progress on the events industry.

Click here to contact us for help planning your next social distanced teambuilding activity.

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101 Things to Do When the Kids Say “I’m Bored”

Can you already count the number of times your child(ren) has said “I’m Bored’? You’re not alone! If you’re having a tough time brainstorming new and inventive ideas, then this following article may be of interest to you. So, the next time your little one whines “I’m Bored!” check out our list of 101 things to do at home, with things around the house!

#1 Start the book they made you buy 6 months ago, and completely forgot about!

#2 Do an online workout class – there are some great ones out there currently including PE with Joe Wicks

#3 Plan a Scavenger Hunt using things around the house. Struggling for time, check out our Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids here

#4 Bake some cookies

#5 Turn the living room into a disco – a great way for kids to burn off that extra energy!

#6 Play Simon Says – simple, but effective

#7 Create a fashion show – not forgetting the catwalk itself and flashing torches as makeshift cameras!

#8 Complete a jigsaw that Grandma handed down to us years ago

#9 Create something out of Papier Mache

#10 Host a teddy bear picnic – indoors or outdoors!

#11 Tie-dye old t-shirts and fabrics

#12 Learn the alphabet in sign language

#13 Create a laser grid using spare string or wool – hours of entertainment

#14 Learn a dance routine – Tik Tok has some great trending ones

#15 Have a dog? Set up an agility course in the garden

#16 Do some painting

#17 Learn origami with scrap printer paper

#18 Learn some magic tricks (YouTube will be your best friend)

#19 Write a letter to someone you can’t see (it will brighten up their day when they receive it)

#20 See how many different types of insects you can find in your garden

#21 Find all the loose change in your house – you’ll be amazed at how many pennies they’ll find under the sofa!

#22 Once they’ve found the change, get them to count and sort them out into piles

#23 Search for four-leaf clovers in the garden – hours of intrigue.

#24 FaceTime or Skype family members

#25 Create an indoor fort using cushions and blankets

#26 Play “Name That Tune”.

#27 Play a classic game of hide ‘n’ seek

#28 Create a time capsule

#29 Make up a secret handshake

#30 Create your own YouTube Channel – maybe the kids could be the next toy reviewer!

#31 Create an obstacle course in the garden

#32 Host a movie night

#33 Make a friendship bracelet

#34 Create a little science experiment – a fantastic one is a Papier Mache volcano, mix baking soda and vinegar for an explosive reaction!

#35 Do some colouring in – we have a great maths based colouring-in sheet available here

#36 Host a tea party

#37 Get the kids to help rearrange their bedroom

#38 Old pans? Get them to create a band (earplugs at the ready!)

#39 Learn a new card game

#40 Make homemade bubbles

#41 Make a mood board of things they want to achieve this year

#42 Have a duvet day – PJs at the ready!

#43 Explore the world on Google Maps (we all use to love this at school)

#44 Plant a tree

#45 Do some gardening

#46 Attempt some tongue twisters

#47 Grab the helmets, knee pads and bikes and go for a cycle

#48 Mess around in the sand

#49 Create the biggest Lego tower as possible

#50 Have a mini sports day – obstacle courses, long-jump, and a 3-legged race

#51 Hide chocolates around the house and garden for the kids to find in a made-up treasure hunt

#52 Grab the coats and blankets and do some star-gazing

#53 Get arty with some pavement chalk

#54 Create a classic hopscotch

#55 Cloud spotting – what shapes and objects can you see?

#56 Wash the car = bonus for adults!

#57 Be imaginative and turn a cardboard box into a playhouse, car or boat!

#58 Play dress up

#59 Hold toy races around the house

#60 Play a board game

#61 Make daisy chains

#62 Write a story or create a play

#63 Make some homemade playdough

#64 Balloon Ping-Pong – create some makeshift bats using paper plates and sticks

#65 Create a laser grid using spare string or wool – hours of entertainment

#66 Big Toy Clean – get them to organise their toys into ‘Keep’, ‘Bin’, ‘Give Away’ piles

#67 Learn to juggle – you can use tennis balls, bouncy balls, bean bags…

#68 Learn to whistle

#69 Paint faces

#70 Play charades

#71 Make shadow shapes – shut the curtains, turn on the torches and take it in turns to make shapes on the wall

#72 Make paper airplanes with different patterns

#73 Make a collage out of scrap newspapers and magazines

#74 Set up a little grocery/mini supermarket with tins and packets

#75 Make homemade jewellery using recycled materials

#76 Hold a hula-hoop competition

#77 Leftover wallpaper roll? Create life-sized drawings

#78 Make homemade pizzas

#79 Create misfit characters – cut out heads, torsos, legs and shoes from magazines and stick them all together

