When the words ‘Team Building’ are mentioned it is often met with mixed reactions, some people see it as a dirty word, a solution to poor performance and de motivated staff and of course there is always moans and groans about the waste of time and money.

But come on, we obviously don’t agree with that here at Out The Office and neither should you, so I thought this week why not look at the funny side to team building and look at it from a completely different perspective. Basically all I am trying to do is open peoples eyes to team building and see it in a completely different light and really emphasize teamwork in an amusing way!

Everyone likes fun and having a laugh so here is some videos I have pinpointed out that I think you may like and enjoy.

Video 1 – Teamwork

If you want to emphasize the subject teamwork during a conference or training day then look no further, this will really lighten the atmosphere with this cracking opener.


Video 2 – Roles with a team 

This guy really does knock it on the head regarding the importance of mixing up a group in terms of a team for your event, as it really will have an effect on the outcome.


Video 3 – Working as a team 

Here is an excellent example of really working as a team to get the end result.


Video 4 – Fast thinking always helps to overcome 

Working together and quick thinking can really save the day.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_Psl0nFEzw – 

I hope you enjoyed all of these lighthearted videos and I hope these bought out the funny side of teambuilding.