Top 7 Charity Team Building Activities & Events

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What is a Charity Team Building Event?

A charity team building event is an activity where colleagues work together on a project or challenge that results in a charitable contribution. Charity activities usually include volunteering time, building equipment for a cause, or sourcing and donating items for those in need. Regardless of the chosen activity, the aim is to participate in a project that gives back to the community while improving teamwork, strengthening relationships and boosting employee morale.

Incorporating a charity cause into your next team building event can enhance team motivation and create a lasting sense of accomplishment, knowing that your efforts are making a genuine difference to the lives of others, locally and globally.

Why host a charity team building event?

Charity team building events offer employees a chance to participate in a meaningful shared experience where they learn to collaborate effectively, build trust and develop a deeper sense of purpose, leading to a more motivated and engaged workforce.

At GOTO Events, we’re passionate about the impact that team building can have on charitable efforts. That’s why, we’ve been working hard to increase our corporate charity events portfolio, offering a diverse range of engaging activities where teams can bond while making a real difference.

7 Charity Team Building Activity Ideas

1. Charity Bike Build - Build a bike for a child in need

Bicycles provide children with freedom, playful discovery and often, an essential means of transport for commuting to school. Unfortunately, not all children have the opportunity to own a bike, especially in rural parts of Africa where many of these charity bikes are bound for.

GOTO Events’ Charity Bike Build is more than just a team building exercise, it’s a chance to make a real difference in a child’s life. In this unique charity team building event, your team will assemble brand new children’s bikes that will be donated to underprivileged children through one of our selected charities, or a charity of your choice.

In order to earn the parts for the bikes, there are a series of mental and skill-based challenges and tasks that teams will need to complete. Safety briefing and expert guidance are provided throughout the activity to ensure the bikes can be safely used. As part of the team building challenge, teams will also be provided with the creative resources to add their personalised message onto their bike.

At the end of the charity activity, the completed bikes, soon to be cherished by children in need, will be presented in front of everyone to admire. After this, GOTO Events will collect all the bikes and donate them to the chosen charity.

In our Bike Build corporate charity event, not only will you experience the satisfaction of teamwork and problem-solving, but you’ll also leave the event with an undeniable sense of accomplishment, knowing you’ve positively impacted a child’s life.

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people assembling bikes in charity team building event

2. Gift of the Gab - The ultimate charity scavenger hunt

With the cost of living crisis putting a strain on many charities, essential resources are more crucial than ever. GOTO Events invites you to participate in a meaningful charity team building activity that combines resourcefulness, collaboration and the joy of giving.

Our Gift of the Gab team building event is a charity scavenger hunt challenge that gives corporate teams the chance to step up and make a real difference while having fun and working together. Your team will be tasked with going around the town and sourcing specific items needed by our partner charities, from toothbrushes and hairbrushes to clothing and food. But there’s a twist! Negotiation skills will be key as you strategise to acquire items within the allocated budget.

The team who collects the most items within the budget will be the winner. But this exciting corporate charity day is more than just a competition. It’s a chance to bond with your team, test your creativity and ultimately, contribute to the wellbeing of those in need. Get you negotiation skills ready and find out more about our Gift of the Gab charity team building event.

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Man donating clothing in a box that says

3. Putt For a Purpose - Build-and-play charity mini golf

Supporting worthy causes not only benefits those in need, but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose within a team. This feel-good factor is central to the experience we’ve created at GOTO Events with our Putt for a Purpose charity team building event. This game of mini golf isn’t like any you’ve ever played before! We have taken the traditional game of mini golf and added a fun and charitable twist.

Instead of playing on a pre-made course, teams will build their own mini golf holes using materials from their supply pack or the creative zone such as cans and cereal boxes. Unleash your imagination and collaborate with your team to design and construct a challenging and fun hole.

Once all the holes are built, it’s time to test your putting skills and compete for the winning title. But the fun doesn’t end there! After the game, the team dismantles the course and all the materials used will be donated to a family in need or a charity of your choice. This sustainable aspect adds another layer of meaning to the experience, allowing you to combine your competitive spirit with charitable giving. Find out more about our Putt for A Purpose team building charity activity and enquire today!

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people building mini gold hole with cereal boxes in charity team building event

4. Operation Supply Drop - Care packages with a twist!

Care packages can brighten the day of someone in need, offering essential supplies and a reminder that they are not alone. This sentiment sits at the heart of our charity Operation Supply Drop team building event.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling military-themed adventure, where you’ll put your teamwork, creativity and problem-solving skills to the test in a series of exciting team building challenges. Each task you complete earns you vital items to fill your care package which will later reach someone in need.

This unique charity team building activity allows you to bond with your team and make a real difference in someone’s life, as the care packages will be distributed to individuals around the nation who need your help!

Witness the joy of giving firsthand by creating care packages with your team in the Operation Supply Drop charity team event. Your collaborative efforts will put smiles on faces, leaving you and your colleagues with the lasting satisfaction of supporting a worthy cause.

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people putting together care packages with cans and jars of food in charity team building event

5. Paws For a Cause - Designing equipment for animals in need!

Many animal rescue shelters and sanctuaries rely on charitable donations to provide animals with a comfortable and enriching environment. In the UK, dedicated charities are struggling to provide furniture and feeders to the animals in their care.