#80 Finger and feet painting

#81 When an adult shouts “the floor is lava”, the kids need to vacate from the floor as soon as possible

#82 Play “I Spy”

#83 Rock painting – find some rocks from the garden and give them a little colour

#84 Plant some flowers

#85 Find your voices and host a Karaoke concert

#86 Crack open the activity books you’ve piled up over the months

#87 Cook dinner together

#88 Make puppets out of old socks

#89 Fly a kite in the garden

#90 Using old show boxes make little scenes with card, paper, glue, and sticky tape

#91 Create some frozen fruit pops

#92 Create boats out of old tubs or fruit juice boxes and float them in the bath

#93 Make a superhero cape out of old bedsheets, clothing, etc.

#94 Use watered down paint and a drinking straw to blow the paint in different directions to create aliens

#95 Draw a family tree on a large sheet of paper

#96 Invent your own board game

#97 Create homemade skittles set with toilet roll tubes and a tennis ball

#98 The simplest of games, but a genius one. Use people or animals as a theme, and firstly draw a head. Fold the paper over and pass it on… Once complete unfold the creation.

#99 Play a word association game

#100 Start a diary or journal

#101 Play musical statues


We hope that you’ve found some sort of inspiration from the list, for when your little one says “I’m Bored”. We'd love to add to this list... so please get in touch with your ideas.


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To all of our clients, partners, suppliers and industry friends there's no shying away from the effects that COVID-19 is having on our events industry. In order to support all of our clients throughout this difficult period, we are offering a postponement condition for all events.

What does that mean?

Basically, if you have to cancel or postpone your event due to Coronavirus, we will offer the chance to reschedule your event to a new date within 12 months of booking, at no extra cost, subject to availability. The only conditions are that your event is paid for in full, and we get at least 48hrs notice.

Once Coronavirus has passed we’re expecting a huge surge in bookings which will restrict availability, especially for summer dates. Therefore, if you do have any event plans that are subject to future updates, or any immediate plans, we can start the research & work for you, for activities and venues, without any push for commitment. We can hold dates provisionally for up to 2 months.

For more information, or for help booking your next team building event, please get in touch here.


The Best 5 Wellness & Wellbeing Team Building Activities

A healthier workforce, in both mind and body, equals a happier and more productive organisation. Who doesn’t want that? This is why we at GOTO Events have just launched a variety of mindfulness and wellness team building events to cater for your organisation’s wellbeing needs.

Why is Employee Wellbeing Important?

We’re increasingly leading busy and stressful lives. With what seems like a mile-long to-do list, both in and out of work, time to us, is seen as a luxury. This is why it is so important for businesses to take a proactive approach in their employee’s wellbeing.

According to CIPD, employees on average totalled 5.9 days off sick in 2019, with the top three causes of long-term absences being mental ill-health (59%), stress (54%) and musculoskeletal injuries (54%).

Studies also show that a business who focuses on the wellbeing of their employees have noticed an increased sense of company loyalty and boost in productivity.

With this in mind, we have collated a list below of our best 5 mindfulness and wellbeing team building events this year.

#1 Yoga Sessions

Yoga is a fun way to get your body moving and energy flowing! Whether you’re looking for a morning session for the team to kickstart the day or a way to get rid of those post-lunch slumps… yes, we all have them, then our yoga sessions might be right up your street.

Catering for all abilities, our yoga sessions are fully inclusive and offer an exciting way for everyone to get involved in some light exercise.

#2 BlenderBikes

If you’re eager to help your workplace become healthier, then you may want to try BlenderBikes, a fun and innovative way of making your favourite smoothies!

Using the wide range of ingredients and the BlenderBikes provided, our activity puts the fun back into healthy eating, by allowing you to blitz up a smoothie through pedalling! It’s a fun way to change your usual breakfast or afternoon snack into a healthier version – and getting a little bit of exercise in too!

#3 Bubblicious

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive wellbeing event, like no other, then look no further than our bubble style workshops and activities. Our Bubblicious event can be anything from a bubble display kickstarting a conference, to a half-day yoga session, incorporating bubble wrap and a life-sized bubble display!

The calming nature of life-sized bubbles should not be underestimated, with the Bubblicious experience providing a display of deep mindfulness and inner reflection. With bubble up to the size of an elephant, our event will ensure the wow factor amongst your employees.

#4 Healthy Bakeathon

Healthy eating has never tasted so sweet! If your teams is a lover of all things sweet, savoury and everything in between, but slightly less on the calories, then our Healthy Bakeathon is the perfect event.

Challenge your teammates to find their inner Mary Berry, and start making some healthy, yet delicious bakes…the competition is on!

