Waking up everyday looking forward to your day at work is always a good thing and this is no exception for event professionals, every day is different and with meeting new people it’s a great job. From the out it may seem an easy fun job but it is quite the opposite and you won’t get people as passionate and dedicated. The job can really have its ups and downs with being rewarding and fulfilling but also stressful and daunting.

I was looking over a website for the most stressful jobs and Event co-coordinator comes in at number 5 which I can really understand. Although completely different from Airline Pilot, Firefighter, Military General and Military Personnel I think it comes down to how dedicated the event professionals are to their events. A lot of work goes into it dealing with a number of people such as guests, clients and venues and you really need as much patience as possible.

I am pretty sure that if you ask a Firefighter they are not too excited about diving into flames to save someone, but with the adrenaline and the reward at the end of it by saving someone’s life really makes it worth it.

Nobody is happy or enthusiastic with every aspect of their job and this can be said the same as Event Professionals yet the joyful feeling after doing an amazing event makes it all worth it and seeing those happy faces of the client makes us attached to our jobs.

So please join me though our journey of the real ups and downs of being an event professional, all rewarding and irritating.

We hate – When clients want to be event planners

We love – A plan coming together

Plan Together

We hate – Guests not showing up

We love – The after party with the team

We hate – When we become the personal assistant

We love – Being the boss

The Boss

We hate –

We love – When we have done 100 things better than Jennifer Lopez in “The Wedding Planner”

We hate – Last minute changes or requests

We love – Your Childs birthday is the event of the year at school

We hate – Technology messing us up


We love – Technology that works

We hate – The stress of the night before

We love – Being the assistant, chef, handyman, project manager, social media expert, cleaner etc

We hate – Travelling

We love – Travelling

We hate – Poor weather

Bad Weather

We hate – Clueless, unhelpful Venue people

We love – When clients say thanks J