Christmas Party Escape Room

Christmas hats at the ready.  Let's see who can crack our Virtual Christmas Escape Room the fastest!

1-5000 people

Full Virtual Experience

Can be played around the world

Fully interactive
1.5 hr Experience

Unites teams & individuals

An amazing virtual Christmas party  experience where people play fun interactive team to decipher all kinds of clues riddles and challenges in order to escape the virtual room.  It’s a fun head to head experience against the clock, where teams come together to share ideas and answers to progress and avoid getting locked in.

What happens on the day?

Our remote Event Manager will set the scene with a tense virtual briefing, detailing why participants must escape! Teams will then be faced with a locked study that they must virtually break out of before they run out of time. Using their own smart devices, participants will work their way through a myriad of clues by tapping on the objects throughout the room.

They must progress through the three stages of The Virtual Escape challenge as quickly as they can, while correctly completing questions and challenges as they go. Teams who employ a thoughtful strategy and manage their time carefully shall prevail.

The aim of the game is simple; solve the clues to crack the code and break free, all before you run out of time.

What's included in your remote escape room?

  • Work together as a mini team against colleagues
  • Use our high tech easy to follow app
  • Experience augmented reality to reveal information
  • Online live host
  • Instant results updates
  • 5-500 people can take part
  • Super easy to play
  • Full pre event support & planning

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