#5 Smoothie Revitalise

An immersive experience centred around the wellbeing of an organisation. Smoothie Revitalise offers the opportunity to learn and engage in different ways, whilst tuning into both the body and mind. This team-building activity begins with a smoothie making session, where delegates will be able to learn about the nutrients each ingredient holds and learning how these can affect the body.

The event then moves onto a Tai-Chi style breathing session, where delegates through different movements and breathing techniques learn how mindfulness can be achieved. As a finale, the smoothie drinks are enjoyed, alongside relaxing dry ice aromatherapy.

Want to know more?

GOTO Events is the UK’s number one corporate events organiser, used by many of the biggest companies including Google, L’Oreal and Harrods.

We offer over 100 unique activities for both indoor and outdoor venues, emphasising team-building through engagement, competition, and entertainment, aiming to encourage communication, trust, and bonds between co-workers, colleagues and employees.

We hope you find something here from our selection of wellness team building ideas, events, and activities. If you would like to find out more or speak with an expert team building specialist, please contact us.

Summer Parties at Alexandra Palace!

Looking for something new to do this summer with your company?

Well, you’re in the right place! From laid-back summer parties to action-packed outdoor team building activities, Alexandra Palace has great value summer party packages, perfect for all company sizes. With prices starting at £58.00 plus VAT per person, Alexandra Palace offers 3 packages: Team Away Day, Summer Party and the Kerb Party.

Steeped in history, outdoor terraces, street food catering options and 196 acres of beautiful parkland overlooking London’s famous skyline, Alexandra Palace will definitely put on a summer party your team won’t forget anytime soon! Offering several terrace and grass areas that can be hired privately for summer parties, team building, and BBQs to put a spin on your normal away day.

What does the summer package include?

  • Room hire or outdoor field dry hire
  • Staffing as required by the venue
  • Pimms reception on the Terrace
  • BBQ or bowl food lunch on the terrace
  • Strawberries and cream (yum!)

It doesn’t just stop there with this Summer Party package, here at GOTO Events we’ve partnered with Alexandra Palace to offer an additional Team Building Event to the package. Activities include the best-selling Crystal Challenge, It’s a Knockout, School Sports Day and Company Fun Day!

Not looking for a Summer Party? Not to worry, the Ally Pally team welcomes all bespoke requests and will work with you to create the perfect summer party.

For more information get in touch with us here at GOTO Events, or with the Alexandra Palace’s Events team.

Are Team Building Events Tax Deductible?

A corporate team-building event can be a powerful thing for your business and your employees. It’s a great way for your employees to connect with one another, and in the main to learn new skills, something they may not have considered before. Whether you’re organising the next corporate away day or a team-building event, have you actually thought about whether the event is a tax-deductible expense?

Whilst there isn’t an allowance as such for a corporate team building event, HRMC does provide tax relief on the cost of hosting an annual event. Although you would need to adhere to the key requirements set by them.

What is the tax relief allowance?

The tax relief allowance applies to “annual parties” that are made openly available to all staff members and total £150 per head. This figure must not be exceeded though, even by a penny as this will immediately become taxable!

What does HRMC say?

According to HRMC, the exemption applies to an annual party that is available to all employees generally, and available to employees generally at one location, where the employer has more than one location.

HRMC defines the word “annual” as something that happens once a year on a recurring basis. So, if you were to hold a one-off event then, unfortunately, this would be taxable. If you provide one function for employees, no charge to tax arises if the cost of the event does not exceed £150 per head.

In the eyes of HRMC from the beginning to the end, the cost of your annual team building event is inclusive of everything. This means that literally everything needs to be factored into your calculations – including transport, overnight accommodation, food, and beverages.

For full detailed clarification of the annual event expense rules, check out this HMRC’s article.

Staff training

Another way to claim your corporate team building event as a tax-deductible expense is to demonstrate that it constitutes ‘staff training’.

For it to be tax-deductible training expense, it has to be shown as a necessary part of your employee’s role, something that you require them to attend and closely relates to their job requirements.

Other Considerations

If you’re planning a particularly lavish event or planning to hold the event abroad, you’ll find it much harder to argue that the event was not designed to reward your staff or of a business nature.

Unfortunately, this was the case for the owner of Iceland who took 800 managers in 2013 to Disneyland Florida at the cost of £5000 per head (Lucky team they were!). As a result, they faced a hefty £2.5 million bill for the tax & NI due to the corporate event.

Want to know more?

Hopefully, now you'll know whether your annual corporate team building event is taxable or not, so why not let us help you plan your next annual team-building event. With over 100 indoor, outdoor and evening team building events to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Get in touch with our team today!