GOTO Events’ Paws for a Cause is designed as a unique team building event that combines the joy of helping animals with the satisfaction of creating something tangible together. This charity activity allows your team to directly contribute to the welfare of animals in need by building feeders and furniture for local shelters.

This charity team building event starts with your host introducing you to the animal shelter you’ll be supporting and the specific needs of their furry residents. Next, your team will be guided through the planning stage where you will brainstorm ideas with your team. Then, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and build essential items for the animals, prioritising both safety and functionality.

Once each team has finished building their creations, the items will undergo safety checks and will be delivered to the shelters and installed for our furry friends to utilise. After the event, your team will receive a heartwarming video to showcase firsthand how the animals are using their creations.

Calling all animal lovers! Are you ready to make a difference to the life of animals in need? Find out more about the Paws for a Cause charity team building event.

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cute animal playing with green ball made in charity team building event

6. The Skateboard Build Challenge - Design & build a skateboard for a child in need

Skateboarding is a popular activity among children and for many, their skateboard is part of their identity, symbolising freedom and creativity. But sadly, not all kids have the chance to experience the joy of skateboarding.

To make a difference, GOTO Events offer a thrilling team building activity that allows teams to have fun building skateboards destined to be donated to children in need. The Skateboard Build Challenge tasks your team with earning parts and materials through a series of fun games and challenges. Once you’ve collected everything you need, it’s time to get creative and personalise your skateboard with the provided supplies.

This rewarding charity activity will leave a lasting impact as all the completed skateboards will be donated to children’s homes and charities, bringing smiles and opportunities to underprivileged children who deserve them. Prepare yourself for a unique and creative experience after which the whole team will leave with a feel-good feeling.

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little girl with helmet holding skateboard from charity team building event

7. Charity Bake Off - Bake something sweet for someone in need

A delicious treat can brighten anyone’s day, but sadly, not everyone has access to these simple pleasures. GOTO Events invites you to participate in a heartwarmingly sweet charity team building day: the Charity Bake Off!

No baking experience necessary! We provide everything you need to whip up delightful creations from ingredients and recipes to equipment and expert guidance from our Michelin Star trained pastry chef.

Work together as a team to unleash your creativity and baking skills. After the event, the completed baked goods will be donated to charity, making a positive impact on the individuals who receive them.

Get ready for a day filled with fun, teamwork and delicious treats as you bake your way to making a difference! So, gather your team, don your aprons, and let’s create some magic at the Charity Bake Off!

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people with chef hats baking in Charity bake off Team Building Event

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We leverage our expertise to craft impactful experiences that benefit both your team and the community. Contact GOTO Events today and let’s make a difference together!

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Charity Team Building Events FAQs

What charities do we support through GOTO Events’ charity team building?

For our charity team building events, we partner with a range of charities working with the homeless, caring for animals and providing education to young people in underprivileged areas, both in the UK and internationally. Your chosen charity team building activity will either support a specific charity or you can pick a charity you wish to work with.

What are the main benefits of charity team building events?

Your team will help someone in need. Whether it be gathering non-perishable items to donate post-event or building a points system to provide monetary support, we can customise your charity team building event to meet the specific needs of the nominated charity. We will think of creative ways to provide both a memorable experience for your team while keeping the charitable aspect at the heart of a corporate fun day. Increase your knowledge- through our charity team building events, you will not only benefit those in need, but your team will also gain valuable knowledge that will translate into their daily lives. For example, our Charity Bike Build event includes various challenges that help educate attendees on cycling proficiency, changing tires, time trials and more. Team bonding - giving your employees the opportunity to work together on a common charitable goal allows them to strengthen the bonds and relationships they have with each other. This is likely to improve the motivation of your employees and boost the morale of the office resulting in improved communication and productivity within the workplace

Can we pick our own charity for the charity team building events?

Yes, you can pick a charity of your choice and we’ll integrate it into your charity team building activity. Alternatively, you can choose from our wide range of charity partners. The choice is yours!

Will someone from the charity attend the charity team building event?

If you wish to have a representative of the charity at the team building event, we will certainly do our best to bring a member of the charity with us. Please give us plenty of notice to facilitate this. For example, we have previously been joined by members from the charity we work with as part of our Charity Bike Build team building event.

How do the donations to charity work?

Your charitable items or creations will be packaged by our team after the event and delivered to the nominated charity. If you wish, we can take photographs and videos during the delivery to send to you (with permission form the charity).

What is the minimum amount that needs to be donated during a charity team building event?

There is never a minimum amount to be donated. Many of our charities simply appreciate any help that we as businesses can provide in their efforts to support their cause!

Where can I host my charity team building event?

You can host the charity team building event at a venue and location of your choice! We’re a fully mobile team building company, so we deliver our events nationwide, anywhere in the UK. Whether it be driving through the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh, or along the sandy roads of Brighton, our team will travel to you whenever and wherever you and your team wish to get together! We work closely with a variety of amazing venues around the UK and offer a free venue-finding service. So just tell us your location and we can recommend the best options for you.