It is always important to strive for success and improvement.  Here at Out the Office we are always looking to get the best out of our Event Managers.  The perfect skill set and stand out abilities are the things that really make a difference.
Within this fast paced and competitive industry it is important to be ahead of the game!
We are looking forward to another fantastic year here breaking all kinds of records.  To help achieve this we sat down and put together some top tips for our Event Managers and how we can help them to be even better (if that is possible)
Practice Makes Perfect!
It sounds cliché but practice really does make perfect, getting as much experience as you can is vital, so doing such things as voluntary work, paid work or even running your own events you can learn so much and combat a number of different situations that will build you for the future.  I would seize every opportunity to have to hone your size no matter what the size of the event as every little helps.  Every event is unique and unfortunately no magic formula for the perfect event but having that experience and planning to detail gets very close.
Information is Power
Out there now are a number of different courses you can enroll in learning all the different aspects of Event Management and there is even more literature available worth a read.  Reading a number of books can really expand the brain and make you think about events differently and see it all in a different light. Keeping a little bit of time each month free to read will really enable you to benefit from keeping up with trends and new technology.
After every event you should think about it in a lot of detail, what felt right, what went wrong, what would you do differently and how could it be even better. Analyzing and reflecting is very important as it can really improve you as a person and an Event Manager.  Scrutinizing feedback is always good as well and taking criticism on the chin to make you a better person.  Don’t sit back and get complacent as every little detail matters and always room for improvement.
With the technological age we are now in why not make your life easier by using some of these gadgets.  It is very important to understand the process behind each item you use so you get full value, just stay clear of anything to complicated which takes up too much of your time and gives you little reward.
Listen and learn
Now with social media so easily accessible why not get involved, follow the right people on twitter, get chatting in groups that are relevant on linkedin and look for those important industry leaders.  They can be easily found and give you some great knowledge and it is all for free, even getting involved in debates to spark up conversation can lead to great networking.  Youtube is also another great avenue to have a look at as there is loads of inspirational speakers talking about the event industries and new and future trends so keep your eyes peeled.
Find Solutions not problems
Here at Out The Office we love it when people think on their feet, nobody likes problems but having the suitable solution is a great bonus.  During events clients will come to you and even your staff with problems and they can come thick and fast, it is your job to come up with the solutions, this is where that all-important experience comes in to help keep the vision alive and make sure everyone has an amazing time!
Attending Events
It is all good seeing and evaluating your own events but why not go along and see what other Event Managers do, you can then be silently critical and say to yourself I wouldn’t have done that or I would have done it that way! Take the good parts from what they are doing to improve yourself!
Focus Group
Brainstorming is a very important in every job, so get other team members sat down and get all ideas together.  Look at things to improve, what can we do better, what we would do if budget wasn’t an issue and just look generally at what needs to improve so the clients have an event better experience! Put yourself in the shoes of anyone going to the event from the clients, hosts, speakers etc.
Look after yourself
It is physically impossible to be working 24/7 so make sure you get a chance to recharge/switch off and have bit of time off so you can give 100% on all of your events.  Do something you enjoy such as sport or read a book to chill out and give that mind a rest so when you get back to work it means to can go in all guns blazing!
Love your Job
Being passionate about your job is one of the most important things, people can see or hear that you love that job and makes them have even more fun from this.   On a number of polls being an Event Manager is one of the most stressful jobs so keeping passionate is very important.  So keep smiling and enjoy your job as it really does make a difference.
This concludes our top ten ways to strive to be the best Event Manager as you can!
Do your bit and make a difference in the world of events!