The 10 Best Summer Team Building Activities That Simply Sizzle!

Are you looking to get your office team out and about in the summertime? No one likes being cooped up in an office when the weather is hot, so taking your team out for a team-building event is a great way of improving morale, strengthening team bonds and relieving stress.

Below you can see 10 of the best summer team building activities that we are currently able to offer companies in the UK.

1. Crystal Challenge

Taking inspiration from the popular 90’s TV show, the Crystal Challenge leads teams through four unique zones: Aztec, Futuristic, Medieval and Industrial, taking part in many different puzzle, mental, physical and mystery challenges to earn crystals and more time in the final Crystal Dome.

Communication is key, with your teams relying on one another to instruct and help them through the tasks, encouraging bonding through a fun sense of summer competition.

Perfect for both outdoor and indoor venues, the Crystal Challenge features a pop-up inflatable crystal dome for the final, frantic challenge where teams have to collect the winning amount of gold tokens before the time runs out.

2. It’s a Knockout

This summer team-building activity involves a giant outdoor inflatable obstacle course based on the famous TV show of the same name, It’s a Knockout is one of the most popular summer team-building events of its kind.

With a host and referee watching over the proceedings, you can select between 4 to 8 giant inflatable games suitable for your team, including slippery sides, giant costumes, relay races, and assault courses, all with enough foam to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool!

3. Totally Wiped Out

A hilarious, fast-paced and highly competitive summer team-building event that features between 6 to 8 unique inflatable challenges inspired by the popular BBC TV show.

Totally Wiped Out features assault courses, obstacles and the infamous big red balls that you will have to run, climb and jump over to beat the course and the opposing teams in the challenge of speed and skill.

With a host and a Totally Wiped Out Finale, this summer event will stay with you for a long time coming!

4. School Sports Day

Why let children have all the fun in the summer? Instead, why not book this seasonally themed summer team-building activity for your employees?

Featuring many of the classic school sports day games, this competitive outdoor summer event encourages teamwork and bonding by bringing out your inner child.

You will be sorted into ‘houses’ before taking part in the egg and spoon, three-legged races, tug-of-war and dozens of other retro and nostalgic games, competing for medals, prizes and a sense of school pride.

We provide all of the equipment and an on-site, fully trained first aider, this is the perfect summer team building idea. Simple yet fun, just don’t forget your kit!

5. Games of the Throne

Leave the cut-throat business world behind for the day and delve into the cut-throat world of medieval times, traveling back to the era of tall princess hats, suits of armour and dragons.

Interacting with our costumed hosts, make yourself into champions by build trebuchets, competing in challenges that encourage you to work together to combine your brains and your brawn to help save the kingdom and make yourself into legendary heroes.

With a selection of games to choose from, including inflatables, you can customize your experience to make it truly memorable.

6. Bear Grylls Survival Challenge

Bear Grylls has proven himself to be one tough cookie over the years, surviving in all kinds of harsh environments and inhospitable climates; so now it is time to show that you also have what it takes this summer.

With our own experienced Bear Grylls Survival Academy instructors, we provide a full survival kit to provide an outdoor experience for people of all ages and abilities. Survive in the wild, make fires, track and learn to work together as a team to find your way back to civilisation.

7. Around the World

Make your way around the world this summer in a variety of country-themed activities.

Rotating on a 20 to 30-minute basis, take part in a range of different sports, challenges, and cultural activities, including volleyball, archery, croquet, and football. You can choose from a selection of between 4 to 8 different games to customize your event and make it a unique experience.

We also supply an enthusiastic management team and host guiding you through the challenges to win points and try and win the day.

We can come to wherever you are hosting your away-day, we provide all of the equipment, prizes, and a fully trained first aider.

8. Outdoor Adrenaline

An action-packed, adrenaline-pumping day of fun for all ages and abilities! It’s one of our more popular summer team-building activities, and you can probably see why!

Choose from a variety of different activities, including driving around on quad bikes, rage-buggies and hovercraft, firing cannons, table archery, axe throwing and even more unique activities such as clay pigeon shooting, ferret racing, duck hearing, and blind-folded off-road driving.

No matter which ones you choose, you will get a summer’s day to remember, charging through the mud, climbing over inflatables and shooting at targets. Put the pedal to the metal and let’s get going!

9. Wacky Racers

Inspired by the famous cartoon, get creative whilst forming your very own racing team and find your inner Dick Dastardly.

Encouraging day-to-day skills of designing, budgeting and pitching a product to assemble and get sponsorship for your own uniquely designed set of wheels and get yourself in pole position.

