It is sunny outside, all the teams are out and about on events all over the country and I look up at our event board in the office and the busy period looks like it will never end (We are not complaining). For any business like ourselves it is absolutely manic in the summer season and we are producing our event magic for all types of clients. We have been trying to keep staff sane and keep those spirits up from the long and hard days so here is a few of our tips to stay as up beat and positive as you can through those mental months.

1. Stay calm under pressure – “What ever is thrown at you with any event is so important to stay calm, if something isn’t going quite right then take a big deep breath, have a little think of how to get a solution and not another problem and make the event the best is possibly can.”

2. Stay hydrated, -“I know this sounds silly and everyone should but when on events you seem to get taken over and forget about the small things like staying hydrated. You should consume at least 2 litres of water a day and that will keep you fighting fit to enjoy the day wherever you may be.”

3. Simplify your schedule, “Have a plan in your head already and make things as easy as they can possibly be, always have that buffer time in case of traffic or any minor issues. Remember you have a team there so delegate when you can so minimise the workload and release that stress.”

4. Get Moving, “If you are just sitting at your desk all day get up and move about, get those limbs moving and you will be fine, if you are on an event all day then make sure you take a little bit of time for yourself and make sure you stay in a great mood all day!”

5. Managing People, – “Realise what the skills are of the team, if someone is great at hosting then let them host, if someone is great with the people then get them in the mix, it is important to know your team but also important to know your clients.”

Hope you enjoyed reading these tips and most importantly take action on some or all of them.

Here at Out The Office we wish you a smooth events season