The day culminates in a literal race to the finish line, where your car will be pushed to its limit, just don’t fall apart under the pressure!

10. Quintessentially English

Unwind with a relaxing day in the English countryside, partaking in a spot of tea and a series of gentlemanly activities for a relaxed yet entertaining afternoon of fun.

With a number of classic activities, including croquet, archery, bowling, giant Jenga available as standard, you can also have additional activities such as sheepdog herding and falconry for that added bit of excitement.

Unwind after your activities with an afternoon tea with optional Pimms. For an extra dash of fun, this event can be optionally themed into your very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, with flamingo croquet, giant card games, and teacup and cupcake decorating. Don’t be late!

Want to know more?

GOTO Events is the UK’s number one corporate events organiser, used by many of the biggest companies including Google, L’Oreal and Harrods.

We offer over 100 unique activities for both indoor and outdoor venues, emphasising team-building through engagement, competition, and entertainment, aiming to encourage communication, trust, and bonds between co-workers, colleagues and employees.

We hope you find something here from our selection of summer team building ideas, events, and activities. If you would like to find out more or speak with an expert team building specialist, please contact us.

The 10 Best Interactive Team Building Activities for Work

Interactive teambuilding activities can offer so much more than simply getting people to sit through a seminar with the occasional question and answer session. Getting people up and about and interacting with one another is a far better way of engaging your workforce.

Team building can strengthen the bonds between employees as a whole and let your team properly get to know one another and work better together.

We offer a range of fun and interactive team building activities that place an emphasis on communication, trust and a fun sense of competition. Our events will leave everyone entertained and able to come away with a renewed sense of cooperation.

With games inspired by popular television shows, as well as a few of our own design, all of our interactive team building activities come with their own hosts, props, up-to-date equipment, medal ceremony, a fully trained first aider, and £5 million public liability insurance.

Here’s 10 of the best we currently offer.

1. The Crystal Challenge

Inspired by the popular 90’s game show, Crystal Challenge gives teams a variety of different skills, mental, physical and mystery challenges that play to the strengths of each individual in the team.

Separated into four different zones: Aztec, Industrial, Medieval and Futuristic, the teams will have to rely on communication to get one another through solo and group tasks to earn crystals and get more time in the final dome. This one is perfect for both indoor and outdoor venues.

The Crystal Challenge features a pop-up crystal dome for a frantic final challenge, with the team collecting the most gold tokens winning the day.

2. Masterpiece Challenge

This is a hands-on interactive team building activity that doesn’t just rely on artistic skill. The Masterpiece Challenge separates your teams into groups of 6 to 8 people to create a piece of art that in the end will all come together to form a giant collaborative collage from everyone taking part.

Over the course of the day, the teams will be tasked with many different challenges to win different paints, blueprints and art supplies to add to your painting, including puzzles, quizzes and engineering, mental, and visual tasks that each plays to the strengths of everyone within the group.

At the end of the day, all the different pieces of art will be put together into a large collage art piece that you will be able to take away as a memento of the day.

3. The Qube

Taking inspiration from the popular game show, the Qube is a dramatic, engaging and fun team-building experience that takes your teams through a series of nail-biting challenges that will test your communication skills, trust and your physical and mental capabilities.

Featuring a 3m x 3m inflatable cube and game show lighting, the featured Host, Voice and Body will put your teams to the test, with head to head team challenges where you can win entry into the cube itself as well as aides: including Swap a contestant, Pass, Simplify or Trial Run, which you will need to use wisely to get their full advantage.

4. Teamopoly

The biggest game of monopoly you will ever play, where teamwork is the only way to win!

Featuring giant pieces and giant challenges, Teamopoly gives you 90 minutes to get around the board, get monopolies and pass Mr Monopoly’s series of team-building challenges. Not only do these challenges test you physically and mentally, they are also designed to empty your pockets of loose change! The team with the most money when time is up will win.

This event comes with a 4m squared board, giant counters and your very own Mr Monopoly watching over the proceedings, as well as over 6 different unique team-building challenges.

5. Escape Rooms

A portable version of one of the most popular interactive team-building activities out there!

Everyone loves escape rooms, which is why we have made ours portable, able to be taken to your location of choice. A perfect indoor activity, we have four different, uniquely themed escape rooms for you to choose from, including the Science Lab, Prison Break, The Bunker and the pirate-themed Pieces of Eight.

Your team will have to work together to solve the different puzzles and challenges to solve the mystery, find the key and escape the room before time runs out!

6. Survival Island

This outdoor activity will truly test your employees.

Have you ever wondered how you would fair stranded on a deserted island, or out in the middle of nowhere? Our Survival Island team-building day will teach you a series of survival skills that will encourage not only your own personal skills but also bonding in your team as a whole.

Our team will teach you skills that are transferable to many different everyday environments, as well as some useful things that may come in handy if you are ever truly stranded. This will be a day out that you will remember for a long time to come.

7. GPS Treasure Hunts

We offer a few different out-and-about treasure hunts, depending on your location.

The Black Taxi Treasure Hunt takes your through London’s many sights, with an actual team of London cabbies whose knowledge of the streets of London will help you to solve clues and puzzles to find your way around the trail. This trail will also feature different team-building activities to encourage teamwork to win points and beat the clock.

With a cab, a camera and a ticking clock, this is a fun twist on traditional GPS treasure hunts perfect for a fun day out in London.

For an activity outside of London, we offer a similar location-based GPS treasure hunting experiences. iPad Treasure Hunt features a mobile adventure app that is perfect for out-and-about team away days that can last from a day to even a week depending on how you play!

8. Let’s Get Ready to Jungle

Able to be an outdoor and indoor activity, Let’s Get Ready To Jungle brings the true I’m A Celebrity experience to you. I’m An Office Worker – Get Me Out Of Here!

With eating challenges and opportunities to hold real-life jungle critters, our very own jungle host, kiosk chief, and medic ranger, we will take your teams through bush tucker trials and challenges featuring real creepy crawlies, snakes and spiders!

9. Wall Street Winners

Based on the popular movie and the famous real-life place, Wolves of Wall Street gives you the experience of a true business tycoon.

leadership team building activities

The aim of the game is to earn as much money as possible, buying and selling shares to build the tallest corporate tower possible.

Negotiate with other teams, follow the market trends and exercise your skills as a seller and a blagger as you build up your tower until the final trading bell rings – just don’t let it fall!

10. Crime Scene Experience

There’s been a murder! Can you solve the mystery?

Your team will be thrown into the deep end of Crime Scene Investigation, trying to find the motive, evidence and the murderer, armed with a CSI kit, briefing file and your skills as a team.

Navigate the scene, identify bloodwork, study the clues and put together a watertight case. With a former Scotland Yard Detective and other professionals leading you through the scene, can you find out who did the crime? And why?

Want to know more?

GOTO Events is the most popular team-building and corporate events organization in the UK, used by many of the top companies including John Lewis, Harrods, Google and L’Oréal. With over 100 different, totally unique activities and events available for you, we encourage team building through bonding, trust, and communication between colleagues and employees.

We hope you find something here from our selection of interactive team building ideas, events, and activities. If you would like to find out more or speak with an expert team building specialist, please contact us.

The 10 Best Communication Team Building Activities

GOTO Events is the UK’s most popular team building and corporate events organizer, chosen by thousands of companies including John Lewis, Google, L’Oréal and Harrods. We run over 100 unique events and team building activities that encourage bonding, trust, and communication between work colleagues and employees.

Communication is arguably the most vital part of any good team, giving employees the confidence to offer ideas and raise concerns, and allowing team leaders to listen to their team and see different perspectives on an idea.

To strengthen the communication between team members, team building activities can go a long way to build up a sense of trust, comradery, and friendship both between work colleagues and between employer and employee.

All of our communication team building activities come with a fully trained first aider, a full risk assessment, and £5 million public liability insurance, as well as hosts, props, equipment and a medal ceremony at the end!

#1: Masterpiece Challenge

An indoor challenge perfect for any time of year and in any location around the UK, our Masterpiece challenge really allows people to bring out their creative side.

In teams of 6 to 8 people, instead of being pitted against each other, however, at the end all of the team’s artwork will be put together into one giant collage picture.

Involving a series of mini-challenges to earn different paints and blueprints to help them create their art, these tasks play to everyone’s communication strengths with quizzes, puzzles, and engineering, mental and visual tasks.

#2: The Apprentices

Based on the long-running BBC show ‘The Apprentice’, this challenge plays to the strengths and values of a business and corporate skills in your team.

Over the course of the day, each team will be set a series of tasks, with losers having battle it out in the boardroom to avoid being the ones ‘fired’.

Encouraging teamwork and communication skills such as delegation, leadership and commercial awareness, even those on the losing team will learn something new.

#3: Den of Dragons

Another activity based on a successful BBC series, Den of Dragons is perfect for encouraging sales techniques, communication, and creativity in your team.

Your teams will have to work together to put together an idea, research it, market and finance the final product and, finally, pitching it to our panel of formidable dragons to try and earn investment.

While creativity is important, other business and team skills will be required to put together an outstanding pitch.

#4: The Crystal Challenge

Our best-selling team building event, the Crystal Challenge is perfect for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Inspired by the popular 90’s game show, the Crystal Challenge involves your teams taking part in a series of activities in our four different Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic zones in order to earn crystals for extra time within the final Crystal Dome.

At the end, every team will end up inside the dome for a frenzied session within the dome in order to collect as many tokens as possible, with the highest amount of gold tokens winning the day.

Across the day, your teams will be challenged by mental, physical and mystery challenges that encourage team bonding and, most importantly, communication.

#5: Crime Scene Experience

There has been a murder! Can you find who is to blame?

This communication team building activity comes with a crime scene, CSI kit and a briefing file. Each team is tasked with investigating and solving the mystery.

Involving former Scotland Yard Detectives or other professionals to aid in the investigation, this activity involves a lot of communication, teamwork and by-the-book operation to catch the murderer and solve the crime.

#6: Escape Rooms

An ever-popular activity nationwide, we offer a mobile escape room event that can travel all across the UK.

With the choice of four unique escape rooms, including the pirate-themed Pieces of Eight, Prison Break, The Science Lab and The Bunker, you will have to solve a series of mental and physical tasks and puzzles in order to find the keys and escape the room in time.

#7: iPad Treasure Hunt

This is an outdoor activity for 1 to 1,000 people. As far as communication team building activities go, it’s up there with the best!

It’s perfect for away-days, as we use top-of-the-range technology to tailor a location-based treasure hunt that will send your teams far and wide to find the clues, solve the puzzles and find the treasure.

Featuring our Mobile Adventures app, it is easy to take part in and will be the talking point of the office for a long time to come.

#8: Wolves of Wall Street

Do you or your colleagues fancy yourselves as business tycoons in the making?

leadership team building activities

Buying and selling is the name of the game in this fast and noisy team building challenge that helps bring out the natural salesman and negotiators in your team.

The challenges include setting up deals and figuring out strategies to earn as much money from your investments as possible. You then need to buy building materials and build the tallest corporate tower possible before the final bell rings and trading ends.

#9: Challenge 100

With over 100 different challenges and games, can you beat the clock? Find out by booking this communication team building activity with GOTO Events.

It’s an indoor activity that is able to take place anywhere. This event is divided into 5 different zones: Sports, Creative, Sensory, Child’s Play, and Brain Busters. They all incorporate and encourage different communication skills and bring out the hidden talents in your team.

With so much going on at once, teams can take part in different challenges simultaneously, keeping everyone busy and active at all times.

#10: Incognito Spy Mission

This really is a treasure hunt like no other…

You and your team take your place in the sleazy underworld of spies and secret agents, following intelligence and clues to figure out which member of your team is actually an enemy spy.

Taking you all around your town or city, you will decipher clues, meet up with agents and race against the clock to try and figure out which one of you isn’t who they say they are before it’s too late.

Why communication and team building is important

Team building is vital to helping colleagues old and new to bond, understand one another better and learn to communicate more efficiently to get the best out of every member of the team.

Communication team building activities can:

  • Encourage collaboration between employees
  • Strengthen bonds between colleagues
  • Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Improve communication
  • Bring out creative thinking
  • Boost staff morale

At GOTO Events aim to create a fun yet competitive atmosphere that encourages teamwork and camaraderie across all age ranges and abilities.

To book your next team building activity, enquire now to tell us what you are planning, and a member of our team will be in touch in under 45 minutes to help you pick the best communication team building activity for your company.

The 10 Best Creative Team Building Activities

GOTO Events has been hired by thousands of well-known companies and household names, including John Lewis, L’Oreal and Google. We’ve become one of the most popular team building event organisers in the country and specialise in creative team building activities and events.

We always aim to create a fun atmosphere to help staff members and bosses bond and learn from one another in an enjoyable yet competitive series of activities.

Whilst communication and trust are two important elements in creating a strong team, a sense of creativity is also vitally important. The term ‘thinking outside the box’ is often thrown around but finding the true creatives in your team can go a long way to coming up with ideas that are original and successful.

Not only that but having a team-building exercise that is creative and fun is a far better way of bonding with your team than through more typical activities many companies use.

All of the creative team building activities we supply come with props, hosts, state-of-the-art equipment, fully trained first aiders and £5 million public liability insurance.

#1: Masterpiece Challenge

This creative team building activity allows all your staff to work together to create a bigger picture. Splitting your employees into teams of 6 to 8 people, this indoor challenge encourages their arty side to come out through creating a collaborative picture.

Taking part in different activities such as quizzes and mental and physical challenges, employees can win paint and blueprints to create their artwork. Once everyone has a piece of art, they will be put together to create a larger image that includes everyone’s contributions.

#2: Task the Master

Based on the entertaining TV series, Task the Master puts your teams to the test through a series of fun games and challenges that encourage thinking outside of the box in the best ways.

Hosted by a professional comedic compare, the tasks come in a variety of forms, with over 25 creative challenges including separating smarties wearing boxing gloves, moving potatoes with giant chopsticks and peeling lemons while standing in a bucket of iced water.

The challenges are ridiculous but are sure to stick in the mind and encourage everyone to have a laugh.

#3: Teamopoly

This creative team building activity is Monopoly with a difference. Featuring a giant board, giant pieces and giant challenges, Teamopoly is a way of playing Monopoly where the shouting is part of the fun.

You have 90 minutes to win the board through a series of fun, interactive challenges where you will have to avoid losing money in a very physical sense!

With a large 4 metre squared board, giant counters and even Mr Monopoly himself watching over proceedings, this creative team building event features more than 6 different challenges.

#4: Den of Dragons

Inspired by the long-running BBC series, Den of Dragons encourages creativity alongside business acumen such as pitching, selling and delegation.

Each team will be tasked to come up with an idea which they will then have to research, market and finance to create a final product which they will then pitch to our panel of dragons to try and win investment.

Your teams will be judged on their creativity as well as their ability to apply it in a business environment.

#5: The Apprentices

Inspired by another popular BBC series, The Apprentices is a creative yet business-oriented activity that has become one of our most popular events.

Our very own Lord Sugar will instruct your teams to complete a series of tasks, with the winning team taking part in a fun 15-minute activity while the losers have to battle it out in the board room to avoid being ‘fired’.

This is all fun and games though, with anyone fired re-joining their team for the next task to try and regain points. This event encourages teamwork, delegation and, above all, creativity.

#6: Challenge 100

With over 100 different challenges to try, can your team beat the clock?

Challenge 100 is divided into 5 different areas: Sports, Creativity, Sensory, Child’s Play and Brain Busters. Your teams will then be able to take part in many different activities simultaneously, encouraging their skills and talents through fun activities as they try and win points for their team.

With everyone trying out different things all at once, this is a fast-paced and constantly on-the-go challenge that ensures that everyone is having a go at something. This event is perfect in any indoor or outdoor location.

#7: Escape Rooms

This is one of our most popular team-building activities and can be made portable!

Our versatile and mobile escape rooms let you to have your creative team building exercise in any location you choose. With four different, unique escape rooms including the pirate-themed Pieces of Eight, The Science Lab, Prison Break and The Bunker, your teams will have to solve a series of mental and physical tasks and puzzles in order to find the keys, beat the clock and escape the room.

#8: Strictly Come Dining

Do you fancy yourself as a culinary genius? If so, why not put it to the test!

We can source a venue with access to a commercial oven, induction hobs and stoves and then make this day the perfect activity for companies with budding chefs.

Your teams will be tasked with creating a 2 to 3-course meal for the opposing teams to judge, with an expert chef on hand to show you the right health and safety techniques, knife handling and the best way of preparing your chosen meals.

Catering to hungry customers while under a time limit will create a fun challenge, with food all around by the end. Let your creative juices come alive!

#9: Cocktail Making

This fun indoor activity will impress your friends and colleagues, particularly those who fancy themselves as a Tom Cruise.

Featuring an expert mixologist, you will learn the ins and outs of creating professional and tasty beverages; flipping, catching and shaking up a range of different drinks, you don’t have to be a bar tender to learn how to make the perfect Martini!

#10: Bakeathon

Our last creative team building activity came about due to the Great British Bake-Off show taking the world of TV by storm. With this event you can encourage some baking fun, but with our fun twist on the format.

Working with a professional pastry chef, you and your team will learn to create a series of different baked foods, with recipes from exclusive hotels including Chewton Glen and the Dorchester London.

With a pinch of competition, by the end of the day, everyone will have learned something new and created a tasty treat to enjoy!

Why creativity is important in teams and the workplace

Creativity as part of a team doesn’t just create ideas, it encourages a fun and dynamic work environment that produces a collaborative atmosphere where everyone’s inputs are listened to.

Being creative doesn’t just have to be about arts and crafts, it is also about understanding other people’s perspectives, encourages communication and boosts moral.

Creative team building activities can help to:

  • Strengthen group bonds
  • Encourage communication
  • Encourage unconventional ideas
  • Give people an opportunity to come out of their shells

At GOTO Events want to help your team become a closer-knit unit, bringing out everyone’s natural talents and allows everyone to make themselves heard through fun and competitive activities.

If you are interested in booking an activity for your next team-building event, then feel free to get in touch today.